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Review: Revo’s Property (Hellhounds MC Book 1) by Angelique Voisen

91ttt6tvT2L._SL1500_Title ~ Revo’s Property (Hellhounds MC Book 1)

Author ~ Angelique Voisen

Publisher ~ Evernight Publishing

Published ~ 3rd September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





No rules. No regrets. Live without giving a fuck about yesterdays and tomorrows. That’s the motto of the Hellhounds MC.
Around Wolf County the werewolf riders are the law and they don’t take well to outsiders. When Revo, the club VP and pack beta, sniffs out an incubus feeding on the townsfolk, duty demands he get his hands dirty. But the last thing Revo’s wolf is interested in is shedding blood. The beast wants to mate Ezra and claim him, while Revo’s human half is certain bonding himself to a soulless being is a one-way ticket to hell.

Liza’s Review

Ezra hadn't really wanted to go into Wolf County, but the reality was he didn't have a choice. He'd heard the stories about what the Hellhounds MC would do to people who broke the law in their territory, but with a car due to break down any minute, and a decided lack of energy he had to take his luck where he could find it. With any luck he would also find out what had happened to his twin, Echo.

It seemed Echo had been stirring the type of trouble that only an incubus could. When Ezra gets a lead on him, he puts in Revo's path.

"A piece of walking man candy with the soul of a monster."

This is an unusual world set after the apocalypse. Laws are brutal, the land is harsh and electricity is a luxury rather than an accepted part of life. Revo knows he is supposed to kill Ezra but can't do it so he makes him a possession instead. Even though Ezra is Revo's mate.

I did wonder as I read this book, that if there was an apocalypse would we all be reduced to thinking of nothing more than sex, food and violence. In this story it definitely seems that is all that the Hellhounds can think of and the casual way they use the club whores made me wince more than once. But for those of you who don't like it, believe me there is no cheating in this story - surprising, but true. But it definitely made me wonder, especially in light of Revo's behavior with Ezra.

When Echo causes even more trouble in town, Revo is ordered by his Alpha, Mace, to deal with it. What Echo has done should result in his death, but at least it gets Ezra off the hook. There are a lot of little twists in this short story that were more than interesting, and while it was only short, I for one will be looking forward to the next one.

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