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Featured Guest Author: Alicia Cameron on Consent: Do you really want this?


Alicia Cameron is with us here today at Sinfully to chat about Consent… and we couldn’t be happier. After reading and LOVING the first two books in her Demoted Trilogy she is fast becoming a favourite, and most definitely a must read author.

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Consent: Do you really want this?

Consent is hot.

In the real world, I find few things more attractive than someone asking permission, taking the time to discuss boundaries, checking in just to be sure. Consent not only shows that you have some sort of morals and social skills, but that you care about the person you’re with and have no desire to hurt them, even on accident.

This makes it infinitely more tantalizing to play with dubious consent in fiction.

For me, there are two main types of dubious consent. One that occurs as the result of mixed or missed communication between two otherwise willing parties, the other that occurs as a result of power differentials, differences in status, or other outside forces intruding upon the relationship. Stories focusing on slavery are perfectly set up for these sorts of scenarios—can you ever truly consent to sex when your sexual partner owns you? Even if the master has given the slave the right to choose, doesn’t this just reinforce the lack of consent?

Dubious consent draws these issues to the forefront of my mind when I write. It’s not enough for the characters to have some good sex and move on. There are consequences for every action, good or bad, and in a dark alternative universe, these consequences can involve death or torture. Fear is a powerful motivator, and it is also one of my favorite emotions to explore. It heightens emotions and sensations, whether the character is anxiously listening for the sound of a weapon, or tensing in anticipation of pain, physical or emotional. A knife or whip can cut through skin, but rejection, betrayal, or humiliation can leave far deeper scars.

Any situation that involves dubious consent typically involves fear, quite often a lot of it. For the person in the subordinate position, there is the issue of safety: Will he stop? Will I enjoy this? Will I have to perform again in the future? And for the person in power, there is the issue of taking advantage: Does he want this? Am I being too rough? Would he tell me to stop?

I primarily write slave fiction, which some argue can never contain truly consensual sex. I find this too polarizing and too victimizing. Just because a person has had their official right to choose revoked, they can still have opinions, thoughts, desires. A slave doesn’t have to remain in his master’s shadow, succumbing to every wish—he can have his own passions, and he can act on them if and when he chooses. Obviously, it is more complicated, and it has to be explicit. Two people of equal status can walk into a bar, hit it off, and get their jollies off later that night. For a person who is property, or who is otherwise of different status, this doesn’t work as well. There needs to be negotiation, boundaries, and clear expectations.

There needs to be trust, real trust, at least in that element. Trust, for me, enhances the passion. You are not just sharing your body with another person, but your well-being, both mental and physical. You are handing over a delicate part of yourself and hoping that it doesn’t get destroyed. In consensual relationships, this is true on a figurative level—you may be emotionally broken, you may be devastated. In a world where one person owns the other, this can be true on a literal level. The same master who holds you close and kisses you one night can end your life the next day without repercussion. The fears we face in real life are intensified in slave stories.


Sedition (Demoted: Book 2)

Alicia Cameron


Publisher: Forbidden Fiction 

Published: 11th August 2015

Genre: BDSM, Fantasy, Gay, GLBT, Romance, Science Fiction



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Sascha’s world changed when Cashiel Michaud bought him, rescuing him from a brothel and a life of torture. They developed a sexual relationship, but can their relationship amount to more than that? Deceit, lies, and political scandal color not only their world, but their relationship, and dark figures from both men’s pasts threaten to intrude on the few moments of peace they have. A slave is never safe from harm, nor is an outcast family member. In the end, are Sascha and Cash strong enough to face the challenges, or will they be torn apart forever?

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Subjection (Demoted #1) by Alicia Cameron




In a world where intellect and achievement are valued above all else, a young man risks everything to save his brother from a life of slavery. Thrown into a harsh, unyielding world where slaves are treated as less than animals, Sascha struggles to come to terms with everything he knows being ripped away from him, but a life of success could never prepare him for his life as one of the Demoted. Sinking lower and lower, Sascha begins to lose hope, but the whim of a mysterious, wealthy man has the potential to change all that.
Cashiel has a dark history that he guards carefully. Between family and business and politics, he rarely has time for a slave, much less a lover. But when he sees a young man who reminds him of the very history he is trying to escape, he makes an impulse decision that he’s not sure whether to regret or not. The slave could expose everything, or he could be the most valuable asset that Cashiel has ever acquired.
Cashiel and Sascha share desires, hopes, and a home. Each man is limited by status, hindered by history, and desperate to succeed. The question is, will that be enough?

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