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Blog Tour: Lonely Hearts by Heidi Cullinan with Interview & Giveaway

lonely hearts

It is no secret that the whole team here at Sinfully are HUGE fans of Heidi Cullinan, so when she releases a new book it’s like Black Friday with all of us clamouring to get our hands on it. Debra, our most recent, and totally fabulous addition to the gang, beat us all to it. (You can check out her review on release day 11th August). She also got to interview the lovely lady herself. So without further ado check out our Debra’s Interview with Heidi Cullinan and don’t forget to enter the giveaway…. there are some great prizes!


Debra Interviews Heidi Cullinan

Debra: Thank you for talking with us and congratulations on the release of Lonely Hearts! I think readers of the series will be happy to see that everyone from the previous books is present and accounted for, along with one new housemate, Lejla, and the return of Ed and Laurie from Dance With Me.

Heidi: Thank you for having me! Always a pleasure.

Debra: Both Baz and Elijah made quite an impact with their appearance in Fever Pitch and I completely fell for them both in Lonely Hearts. Their relationship goes back a few years and twice Baz has literally saved Elijah’s life, yet they have reacted to each other like oil and water up until now. What is one thing you think readers will be surprised to learn about them in this new book?

Heidi: Hmm, I’m not sure what will surprise them, but I will say Baz surprised me with how quickly and easily he became vulnerable for Elijah. Though in hindsight it makes sense, because Elijah did the one thing Baz couldn’t resist: tried to ignore him!

Debra: You’ve written books with some of the sweetest, vanilla, couples (Carry the Ocean, Love Lessons, Dance With Me) and some of the sweetest, kinky couples (Nowhere Ranch, Special Delivery, Dirty Laundry and I’m putting Baz and Elijah there too). I’ve wondered if you generally set out to write your characters with specific sexual tastes or do they just decide to get kinky along the way, and which is your favorite of your kinky scenes?

Heidi: They always have a mind of their own. Nowhere Ranch was supposed to be sweet and look how that turned out. It’s never a plan, more of a journey.

Favorite scene is probably the Black Butler roleplay in Lonely Hearts. It wasn’t planned, they terrified me because I worried they were going to make everything too weird, and I threatened to cut it all the while I wrote it. Which is why, of course, they turned it into the most devastating emotional reveal for both of them, and I had to keep it.

Debra: You aren’t one to shy away from addressing serious issues in your stories. From physical and mental health issues, to various LGBT concerns and dysfunctional family dynamics, I love how you make them prominent parts of your stories without the reader feeling like they are being preached to. Lonely Hearts touches on several of those. What has been the most difficult storyline for you to write and the most rewarding, not just from a research standpoint, but from a personal/emotional one?

Heidi: God, they’re all tough in different ways. Sometimes it’s getting details right, like Carry the Ocean, but in books like Lonely Hearts it was making sure I showed them as survivors, not victims. Probably the toughest moments are when I’m borrowing from my own closet full of skeletons, because I have to actually do the work and not just hang up a sad sack full of poor me.

Debra: I’m really hoping that we will be reading more about the newest addition to the White House, Lejla, very soon. Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s in store for upcoming books in the series and will Ed and Laurie be a continuing presence?

Heidi: Next book will be Mina and Rose, though Lejla will be a prominent feature too. The book will be One of the Girls, and while it will be a lesbian/bisexual romance, it will be full-on new adult and deal with being LB&T and coming of age. We’re going to get real about women all up down and sideways, and that includes Lejla. Her book will be next after that. I know everyone’s eager for it now, but the truth is she isn’t ready. She has another book of growing to do before she’s ready for HEA.

Debra: Well it looks like we have a lot more to look forward to! Thanks so much for talking with us Heidi.

Heidi: Thanks for having me, guys! <3


Lonely Hearts (Love Lessons #3)

Heidi Cullinan


Publisher ~ Samhain Publishing 

Published ~ 11th August 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M



With the quiet help of his wealthy family, Sebastian “Baz” Acker has successfully kept his painful past at bay. But as the end of college draws near, his friends—his buffer zone—are preparing to move on, while his own life is at a crippling standstill.With loneliness bearing down on him, Baz hooks up—then opens up—with Elijah Prince, the guy Baz took a bullet for last year. The aftershocks of their one-night stand leave giant cracks in Baz’s carefully constructed armor. For the first time, the prospect isn’t terrifying.
Accustomed to escaping his demons by withdrawing into his imagination, Elijah isn’t used to having a happy herd of friends. He’s even less comfortable as the object of a notorious playboy’s affections. Yet all signs seem to indicate this time happiness might be within his grasp. When Baz’s mother runs for a highly sought-after public office, the media hounds drag Baz’s and Elijah’s pasts into the light. In the blinding glare, Baz and Elijah face the ultimate test: discovering if they’re stronger together…or apart.
Warning: Contains sex in a Tesla, sex in a cupboard, sex under a piano, kinky role play, and a cappella RuPaul songs. Just a couple of boys groping, battling, then finally loving their way to becoming men.

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love lessons


The Love Lessons series are new adult LGBT contemporary romance novels set at various colleges within the American Midwest. While Love Lessons and Fever Pitch feature gay protagonists, subsequent novels will include lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual heroes and heroines.

The heat level for these stories is significantly sweeter than some of Heidi's erotic romances, which has a tendency to make the sexual tension ratchet off the charts.

Love Lessons
(Limited time only 99c/77p)

Fever Pitch

Lonely Heats


Meet Heidi Cullinan

Heidi Cullinan has always loved a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. She enjoys writing across many genres but loves above all to write happy, romantic endings for LGBT characters because there just aren't enough of those stories out there. When Heidi isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, listening to music, and watching television with her husband and ten-year-old daughter. Heidi is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and is proud to be from the first midwestern state with full marriage equality.

Find out more about Heidi, including her social networks, at





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  1. My favorite character is Walter. I loved how he protected Kelly in book 1 and how he took Aaron under his wing in book 2. How can you not love Walter! I can't wait to read this book. I have been waiting for Baz and Elijah's story since Fever Pitch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I've not read the series yet so I don't have a fave. Hopefully soon, though.
    Congratulations, Heidi, and much success!
    taina1959 @

  3. Not technically a St. Tim character, but I love, love, love Walter! I adore how his feelings for Kelly snuck up on him & threw him ass over teakettle in Love Lessons. And then how he stepped up & paid so much forward in Fever Pitch that it created a domino effect. I've preordered Lonely Hearts & I truly can't wait to read Baz & Elijah's story!!! And I can't wait to listen to LH on audio. Iggy Toma rocks! Heidi Cullinan you are the absolutely best.

  4. I've read the first two books, but it's hard to choose a favorite. I can't wait to get this one. :-)

  5. I like them all...hard to choose just one.

  6. I haven't read the series yet, but they sound amazing! I must get reading! :)

  7. I haven't read the series yet so I don't have a favorite.

  8. Elijah's definitely my favorite!

  9. So far, I'm loving Kelly!

    --Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

  10. Eek a tie between Baz & Walter!