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Review: Sharing a Demon's Bond (A Loving Nip) by Charlie Richards

818qGpjzUjL._SL1500_Title ~ Sharing a Demon's Bond (A Loving Nip)

Author ~ Charlie Richards

Publisher ~ Extasy Books 

Published ~ 8th July 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance





Just a little love bite: When the monster comes out of the dark…sometimes he eats you up in every way you love.
Peter has lived with vampires for almost two decades, ever since his own parents were killed in a house fire, and he considers himself pretty knowledgeable about paranormals. Stopping for a cup of coffee in a diner, Peter finds himself turned on by the steady stare of a big Italian. When he makes a pit-stop at the diner’s bathroom, he doesn’t expect a hook-up. That’s exactly what Peter gets…and he also learns he doesn’t know as much about paranormals as he thinks he does. His new lover, Balthazar, is a demon who is coming up on his one thousandth birthday. He kidnaps Peter, claiming him as his amina, his soul, a reward from the Gods for doing his job well for a thousand years. Except, Balthazar’s job is sucking out the souls of the living and delivering them to Death. If Peter can get past the stigma of being bonded with a soulless demon, can Balthazar keep him safe from whoever is sending minions hell-bent on keeping them apart—not to mention Peter’s meddling vampire friends—long enough for their bond to seal?

Liza’s Review

Peter was a normal gay guy. He wore his clothes tight, a spot of makeup, and oh yes, he lived with vampires. So the idea of paranormals was nothing unusual to him. Seeing a hot Italian looking guy in a coffee shop, one that makes his cock swell and his heart race, isn't that unusual either - Peter wonders if the man is a paranormal too, and if they could make plans for later. After all he has a cake to pick up and he can't forget that. And it's likely that the man is a hot shifter, and Peter can work with that.

But Balthazar isn't a shifter - he's a demon and he knows that Peter is his amina.

In typical Demon fashion Balthazar has his wicked way with Peter - knocking him out in the process and takes him home with him. Only he doesn't explain anything to Peter except that he is his amina. Unfortunately Peter doesn't understand what that means. Communication, lol. It's the lack of it that makes these books so much fun. I did feel sorry for Balthazar though - everyone giving him a hard time because he was a Demon, and not a sexy lust Demon - nope, he works for Death.

The vampire Toni, I could understand why he acted the way he did, and it was nice to catch up with Adalric, Kontra and Draven again (from other books). You don't have to have read anything by Charlie Richards before, to enjoy this book, though, it is standalone. But Ms. Richards, not following through on the soul share and only talking about it, and Balthazar’s birthday, so unfair. One more chapter would have done it.

Favorite Line: No one said staying with the man you love is easy.

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