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Release Day Review : My Heart to Keep (Love in Xxchange # 10) by Bailey Bradford

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Title ~ My Heart to Keep (Love in Xxchange #10)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Pride Publishing

Published ~ 21st July 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance , Crime, Mystery



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Losing everything doesn’t mean Remy’s lost.
Fred’s been the bar manager at The Xxchange for a long time. He’s seen servers come and go. With the bar revamped and turned into a more reputable club, the last person he ever expects to see walk in is Martine, a snarky booty-boy server who worked at The Xxchange years ago then just didn’t show up one night. But Martine isn’t really Martine—he’s Remy, and always has been. To get hired at a place he could party and have fun at, Remy had lied about his age and gotten a fake ID.
Then he got into a bad relationship, one based on money and a contract no one should have ever agreed on. After his parents commit a crime that lands Remy in trouble with his sugar daddy, Remy loses everything. The only place he can think of to turn to is The Xxchange, and the people he used to work for. If they’ll just give him a chance to prove he can be a mature, responsible adult, he might not end up living on the streets any longer.
These two men come together first as rescuer and lost soul, then as friends. If there’s going to be more than that, Remy wants them to be on equal footing. He’s learned his lesson about trying to find the easy way through life.
But someone doesn’t want him to have a chance at freedom or love.


Liza’s Review

Fred is adorable and Remy is running scared - it might sound like a weird combination, but it works in so many ways. I love how Fred was described - hairy, decent enough to look at, but not stunningly handsome and needing an EpiPen because he was allergic to bees. Remy is thin, nervous, and almost pretty. I can see them together in my mind’s eye and it works.

Poor Remy doesn't see it though, not at first, and nor does Fred. Such a hard life and I hate how people judge the family of criminals as though they had something to do with it. Remy knows he didn't live a good life, but he really wanted to try, and that means something to me. It was lovely to see that Fred understood that too.

Fred though, is fighting his attraction to Remy. To the point where he ends up at Inferno - not a good move, or was it? You have to read the book to find out more on that score. But during that "scene" (not in a BDSM way) we learn more about how Remy was treated by Grey, and yes, that did bother me, but I could understand where Remy was coming from. I didn't like who he used to be, but I liked who he wanted to be.

Their coming together was beautifully written. I just loved "His attempt to verbally protest the change in position failed because he couldn't get his vocal cords to cooperate." The combination of caring and strong passion was awesome.

But unfortunately for both men, Remy's past wouldn't leave them alone. I hated that idea, but psychos are unfortunately common. The reason Grey/Gregory wanted Remy back didn't make sense at first, but...when you read the book you will understand. Some people really are just that crazy.

Some of the crew from previous books made an appearance. Chase and Xavier and Les and Adam, James and Glenn. Although this book can be read as a standalone, as I have read some of the others, it was nice to know that their relationships were as strong as ever.

This was a great book, and another one to add to my favorite list. The sex was hot and yet showed a passion between two men who wanted so much more than to just get their rocks off. The relationship progressed at a realistic pace - no insta-love and these two men together, they were perfect in every way.

Favorite Line: The center of someone's world was something Remy never thought he could be.


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