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Review: Building Bonds (Kiss of Leather #1) by Morticia Knight

91o u7WfEnL._SL1500_Title ~ Building Bonds (Kiss of Leather #1)

Author ~ Morticia Knight

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 11th August 2015

Genre ~ M/M Erotic BDSM Romance





Book one in the Kiss of Leather series

Kyle’s a natural sub who builds dungeon furniture, yet has no interest in BDSM. It takes a hunky Dom to show him just what he’s been missing.

After Kyle’s partner of five years leaves him for another man on the night of their housewarming party, the shy, early-thirties carpenter needs to do a major reassessment of his life in addition to raising some serious cash. With no one to help him pay the lease on his Los Angeles condo, he worries how he’ll survive. His best friend sets up a meeting with one of the Doms and partners at Kiss of Leather, a gay BDSM club being built as a premier destination for those who want the best of the best.

Master Gavin not only wants the best—he demands it. When he meets Kyle, he assumes that part of the builder’s reticence to share anything personal with him must be due to his experiences with an abusive former Master. Not one to back down from a challenge, Gavin determines to break through the walls surrounding the beautiful man he can’t get out of his mind. He’s hopeful that once he convinces Kyle to sign an initial contract, Kyle might be the first sub to open up his heart.

Misunderstandings and accusations almost destroy everything between them before they have a real chance to begin. However, the true obstacle becomes not only whether Kyle will embrace BDSM as a lifestyle, but also whether he can handle a full-time D/s relationship with a big, bad, scary Dom who’s as sexy as hell.

Liza’s Review

Kyle is cute, nerdy and so shy. He is the type of guy who watches BDSM porn so he can look at the toys and equipment the men are using, not because he is interested in the lifestyle. He is in a financial bind when his lover walks out on him, leaving him with an expensive lease on a condo he didn't even want, and so he takes up his friends Matthew's offer of an introduction to some men who own their own BDSM club, Kiss of Leather. They need equipment - equipment Kyle can make.

Gavin is one of the investing Dom's in the club and in charge of getting a hopefully exclusive contract for Kyle's furniture. When he meets Kyle he gets the totally wrong idea, and thinks that Kyle is both experienced in the lifestyle and is a sub. Kyle makes it plain he just wants a professional relationship, and Gavin still misunderstands.

Their first 'date' and Kyle could have explained. I get that he is shy and has trouble getting his words out, but really? Answer a direct question with a plain answer. Kyle might have secret fantasies about the lifestyle, but...yep, can't giveaway too much, but just a couple of well-placed sentences would have sorted out Kyle's problem. It wasn't as though Gavin wasn't being nice, because he was. Although his situation with Tobey caused me some issues - the 'cheating' aspect would be debatable, because Gavin wasn't with Kyle then, although they had met. So technically and in context, it wasn't, but some readers might think that it was.

"Let's not use the word assume for a very long time - perhaps never again."

Good point. I have always loved Morticia Knight's books - her dialogue and the way she can turn a phrase has me laughing and gasping in turns. This book is no exception. Kyle's relationship with Roger was so sad, but really Kyle had been undervalued all his life - Roger was just the last in a line of pricks.

There is a lot of BDSM in this book, but it is brilliantly done, showing caring, consideration and all of the positive aspects of the lifestyle. I was fascinated by the wand scene for example. However, I was surprised that Kyle agreed to a 24/7 D/s relationship so quickly - I know he had done some research on the lifestyle in the course of making his furniture, but that is a big leap. But it seemed to work out and I loved the ending. I would have liked to have read a bit more about the furniture, but I was glad that the relationship was the most important aspect of the book. I loved Gavin because he was always so true to himself. There were other characters, but they paled in the light of the relationship that Ms. Knight had created. Overall this book is going in my re-read file - it is one that I will want to revisit again and again.

Favorite line: The most embarrassing thing I can do is vomit or faint. Anything else pales in comparison.

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