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Release Day Review: Those Words I Dread by Tess Barnett

91L98nIn qL._SL1500_Title ~ Those Words I Dread

Author ~ Tess Barnett

Publisher ~ Corvid House

Published ~ 6th November 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





When Trent Fa, misanthrope and self-induced loner, finds an injured man in his apartment, he's ready to call the police. When the man tries to tell him that he's not a man at all, but a fairy, Trent is ready to call a mental hospital.
Ciaran isn't what Trent would have expected a fairy to be--he's handsome and sly, with a thick Irish brogue and a biting wit. He says he's on the run from a hunter of all things dangerous and supernatural, and he makes himself a hideout of Trent's posh apartment despite the other man's misgivings. The two get along like a pair of bad-tempered cats, and neither of them are interested in romance.
Despite having a hunter on his trail and a bad history of being used, Ciaran can't seem to help noticing his reluctant host, and Trent is finding it more and more difficult to keep his desires closeted.

Liza’s Review

Julien is looking for a fairy. Not the Tinkerbell kind unfortunately, but one who was responsible for killing a number of women in the local area. However, given that the creature he seeks is able to use glamor and can hide himself from human view, Julien is not having an easy time of it.

Ciaran, the fairy Julien is looking for, is hurt, badly. Being of the fairy race he has a real problem with iron, and the knife that cut him was obviously made of the stuff. He ends up hiding in an apartment that he thought might have been empty, but it has a tenant - Trent. Trent doesn't want a houseguest, but Ciaran soon shows him that he basically has no choice.

By page forty I had to admit I was confused. We have Ciaran staying with Trent, and they don't appear to like each other at all. Julian has already talked to Trent as well, but Trent is apparently too kind hearted to give Ciaran up to be killed, although from the interactions with everyone so far, it is hard to see any of the characters as likeable. Noah, Julian's friend seems nice, but then he is in love with Julian and the stupid hunter hasn't even noticed.

The storyline flows easily - it all makes sense. Trent has problems with his father. Ciaran is used to men wanting him because of his magic and what he can do for them. Noah has been the victim of past abuse but seems to lust after Julien anyway and about Julien there is precious little at all. The occasional pictures in the book were cleverly drawn although in my mind they didn't match the way I saw the characters. I suppose you could say this is a man's romance. It's not sweet, although later interactions between Ciaran and Trent are hot. Julien is a typical workaholic and in my opinion he is almost abusive of Noah, but just not in a physical way. That is proven by the end of the book.

And the ending - UGH - if you are going to leave a book with a cliffhanger, if you are going to write a book as part of a series, then at least have the decency to say so in the description. There are so many unfinished threads in this book by the end it was pure frustration - what happened with Trent and his father? Why is Ciaran the way he is? What happens in fairyland and is it even possible to get there with a passport? What about the talk between Julian and Noah, and yes, what is the stuff about Noah?

The writing is excellent. The story has lots of action and moves quickly, but I found it really difficult to get a feel for the characters and with the ending just stopping the way it did, that really spoiled things for me.

Favorite line: "You're pretty light for someone so full of shit."

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