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Review : Rock Rod Studios Presents: Alex Undone by Emory Vargas


Title ~ Rock Rod Studios Presents : Alex Undone

Author ~ Emory Vargas

Published ~ 28th July 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary Erotic M/M Romance



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Alex's first 'gay for pay' porn job results in much more than a paycheck. After having his mind (and more) blown by a professional performer, he shacks up with the studio's hot, tattooed administrative assistant.
Peter is flirtatious and edgier than anyone Alex has ever met, and he's deep in a lifestyle Alex has never imagined. His habit of bringing inexperienced boys home for a rough tumble grinds to a halt when Alex wants more than a meaningless lay.
Once Alex has a taste of sexual freedom, he might be gay to stay.

Macky’s Review

Ready for something short, sweet and spicy? Join "Straight but not narrow" Alex as he navigates the world of gay for pay porn at Rock Rod's Studios after a secretly enjoyable BJ from his drunken ex roommate one night, has him exploring the bi curious feelings he's now experiencing since said 'sexperience' occurred!

As the story opens, he's on Rock Rod's doorstep, papers in hand, a bit like a frightened rabbit but pretty much raring to go. First he meets production assistant tattoed, pierced, cutie Peter, who has more history with the studios than he lets on to begin with, and then more or less jumps straight into his first scene with the gorgeous, big hunk of sexiness, resident porn star Andre who proceeds to make Alex see stars on set! 

The scene is hot but there's also humour, as of course our little Alex is totally clueless about the ins and outs of gay sex beyond his own fairly vanilla encounter (his observations on rimming and finding the joys of his prostrate had me doing a bit of inner LOL'ing) and we get to see some of the behind the scenes tricks of the porn trade that put a whole new light on the phrase “money shot!”

Later when the scene is over and he's left slightly spaced out and totally sated to the point of not really being able to function properly, hottie Peter arrives to check on him, and worried that Alex may still be a bit too discombobulated by the whole thing, takes him back to his place to get his act together.

The delights of discovering man on man action and mutual attraction leads to a bit more hawt hanky panky, and revelations about Peter, that leaves the story open for further adventures in the porn sector for Alex, and the possibility of a bit more than just a professional relationship developing between the two of them that confirms Alex's suspicions he isn't quite that straight.

The 21 page length makes it all a bit too soon yet to feel a true connection between Alex and Peter, but there's definitely scope for more to cum...Sniggers....sorry couldn't resist that one...and as hot and smutty as it is, this cute bitesize shortie from Emory Vargas wasn't quite as porntastic as I expected it to be—for pure filthy naughtiness check out my review for Emory's Waiting for the Right Boy shortie **fans self**—but still, there's something endearingly more-ish about Alex and his slightly self deprecating commentary and views on his current situation, plus I'm intrigued by the Peter revelations. So I'm going to jump straight into book two—review to follow shortly—as I'm thinking the XXX shenanigans will be hotting up even more but also because when it comes to anything gay porn related, I'm just a self confessed smutslut!

Lights, camera, lube... annnnnnnd...ACTION!!!


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