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Review: Reaping Havoc by AJ Rose

Health care reform is dead. Concept photo. Title ~ Reaping Havoc

Author ~ AJ Rose

Published ~ 12th November 2015

Genre ~ Fantasy/Paranormal M/M Romance





No one asked Mitch Seeker if he wanted to be a grim reaper. He didn’t sign up for the rumors, the lack of friends, or the erratic schedule. He doesn’t want to go through life watching people die. Especially not a man he loves. Mitch’s solution is simple—don’t fall in love. He’ll never have to explain why he doesn’t age or why he’s around death so often. Most of all, he will never be a widower.
But when his head is turned by world-class skier Nate Koehn, Mitch believes he may have the answer. If the soul attached to Nate is any indication, Mitch has found himself another reaper, in which case, his undeniable feelings don’t have to be suppressed. However, the spectral tag-a-long is only the beginning of Nate’s burdens. After a catastrophic loss, Nate is no stranger to grief and the hole it leaves behind.
The question they both must answer is loud and clear: is the pain of losing love worse than the pain of never having loved at all?

Freya’s Review

Mitch is a Grim Reaper. He doesn’t kill anyone, and he doesn’t have a scythe, but the dead stay in his care until they are ready to move on. His task is a family tradition, and as such the townsfolk find him and his relatives weird. After all it’s not exactly the kind of thing one can be a socialite with.

In walks Nate - a man new to town with issues of his own. He is also a man determined to make up his own mind about a person instead of listening to town gossip, which isn’t exactly polite.

Reaping Havoc is an extremely readable story, with a relatively small cast. It is a slow burn rather than a roller coaster; very much like its location, a gentle pull to the top of the mountain, but when the action starts it’s a good ride on the slopes with a few bumps to up the tempo. If you like ski resort based stories with a twist, then you will love this. I liked the world created by the author from the start and found the more I read, the more I liked it. There were a couple of areas that caused me confusion, but I’m not sure that was in the way I read it, or the way it was written, as at times the information highway was intense. Those glitches though were small fry compared to the bigger picture.

Mitch’s family are a close knit, and adorable. They aren’t spooky; they are just doing a job they can’t talk about outside those born or married into the clan. They help each other cope with the brain ache of doing Gods work, and when needed, they band together better than any swat team.

I hate giving spoilers, and this review will hold to that. So, if you like the blurb, go ahead and read – I was enticed by it and wasn’t disappointed. This story got me invested in the characters, I liked the location, I laughed, I felt concern, and I shed a tear – hence the 4*

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