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Review: Vintage Pride (Lionhearts Book 3) by Elizabeth Coldwell

vintage Pride

Title ~ Vintage Pride (Lionhearts Book 3)

Author ~ Elizabeth Coldwell

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 7th July 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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He doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Can a gorgeous shifter prove him wrong?

Ethan Wayne is a paranormal investigator for the hottest reality show on TV, Spirit Seekers, but his love life is decidedly lukewarm. Reeling from a sudden break-up, he finds himself heading for France, where his team will be exploring the Château LeBlanc, searching for the ghost of a murdered kitchen maid. When he meets the château’s reclusive owner, Jean-Luc LeBlanc, the attraction is fierce and instant—but Jean-Luc is keeping secrets the skeptical Ethan could never have imagined.

Jean-Luc’s world collapsed with the death of his beloved Benoît. He no longer cares about producing his award-winning Champagne and even his closest family members can’t rouse him from his self-imposed solitude. The last thing he wants is a team of ghost hunters intruding on his privacy and discovering the truth of his nature. The realization that one of these brash Americans is destined to be his new mate seems like a sick joke. But soon Jean-Luc has bigger things to worry about than his distrust of humans. His home and family are under threat—can he do what it takes to save all he holds dear, and let Ethan into his heart in the process?


Liza’s Review

Ethan is a ghost hunter - he doesn't believe in ghosts, has never seen one in the four years he's been working as one of the lead investigators on the show Spirit Seekers, but he does his job. After a break up with a guy he thought was as into him as he was, he is intrigued by the network's idea to expand the show to include places in Europe.

Jean-Luc likes his privacy for a number of reasons and the last thing he wants is a television show poking around his chateau. Sure, he may think that his house is haunted, but as he also thinks he knows the ghost, he would prefer to keep to himself. The fact that he's a lion shifter is just part of the problem.

Jean-Luc is horrified when he realizes that Ethan is his mate. It's not just that Ethan is human, on a show that liked to find skeletons in the closet, and not likely to stay. All good reasons to stay away from him. But Jean-Luc's previous mate, Benoit, had only died two years before and Jean-Luc was still grieving. He might feel drawn to have sex with Ethan, but he knows he can't keep him.

[Ethan] It was just his luck that he seemed to have met the right man at the wrong time.

There are a lot of random facts in this book, about the area in France, about how to make Champagne - it adds a depth to the book which enhances the reading. But it seems sometimes the characters aren't too keen on all of the details as I was as a reader.

Wow, when did this turn into Geography 101?

The story line had plenty to keep the reader interested - stolen paintings from WWII, legends of lions saving the area back hundreds of years before, and whether or not Benoit was still a ghost at the Chateau. Then there were the facts mentioned earlier, which were interesting and not what one would normally expect from an MM romance book.

Unfortunately, for me, the connection between Jean-Luc and Ethan just wasn't there. They had hot sex, liked a bit of kink, but they didn't talk to each other and so the ending to me seemed contrived. I wanted to know what Kim heard in the cellar, and thought that it may have been Benoit, but we'll never know because that thread wasn't finished either. I wanted to hear Jean-Luc explain about his feelings of grief over Benoit. I couldn't see any reason why Ethan would claim to love the man after just three days and barely any conversation. It's a good book, really well written and clearly well-researched. But I look for connection between the MCs and I didn't find it in this book.

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Meet Elizabeth Coldwell

elizabeth caldwell

I am Rotherham’s foremost (okay, only) writer of quality erotica and erotic romance. Though I’m now based in London, family and football take me back North on a regular basis. Indeed, if you’re ever at a Rotherham United match (I know, what are the chances?) and you spot a small blonde with a large ‘London Millers’ flag, that’ll be me.
For twenty years, I worked on the UK edition of Forum magazine, for most of those years as editor. In that time, I built up the fiction side of the magazine, and was responsible for publishing the first stories by lots of now well-known and established erotic authors – most notably Portia da Costa and Lindsay Gordon, who was until recently Black Lace’s series editor.
However, I love writing even more than I love editing, and I’ve finally taken the plunge to write full-time. I’ve had stories published by Black Lace, Xcite Books, Cleis Press, Circlet Press, Mammoth, Ravenous Romance, Total-e-bound and more, and my collection of three gay erotic novellas, Wild Rides, will be coming out as a print book from Xcite in 2012. And I’m happy in my work…


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