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Review: Confessions of a Wild Heart by Kade Boehme

91FyOXcFtGL._SL1500_Title ~ Confessions of a Wild Heart

Author ~ Kade Boehme

Published ~ 20th July 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance





US Army PFC Jase Emery, on leave in Germany, sees Ase Ramirez for the first time with a camera to his face. Ase’s wild child ways provide a welcome distraction for Jase. But their weekend of fun ends abruptly when Ase’s conservative family catches them. Through email, Ase and Jase are able to keep the link open. But that too comes to an end.
Jase was never able to live up to his parent’s expectations like his brother was. He didn’t stay and work the family ranch, or marry. He saw the world. His return from serving in the Army changed nothing, he wanted to be free to live his own life. But the death of his father and his mother’s failing health force him to come home and live a life in the closet as a local Sheriff Deputy so he can take care of his family… Until Ase makes a surprising return.
After his family caught Ase and Jase together, Ase worked hard at getting the heat off himself. His occasional thoughts of Jase and their amazing weekend dwindle as life and family take the forefront.
When Ase and Jase come face to face again, it isn’t easy. Insecurities, and a hurt that have only grown with time make it hard to see the future.Can their friendship blossom into something more? With Ase’s wild side reappearing from the shadows and major trust issues, can he and Jase, with huge obstacles of his own, learn to forgive, move on, and find a peace they both so desperately want… together?

Lisa’s Review


Confessions of a Wild Heart is the newest release by Kade Boehme. This book also marks my first venture into the books created by this author. I gotta say, I am happy that I decided to give this book a whirl. I truly enjoyed Mr. Boehme’s style of writing and this particular story was the perfect balance of sweetness, angst and piping hot sexy times.

And, when I say “piping hot sexy times”, I mean SHEE-IT FIRE AND SAVE MATCHES!
Confessions of a Wild Heart was hot. H.O.T.

*fans self*

*cold shower*

Er… get the idea! 

Looks like:

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Jase Emery, a private in the US Army, and Alessandro “Ase” Romero meet for the first time in Munich, Germany. Jase is there on a short leave from the military, taking the time to do the things he wants to do. Ase is in Munich visiting family, also taking a short break from his medical school studies. Both men are in Munich escaping their familial obligations. The connection between Jase and Ase is sweet and real. It is the first time that Jase shoves his insecurities and inner-conflict over his sexuality aside and allows himself to live in the moment. Ase is this self-assured and confident young man who also has a bit of a darker edge to him. I loved how they both simply took a chance on one another and followed what they were feeling. That is, until their weekend together is abruptly cut short when Ase’s very catholic, conservative, Latin American family, discovers what he is up to. Promising to keep in touch, our two protagonists leave with only sweet memories of their short encounter.

Jase and Ase manage to keep in touch for a short period, but soon enough their emails begin to dwindle, and then there is nothing. It is not until 3 ½ years later that they cross paths once again. Upon his return from the Army, Jase was determined to live his own life and not stay on the family ranch, get married and have babies like his parents wanted him to. With his father’s passing and his mother’s failing health, Jase is forced to return home and take on a position as a local Sheriff Deputy in order to take care of his family. While he may have not been completely out of the closet, the small freedom to pursue who he wants comes to a crashing halt. After all, how would anyone in his backwards small town accept him when he can’t even bring himself to break the news to his family? When Ase resurfaces in his life, Jase’s world is tilted on its axis.

Ase has spent the last 3 ½ years trying to make up his “indiscretions” in Germany to his family. He has always wanted to please his conservative family even though they are unaccepting of such an integral part of who he is. Ase has continued on the medical school path, even though this is not his dream. Gone is the wild and carefree individual that Jase met in Munich. Ase is now a lot more guarded and hardened, driven by fear. Despite the fact that he has not communicated with Jase in so many years, Ase has had their time together in the back of his mind. Perhaps this is why he finds himself in Jase’s neck of the woods for a medical practicum.

When Jase and Ase run into each other once again, it is not all butterflies, rainbows and sunshine. Ase has his inner demons and Jase is still struggling with who he is. There is so much hurt, insecurities and misunderstandings that are huge obstacles in their path to a friendship, let alone a romantic entanglement. However, the two men do develop a tentative friendship that soon blossoms into something more. With the tension between them threatening to explode at any moment, can they both forgive, find peace and finally manage to embrace the happy forever they so desperately want with each other?

I really fell in love with Jase and Ase. These two men come from such diverse backgrounds, yet they somehow have had to deal with very similar family dynamics. Albeit, Ase’s situation is much more extreme. As their profound connection becomes deeper, they both have to learn to be vulnerable and completely open up to one another. There are so many layers that need to be delved into and shed before they can even attempt a lasting relationship. Finding their way may not have been an easy venture for either one of them; however, Jase and Ase discover that what matters in life is often what we have to fight the hardest to obtain.

All in all, Confessions of a Wild Heart was a wonderful introduction to Kade Boehme books. I am hooked and will certainly be reading more!  

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