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Review: Third Solstice (Tyack and Frayne #6) by Harper Fox

Title: Third Solstice

Author: Harper Fox

Publisher: FoxTales Publications

Release: 17th December 2015

Genre: M/M (mystery)


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Gideon’s managed to swing a few festive days off, and he and Lee are looking forward to celebrating their little girl’s first birthday. But duty calls, and Gideon is too good an officer to ignore the summons. He finds himself on the streets of Penzance, helping police the midwinter Montol celebrations.
It’s his third winter solstice with Lee, and disturbance, danger and magic are in the air. His daughter is beginning to show some remarkable gifts, and not all the family can cope with them. As the Montol festivities reach their fiery heights, will Lee and Gideon find a way to keep those they love best on the right side of the solstice gate?



Mark’s Review

Oh my! You couldn’t imagine my glee when I found out that Harper had released another Tyack and Frayne mystery just when you thought that their run had come to an end. It was a great Christmas present for sure. So without much ado a got a copy and got stuck in straight away. Yes, I’m a self-confessed Tyack and Frayne junkie.

Even though this is book six there seems to be no running out of steam for these guys. This story revolves around the Winter Solstice and if you’re going to have lots of Celtic tradition, mystical goings-on then Cornwall is the place to set it for sure. the Winter Solstice represents a turning point, the shortest day or longest night of the year and from here on in the days start to get longer. As Harper portrays in this tale it’s like the turning of a wheel and with its turning then everything has come full circle. this is definitely the case for my two favourite boys.

They are now settled and have their daughter Tamsyn. However, Tamsyn seems to be developing mystical talents of her own. Obviously this runs deep in her bloodline but it does put Gideon and Lee at a bit of a quandary as to what to do. But more is happening alongside all this and Tamsyn’s role in all this soons becomes clear.

This is a story that concerns endings and new beginnings. Gideon is confronted with all the characters of the previous books, Old Penglas, Kitto, The Beast of Bodmin Moor and Ragwen while on duty at the Solstice festival in Penzance. It was like a coming together of all the previous books and characters which felt complete. Once again he has to protect the town from outsiders who come to start a riot but in so doing discovers why Tamsyn is the way she is.

I just loved this whole story, intricate plot, full of mystery and atmosphere and beautifully written Harper Fox style. this story seems to bring everything in their lives full circle just as the Winter Solstice would I guess. I loved how everything plays out in this book. I could feel the love that Lee and Gideon have for each other now a complete family and not to goive anything away even Zeke, Gideon’s older brother, has a surprise up his sleeve for everyone.

So I get the feeling with this book that everything has now been rounded up and brings everything together beautifully. If this should now really be the last book in the Tyack and Frayne series then I feel it is most definitely a fitting and wonderful end to what has been a fantastic and endearing time with these characters. They are among my all time favourites and will remain with me for a long time. If it’s not the last book then I’ll be waiting around the corner to snatch up the next one for sure.


About The Author


Bestselling British author Harper Fox has established herself as a firm favourite with readers of M/M romance. Over the past three years, she’s delivered thirteen critically acclaimed novels, novellas and short stories, including Scrap Metal (Rainbow Awards Honourable Mention),The Salisbury Key(CAPA nominated) and Life After Joe (Band of Thebes Best LGBT Book, 2011).

Harper takes her inspiration from a wide range of British settings – wild countryside, edgy urban and most things in between – and loves to use these backdrops for stories about sexy gay men sharing passion, adventure and happy endings. She also runs her own publishing imprint, FoxTales.

Harper is enjoying life in Cornwall after her move from Northumberland, and soaking up ideas and inspiration from the wildly lovely Cornish coasts.

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