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Review: All Of The Voices (Southern Spirits book 3) by Bailey Bradford

all of the voicesTitle ~  All Of The Voices (Southern Spirits book 3)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 7th September 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





The body might be reluctant, but there's more than one spirit willing to step in and keep two stubborn men from walking away from each other forever…

Deputy Matt Nixon has had a rough time of it lately. He's put up with the spirit of his boss's dead lover, been stabbed, and had his fledgling interest in another man cruelly flung back in his face. His only close friend is an elderly woman who gets her kicks from calling in false prowler reports then greeting the responding deputies with a lewd proposition and little clothes.

When he finds her dead, Matt grieves for the old woman so many people snickered at—and he fumes at the idea of her snooty nephew from New York who never bothered to visit her. Matt is going to give Carlin Douglas a piece of his mind if he does show up.

Carlin Douglas hates the small town of McKinton, Texas. The only other time he'd been there was years ago when Zeke Mathers was almost killed in a gay bashing. Now Carlin has obligations that keep him tied to New York, but he doesn't mind.

Until he clashes with Deputy Matt Nixon, a man who seems determined to hate him. But McKinton is a different place, and there's always a spirit or two lingering, just waiting for an opportunity…to meddle.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a stand alone title.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been published under the same title. It has been expanded, revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.


Liza’s Review

Deputy Matt Nixon had a soft spot for Mrs. Hawkins. Admittedly the woman was considered a terror by other officers, but she and Matt had come to an understanding and she was usually fully clothed when he answered her regular calls about prowlers on her property. Unfortunately, despite a voice in his head letting him know something was very wrong this particular time, Matt was too late and by the time he got to her home, Mrs. Hawkins was dead. The only kin she had in the world was some stuck up nephew who lived in New York and barely ever visited.

Carlin Douglas absolutely hated McKinton and that was why he never visited his aunt. He was a gay man and after a vicious attack on a gay back when he was a teenager, he fled to New York and just never wanted to come back. When he first meets Matt he is instantly attracted and promptly puts his foot in his big mouth. We all know the fine line between like and dislike.

It was nice to see Laine and Severo and Zeke and Brandon (from books 1 and 2) again. I was pleased to see the waitress at the diner had been replaced, although I was worried about Darren. He was so scared. Robbie Red was hilarious although what he had against Matt, I have no idea and it's not as though you can ask a chicken. The ghosts had their own little part in this story too, which was awesome as usual. I just love Connor.

The two men do manage to keep their feet out of their mouth long enough to hook up, but Matt is acutely aware that Carlin is going back to New York and that in one respect he is being used as badly as he had been before. But Carlin has a very good reason for going back to New York no matter how hard it is going to be. Unfortunately, because they did hook up in small town McKinton, the situation for Matt got a whole lot worse - especially when his mother and sister turned up at the house. Despite everything, Carlin left and went back to New York.

Of course the spirit world, and the good guys of McKinton aren't going to let a little thing like distance put them off - there is always a solution when it comes to problems of the heart. That is what I love about Bailey Bradford's books - the love that is in them is the stuff of fairy tales, combined with some of the hottest moments I have read in mm books. Another book for my favorites pile and as this book is standalone, you don't have to have read the others to enjoy this story - although it always helps.

Favorite Line: Love is like that. It kind of slaps upside the head and grabs you by the balls, and there isn't anything you can do but give over to it.

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