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Review: His (Hellfire Vampires Bloodline #1) by Jae T. Jaggart


Title ~ His (Hellfire Vampires Bloodline #1)

Author ~ Jae T. Jaggart

Published ~ 30th December 2013

Genre ~ Erotic Paranormal M/M Romance



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Some loves cannot die.
Nix DeAngelo has always known that vampires existed. Hell, they’ve been out since the sixties. He just never knew he’d fall for one. And Alexander Roark, a fiercely alpha, magnificent male, is way out of his league.
Even when he first meets Roark in the VIP section of an upmarket club and believes he is human, Nix knows that. It may be lust at first sight, but tough, independent Nix walks away from the devastating male. He has enough trouble in his life. Like dealing with the aftermath of family tragedy and being a big brother to his sister, Samantha. And raising money to pay off the mountain of debt the siblings have been left with.
Some of the ways he pays those debts aren’t pretty. When he meets him again, Roark is his purchaser for the night. And not concealing his true identity as a vampire. What Nix doesn’t realize is that the two have a history that goes back for centuries. One of a dark, vicious love. Even those of Roark’s own bloodline, the Hellfire Vampires, do not trust him. They remember just what his previous incarnation, Nikolai was. A killer. A slaughterer. The infamous Bloodletter.
To save Roark from his enemies, Nix must let go of his human existence. Become a vampire. But if he does so, will his dark side, the Bloodletter, be let loose?
Even Roark cannot answer that.

Liza’s Review

Nix had a lot of anger - for a human. Being sold in an auction the first night he turned up for work at the brothel he had decided to work at, was just one of the reasons he wanted to kill Madam Blackwater. The fact that he had been bought by a vampire was just icing on his anger cake. He had his reasons but on what he thought would be his last night on earth, because the man who bought him would surely drain him dry, Nix wasn't in the confiding mood. He was just angry.

"It didn’t help that Nix's reasons for selling his ass were good, so to speak. On the side of the angels. The angels had run for cover."

This book sets you up with wondering a lot about the past. Twenty pages in and it is clear there is more to Nix than his being overloaded in debt and trying to support his sister. While I understand the writer is sparking reader interest, encouraging us to read further to find the answers - so many in such a short space of the story got a tad annoying.

Anyhow, back to the story - various, rather gruesome things occur that resulted in the annoying vampire that had bought him for the night, had taken him out the brothel and away into the night. Apparently Nix is special - his death, his life, who knows, but Nix was important enough to have two high profile vampires wanting him. Roark, who won, and Henley who has a long history with Roark and who calls him the prince of lies.

Nix's only living relative, his sister, is taken by Henley's men and of course, Nix wants to get her back, to save her.

Samantha and Ace are delightful in this story, although I wasn't as fond of Lucretia. Nikoli was an interesting concept and gave rise to the idea of how much past lives might influence any future ones.

I couldn't help but think I had read this story before. I do read a lot of books and these were not characters I was familiar with as such. But it still nagged me, in the back of my head, that there were some elements in this story that were similar to others I had read before. Not that I enjoyed it any less of course. The writing was good, the characters were solid and while I couldn't really endear myself to any of them as they were all flawed in so many ways, the story itself was solid. In a way my assessment of the characters might not have been fair as they were both tainted with Nikoli - Roark, in my opinion was too weak with him; Nix was too full of anger to really get invested in. Regardless this is a story that will keep you riveted from page twenty onwards and the ending was an HEA. So I would recommend if you like old school vampires - not the twinkly ones - that you give this a try. I am off to read book 2 and see what happens there.

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The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline Series

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Meet Jae T. Jaggart


I’ve been an artist, a web designer, and a really unreliable cook. I love to write wicked hot erotic romance with fiercely passionate, alpha characters, and love tatts, film and fast cars. And judging by that last trio, I'm also extremely shallow!
I am a huge fan of authors who write those magic books you just can't put down, brilliant comedians (hello Eddie Izzard and Russell Brand!) and spoilers. Spoiler alert, bah humbug!
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