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Featured Guest Author: Kate Hill Interviews her Character Theo Little Raven Fisker from Blow by Blow



Character Interview with Theo "Little Raven" Fisker from Blow by Blow by Kate Hill

Theo "Little Raven" Fisker is one of the most controversial fighters in the sport today. He made a name for himself in Great West Europe, but he has recently started fighting on his home soil again here in the States. With a record of thirteen to one, he clearly has talent, but it's his image that has garnered as much, possibly more, attention than his fighting skills.

I talked to him recently at the dojo where he trains with Master Jesse Blake. With his whipcord body and piercing green eyes, Theo emanates the intensity one expects in a world class fighter, even if he is wearing his signature pink shorts and glitter nail polish.

KH: How do you feel about your recent victory over Mark "The Claw" Crawford?

Fisker: I'm always thrilled when I win. Mark is a good fighter and a worthy opponent.

KH: Those are generous words, don't you think, considering the comments he made about your appearance and personal life?

Fisker: His prejudices are his burden, not mine. Maybe if he had spent less energy criticizing my clothes to the press and more training, the fight would have gone beyond round two.

KH: Some say you deliberately goad your opponents by stepping into the ring wearing feminine attire. Is there any truth to that?

Fisker: If my style of dress goads them, then the issue is with them. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in, as I'm sure they do. If my opponents' attire doesn't offend me, then why should mine offend them?

KH: Your next fight is against Manny Hanson. How have you adjusted your training to meet him in the cage?

Fisker: As always, I work on perfecting everything. I want to be able to face anyone and have the upper hand, whether standing or on the ground. That's why we're in MMA and not strictly kickboxing or judo or any other specific martial art.

KH: This question has nothing to do with fighting, but are you in a relationship with former heavyweight champ Valentin Merrickson?

Fisker: Honey, if you think romance has nothing to do with fighting, then you've never been in a serious relationship.

KH: That doesn't exactly answer the question.

Fisker: Yes, Valentin and I are a couple, but that's old news.

KH: Has he given you any tips?

Fisker: Is this turning into a naughty interview? What kind of tips?

KH: I mean fighting tips to improve your game.

Fisker: Everyone on the team coaches each other and Valentin was the champ.

KH: Last question. What's your prediction for your fight against Hanson?

Fisker: I'm going to win, of course.

KH: By knockout or submission?

Fisker: Submission is my favorite, but you never know how a fight is going to turn out.

KH: Thank you for your time, Theo.

Fisker: My pleasure.



"Oh wow. Where did these come from," Theo said, squatting by the pot. He let go of his bags and reached for the attached florist's card. He read it, smiled, rose, and slipped his arms around Valentin's neck. "Thank you."

Valentin hugged him back a bit awkwardly since grocery bags filled his hands. "Didn't know what else to give you as a welcome gift."

"I love blueberries."

"Kinda figured when you ate half my supply during breakfast yesterday morning."

Theo stepped back, his hands still cupping Valentin's neck. "Are you saying I'm a blueberry hog? Don't answer that. Come on." Theo opened the door, picked up his grocery bags, and stepped inside, Valentin close behind him.

They were quite hungry, so after putting away Theo's shopping, they sat down to lunch. When they finished, Theo did some quick housecleaning, not that he had much to do. The house was impeccable. Debra and her parents obviously took a lot of pride in their property. Valentin volunteered to help. While Valentin tidied up the lunch mess and opened the windows in the house to let in the fresh spring air, Theo cleaned the bathroom and unpacked his belongings.

"I know this hasn't been much of a date so far," Theo said.

He and Valentin stood in the bedroom where Theo was about to put the new sheets he'd bought on the bed.

"Fine with me," Valentin said, helping Theo tuck in the fitted sheet. They both reached for the top sheet at the same time and Valentin closed his hand over Theo's. He tugged Theo closer.

Even with the thick heels on his boots, Theo still had to tilt his face up to meet Valentin's gaze. Valentin dipped his head toward Theo to cover his mouth with a kiss.

Closing his eyes, Theo surrendered. He pressed even closer to Valentin.


Blow by Blow

Kate Hill


Publisher ~ Siren Publishing

Published ~ 26th November 2015

Genre ~ M/M Romance Erotic Romance



A hunky former heavyweight champ and an ass-kicking beauty fight for their lives and their love in a futuristic world of MMA.

Theo "Little Raven" Fisker, is a bantamweight with attitude who plans to make a name for himself in the Radical Warrior Tournament, a prestigious mixed martial arts event. The problem is no team will sign a male fighter who walks out in silver and pink with nail polish to match, until he meets Master Jesse.

Impressed by Theo's talent, Jesse welcomes him onto his up and coming team. Fists and sparks fly when Theo meets gorgeous Valentin Merrickson. Theo draws Valentin out of his protective armor and sparks hope for a life the tough heavyweight never imagined possible. Their love grows, but threats from extremists and an injury that ends Valentin's career in the cage might tear them apart.

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Meet Kate Hill

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets. Kate also writes under the pen name Saloni Quinby. She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at Visit her online at .



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