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Monday 6th July/Tuesday 7th July ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world. New Releases, Sales & Freebies.


We all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at Sinfully will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News which has caught our eye in the M/M world… and on Friday we will bring you up to date on the weeks New Releases with our regular weekly, Weekend New Releases and Giveaway post. You can also check out our Facebook page which we update daily.

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Monday 6th July


(Watch Me) Save You (Run This Town Book 4) by Avril Ashton

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Is love enough to pull two drowning men back from the edge of darkness?
No one will love you. Tek Ng has heard that statement his entire life, and after all he’s been through, he believes it. The tortured reality of who he is wars with everything else in his world. He’s got a fiancée he doesn’t want, a family legacy he wants to escape, and unrequited love so unavoidable he descends into sexual depravity with the last person he should. Tek is drowning, but he’s not sure he wants to be saved.
Quinn Storm hides in his quiet house, afraid of his shadow and his memories. At one time he had a husband and a life, but that was snatched away in a violent attack. Hardly daring to live, Quinn is alive only because he’s too scared to end it all himself. He’s drowning and wants no chance at being saved.
A favor for a friend brings these two men together just in time for Tek to watch Quinn unravel. Quinn quickly becomes the most important thing in Tek’s life, but can he trust Quinn to love him once he realizes what Tek is hiding? Just as they reach for each other, their reprieve is shattered by Tek’s demons, leaving Quinn with the realization that he’s not the only one in need of saving.
Warning: Contains references to rape and sexual abuse/assault.

Limited Time Only 99c/99p

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Book #1: (Watch Me) Break You –>

Book #2: (Watch Me) Body You –>

Book #3: (Watch Me) Unmask You –>


The Gods’ Games by Quil Carter

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When Erick disappeared it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Ben’s drug-addicted, lowlife brother was always pissing off dangerous people, so it was easy to assume he’d made the wrong person mad. Sure it sucked, but Ben got over it.
Then one night, four years after Erick vanished, Ben comes face-to-face with a mysterious man with silver hair, the same person who was last seen with Erick. After a failed attempt to get answers from him, Ben becomes obsessed with finding the silver-haired man he’s sure killed his brother. Though who he ends up finding isn’t quite his brother’s killer, but an odd young man with pointed ears, who brings Ben to a new world that he’d never fathomed existed.
And all the more baffling, this strange-looking young man is telling Ben that not only does he need Ben to help him save their kingdom from a rebel king…
… that rebel king is none other than Erick.


Turning His Life Around by Grace R. Duncan

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When Kane Harris’s world turns upside down, his lifelong best friend is the only one to catch him.
Years ago, Ian Kelly accepted Kane would never return his love, since he knows Kane believes he’s incapable of it. Ian is willing to settle for what he can get—a best friend, sometimes casual lover, and occasional submissive. He's learned he can’t live without Kane, but he can’t let Kane know. Because when, not if, Kane confirms that Ian’s love will never be returned, Ian won’t be able to take it. But when Kane loses his job and asks Ian to step up their play to help him deal, Ian’s ability to hide his feelings falters. Then Kane starts his own computer security firm and asks Ian to join him, and Ian struggles further.
It’s not until they visit the exclusive BDSM club the Iron Door that things come to a head. Kane screws up big time, and he’s afraid he can’t fix it. He’s sure he’ll lose his best friend, his Dom, his everything… forever.

91ohvwHw3 L._SL1500_

Never Let Go of Hope by Edward Kendrick

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Well-known artist Ellis Williams is in a slump and feeling all his fifty-three years. He's lost the joy which used to permeate his painting and despairs of ever regaining it. It doesn't help when he runs into a young man who comes on to him to win a bet, thus destroying more of Ellis's confidence.
Then, at a party, Ellis meets Martin Lovell, a man his age whose partner died soon after they adopted their son. Will these two middle-aged men learn they should never let go of hope? Or is it too late for men their age to open themselves to the possibility of love and being loved?


Heaven and Hell by Alicia Masterson

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Leander is a vampire who craves love as much as much as he craves blood. But the vampire's desires are deemed taboo even among his own kind. When he meets a young man, Gabriel, he expresses his passions to the fullest. But Gabriel has a secret of his own - he is actually an angel. The blossoming love of the amorous couple is against the wishes of the warring clans of angels and vampires. Will love triumph in the end?


Rush by Penelope Rivers

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Out of desperation and danger comes love. What a rush!
Strapped for cash, Dante Kinnaird agrees to sell a sample of his werewolf DNA to the owner of a security company intent on breeding fierce and fearsome dogs. Dr. Crios Mantzaris Karras III, a brilliant but arrogant scientist, creates the serum and gets on Dante’s last nerve. Dante can’t wait to cash his check and get away from this man.
Crios’s ego takes more than a beating when his hybrid were-dogs become uncontrollable and terrorize the countryside. Dante knows he must make things right, and puts aside his feelings for Crios as they team up to stop these bloodthirsty monsters.
In the heat of battle, he never expected those feelings to change.


Loving Joshua by Grein Murray

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Joshua and Max are two best friends who ran away from home and are now looking for a way out of feeling hungry, scared and being broke. When things seem dire, a man comes into their lives and offers them a deal they can’t pass up. Gay porn was something Joshua had never even thought of doing, but he knows he has to take care of Max. Joshua fears having sex with Max will complicate their best friend status. With no other options they accept the offer. Joshua and Max’s videos are some of the top sellers at the site and while Joshua enjoys sex with Max his feelings become more confusing as the man that hired them has a pull on Joshua that he’s never felt before. Joshua knows one thing, he can’t lose Max.

Tuesday 7th July


Ink and Shadows by Rhys Ford

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Review –>


Kismet Andreas lives in fear of the shadows.

For the young tattoo artist, the shadows hold more than darkness. He is certain of his insanity because the dark holds creatures and crawling things only he can see—monsters who hunt out the weak to eat their minds and souls, leaving behind only empty husks and despair.

And if there’s one thing Kismet fears more than being hunted—it’s the madness left in its wake.

The shadowy Veil is Mal’s home. As Pestilence, he is the youngest—and most inexperienced—of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, immortal manifestations resurrected to serve—and cull—mankind. Invisible to all but the dead and insane, the Four exist between the Veil and the mortal world, bound to their nearly eternal fate. Feared by other immortals, the Horsemen live in near solitude but Mal longs to know more than Death, War and Famine.

Mal longs to be… more human. To interact with someone other than lunatics or the deceased.

When Kismet rescues Mal from a shadowy attack, Pestilence is suddenly thrust into a vicious war—where mankind is the prize, and the only one who has faith in Mal is the human the other Horsemen believe is destined to die.


The Luckiest by Mila McWarren

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When New York-based memoirist Aaron Wilkinson gathers with his high school friends to marry off two of their own, he is forced to spend a week with Nik, the boy who broke his heart.
As they settle into the Texas beach house where the nuptials will be performed, Nik quickly makes his intentions clear: he wants Aaron back. “He’s coming hard, baby,” a friend warns, setting the tone for a week of transition where Aaron and Nik must decide if they are playing for keeps.
About the Author:
Mila McWarren grew up in Texas, but has happily made her home on the East Coast for the last decade. In her day job she works as a social scientist and she has spent the last ten years developing her fiction writing online. She lives with her husband and their two kids. When she isn’t working, writing or hanging out with her family, she likes knitting and watching television, because they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, two of her other great loves.


Held Hostage (Sin City Uniforms) by Morticia Knight

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Book four in the Sin City Uniforms series

SWAT officer Cole can handle just about anything, until he rescues Brett—a man who makes him question all he’s ever believed about love.

As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department’s SWAT team, Cole has seen his fair share of danger, but he’s never taken a chance on love. He’s willing to have some fun when the mood strikes him, but he’s married to the job. Called in on a hostage situation, Cole is prepared for anything and everything… Except for the brave and beautiful Brett.

Brett has been burned before, most recently by Officer Parker McLean. He’s hoping to settle down in Vegas, perhaps find someone he can build a life with. The last thing Brett’s looking for is another man in uniform, but when he meets Cole, there’s an attraction that can’t be denied. He doesn’t expect to fall for the chiseled alpha, though.

What begins as nothing more than two people experiencing a great night together spirals into something far deeper. But will Brett be able to handle the stress that comes with having a lover who constantly puts his life in jeopardy? And can Cole risk his heart on an everyday hero, or will the job he knows so well remain his top priority?


Mashing (Beer & Clay) by Sean Michaels

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Review –>


Book three in the Beer and Clay series

Life is good for Toby and Damon—maybe too good. What happens when someone seems intent on destroying their happiness?

Toby and Damon are growing closer every day, with Toby recovering from the shot to his shoulder and Damon trying to keep him from pushing too hard too fast. Things are good between them.

They’re even better in the bedroom, where Toby is learning all sorts of new things and Damon is happily pushing his limits.

They’ve almost forgotten that someone doesn’t seem as happy with their closeness as they are, when Toby walks into his studio to find it trashed and his little apartment ransacked. Are the authorities going to be able to apprehend the culprit before Toby decides the best course of action is to remove himself from the equation?


Strength to let Go by Alina Popescu

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After being abandoned by his mates, Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe, returns to his home in Tokyo.
Crippled by grief, Shiki decides to end it all by going into the territory of the Siberian Killers tribe and challenging them to a battle to the death.
His death.
Ganzorig, beta of the Siberian Killers, however, sees the potentially disastrous consequences of having Shiki die in battle.
Instead, he saves him.
Having suffered loss himself, Ganz takes it upon himself to help Shiki deal with his pain.
Blake, Shiki’s best friend since childhood, is as determined to show him there is life after a wolf’s ultimate loss.
Could there also be something ‘more’ for them after friendship?


81jb5H nlQL._SL1500_

Holographic Love by Stella Notecor

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Length: 75 pages


Matt has been in love with Tamien since they met at the Training Grounds of the Galactic Army. Now a Captain aboard the Galactic Army's flagship, the North Star, he knows he cannot have Tamien. Not the real Tamien, anyway.
What he can have is a Tamien hologram. The hologram is an exact replica of the half-Canlan, half-Terran, from its russet-colored skin to its brilliant green eyes... except for one tiny difference.
The holographic Tamien loves Matt.
This SWEET 16,000 word novelette contains sci-fi romance, angst, and love triangles!

91AQYbp ntL._SL1500_

Bonded to the Alpha by Robin Moray

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Length: 141 pages


Bonded mates are rare, and every wolf knows that the killing of a bond-mate is punishable by death. But nineteen-year-old Callum is fully human, woefully ignorant of Pack Law, and when an accidental encounter with a frenzied beta leaves the wolf dead and Callum battered but alive, he finds himself facing the wrath of the pack -- until the dead wolf’s mate invokes the right to claim Callum as his own.
With his life on the line, Callum’s only choice is to bond with the troubled alpha, and carve a place for himself in the pack by any means necessary.
Taking the bond was the worst mistake Nero ever made. But now, with his bond-mate dead, the clock is ticking. He needs to bond again by the full moon, or his next transformation will kill him. That’s all he needs the human for, just a means to an end. At least that’s what he tells himself, but as the bond takes hold he finds himself falling deeper into something he swore he would never do again.


Warlock's Cove by Jade Astor

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Length: 39 pages


Synopsis: Warlock’s Cove, a picturesque village nestled on the rocky New England coast, is a small town like no other. Founded in the seventeenth century by two families driven out of Europe for practicing witchcraft, it has developed a uniquely tolerant and unconventional culture. Warlocks, vampires, and ghosts all attempt to co-exist peacefully there while keeping their secret from the outside world. Occasionally, however, they run into trouble when overly curious humans wander into town looking for trouble…or love.

When Professor Dane Forrest accepts a teaching position at the local college, he sees it as an opportunity to learn more about the folktales and supernatural legends he has spent his career researching. What he doesn’t expect is to spend his first two nights in town rescuing a student from a vampire attack and then going on a date with the alleged vampire himself. Though he’s determined to maintain detached, unemotional outlook, he soon starts to realize why vampires are known as masters of seduction…and why they are considered as deadly as they are alluring.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, hundred-year-old vampire Simon is mourning the loss of the man he loved, who deliberately ended his existence by walking into the sunlight. Things begin to look up when Simon makes an intriguing new acquaintance down by the beach. Unfortunately, the young man in question seems to have as many secrets as Simon does. Faced with having his long-cold heart broken a second time, Simon wonders whether his best course of action might be to follow his former mate into a peaceful oblivion.

Love is an Open Road 2015 Event


These stories are written as a part of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's"Love is an Open Road" event. Group members are asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that speak to them and write a story.

This is a fabulous event that gives M/M readers a chance to catch up with some of their favourite authors, experience new authors, and also gives those readers that have yet to dip their toes into the genre a chance to find out why so many of us are huge fans of Gay Romance… all for free! AMAZING! …And we are immensely grateful for the time given by these authors to contribute to this event that brings us all so much joy.

This event runs between June and September so there will be a huge selection of books to choose from. Updated with the new additions on our Monday and Wednesday posts.

For the full listing click here –> M/M Romance Group ~ Don’t Read in the Closet

Recent additions

June 26th, 2015
Atle’s Saga by Kit Edwards
Moondrop by Katey Hawthorne

June 27th, 2015
Leap of Faith by Jay D. Clark

June 28th, 2015
Eat Crow by Jacob Lagadi
Lifeboat by Rob Colton
Tonight by Karen Stivali

June 29th, 2015
Not Even Close by Lisa Oliver
Trapped by Kenzie Cade

June 30th, 2015
Tears for the Sand by S van Rooyen
Token of Hope by Azalea Moone

July 1st, 2015
The Quiet Within by Olley White

July 4th, 2015
What Are You Waiting For? by Ava Moon


MuddyWatersMuddy Waters

by BJ Bourg

Genres: Mystery / Detective

Length: Free Short Story (4k words)

A Free Short Story available exclusively from Amber Quill Press!

Description: When the decomposing body of a woman is found floating in the muddy waters of Bayou Lafourche, Detectives Brandon Wolfe and Rick Patterson suspect accidental death or suicide...until the autopsy reveals the victim drowned in clear water.
Now they must find out who wanted Cynthia Coleman dead, and why.........Find Out More!

PortStormA Port In The Storm

by Elizabeth Delisi

Genres: Romance / Contemporary

Length: Free Short Story (3k words)

A Free Short Story available exclusively from Amber Quill Press!

Description: Brian Nolan gave up his high-pressure job in the big city and moved back to his childhood home in Southingly, Vermont. He enjoys his job with the town roads department, plowing in winter and landscaping in summer. It doesn't pay much, but he's done the "Corporate America thing" and has no interest in wealth that comes with an ulcer and a broken relationship.
The only problem is, lately Brian feels something is lacking in his life, some need is going unfulfilled. And he knows he'll never be completely happy until he discovers what it is.
Little does Brian know he'll find his reason for living stranded in a snowstorm.........Find Out More!

ShortWalkShort Walk

by M. J. Konevich

Genres: Horror

Length: Free Short Story (3k words)

A Free Short Story available exclusively from Amber Quill Press!

Description: Best friends Bobby Wilkins and Peter Hardy are two normal, young boys who go into the mysterious woods one moonlit night on a dare. They never expect to find anything other than a few tall-tales to entertain their classmates the next day at school.
But what they do find changes everything...forever..........Find Out More!

GoodBoyfriendA Good Boyfriend

by K. M. Mahoney

Genres: Gay / Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Series

Heat Level: 3

Length: Free Short Story (4k words)

A Free Short Story available exclusively from Amber Quill Press!

Description: (Part of the Putman County series)... Michael has learned to put up with a lot since he fell in love with Alli. Allegro Romani, resident fairy and chaos magnet, isn't always the easiest person to live with. He's stubborn and erratic, with a distinct tendency toward drama.
When Alli has a bad day, he looks to Michael to make it better, and Michael is always glad to oblige. It's a boyfriend's job to see to his lover's happiness and Michael is, after all, a very good boyfriend...........Find Out More!

LoveJunkLove Junk

by A. J. Llewellyn

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / Interracial / Multicultural / Series

Heat Level: 1

Length: Free Short Story (5k words)

A Free Short Story available exclusively from Amber Quill Press!

Description: (Part of the Mingo McCloud series)... Mustafa, a Nigerian man fresh off the plane, has arrived in Honolulu looking for the man he fell in love with over the Internet. Don, with whom he exchanged steamy emails, texts, phone calls and FaceTime chats, has vanished. Mustafa's frantic to find him. Can Mingo help? Of course, Mingo can never resist the word "please" or the chance to reunite two men in love. Mingo's husband, security specialist Francois, offers to help also, especially if it means getting Mingo back home and into bed any sooner. But Mingo begins to fret when he discovers that Mustafa "met" Don while trying to scam him online. Mingo is determined to learn the truth, but even he is shocked at what he uncovers...........Find Out More!

Available for Pre-Order


Guardians of the Haunted More (Tyack & Frayne Mysteries #5) by Harper Fox

Release date: 1st August

Amazon –>


The wedding is just the beginning…
Gideon and Lee have spent a year in chaotic married bliss, with all the trimmings – a dog, tricky in-laws, and a baby girl they both adore. But even the best of lives can be fragile, and a shocking family loss hits their new world like a demolition ball.
Gideon has little energy left to investigate a murder that’s taken place in the fields outside Dark. He still has his duties to his community, though, and with Lee at his side, he begins to unfold the mysterious death of Farmer John Bowe. It’s harvest time, ancient West Country magic in the air, and rumours are flying through the village of an enemy Gideon thought he’d left behind long ago.
Can the beast of Bodmin possibly be real? Everything in Gideon’s stoical police-sergeant’s nature says no. But Lee has taught him to see the world differently, and now they must pool their resources to unmask a killer before more lives are lost – and somehow find a way to mend their shattered family, too.

This is book five in the Tyack & Frayne Mysteries Series

Book #1: Once Upon a Haunted Moor –>
Book #2: Tinsel Fish –>
Book #3: Don’t Let Go –>
Book #4: Kitto –>

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