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Featured Guest Author: Lisa Oliver on How Uncaged was Born includes Giveaway


We are so happy to welcome the lovely Lisa Oliver to Sinfully today. After reading and loving her recent release Uncaged, a collaboration with her son Thomas, we were intrigued as to how that came about… Well read on and Lisa tells all.

Lisa is also gifting one lucky reader an e-copy of Uncaged, so don’t forget to enter the giveaway below.chain_divider_by_hannahlight-d5i2gd5 

A Funny Thing Happened One Night – How Uncaged Was Born

I am the first to admit I have a good but strange relationship with my children. All three are now adults, and like any Mom I am totally proud of all three of them. But they don’t, at least until recently, have anything to do with my work. They laughingly write off my books as gay porn, and although they are all hugely supportive and would protect my honor in an instant, they don’t read my books, they don’t talk about my books and they just leave me alone long enough to get my books written. Which is awesome.

TOpSo you can imagine my surprise when Thomas, my youngest (he’s twenty two) came into my office one night and said he wanted to talk to me about a story idea he had. Yes, he may have had a few drinks under his belt but engaging his mother in conversation, because he is still at that stage where he definitely doesn’t need a mother for anything, was a rare occurrence. So I grabbed paper and pen, sat down and listened, for two hours. That was how the series, Shifter’s Uprising, with its first book, Uncaged was born.

It was always a given that I would be doing the writing, and I did explain to Thomas that the fight scenes, and the world building were a bit beyond my comfort zone as a writer. As a rule my books are sexy-sweet with firm rules – no cheating, no death of an MC and every book had to be an HEA with love declared. Thomas said he would help with those aspects I was uncomfortable with, but he absolutely was not going to talk to his Mother about the sex – he figured he would leave that up to me. Good idea lol. It would have made me a bit uncomfortable too.

The world Thomas describes is a lot darker than the ones I am used to – full of corruption from those in power and a resistance movement that is doing its best to get word to the ruling family that it is time to sort out the mess they’ve created. That was only hinted at in book one, but in the second and third book, which Thomas has already outlined, the themes get stronger – leading up to an evitable conflict. But there are new characters to meet, more men to fall in love and shifters of all kinds in the next lot of books.

For me, this was an unusual, but fun filled way of writing a book. I had someone I could talk to about those wretched technical aspects, especially with the fight scenes, and when I had an issue, like how do you get two large MCs out of a walled garden with guns pointing at you from every side, I could use input from Thomas’s wicked imagination to find the answers.

The stunner of this little exercise? Thomas wants to read the finished book! Of course I have to flag the sex scenes first. Thomas is fine with homosexuality, he just doesn’t like the idea of his mother writing about sex in any form. So when you read this book, as I hope you will, please keep in mind that the story ideas are all Thomas, and the loving side of things is all mine. chain_divider_by_hannahlight-d5i2gd5  

Uncaged (Shifter's Uprising Book #1)

Lisa Oliver & Thomas J. Oliver

A1pDE tatgL._SL1500_Published ~ 8th June 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal, Dystopian M/M Romance





Book 1 - Shifter's Uprising Series.
Can be read as standalone.
Carlin is an Alpha Wolf Fighter, one of only three in the top spots at the Souterrain - an underground fighting club, run by the Elite to punish shifters who have gone outside of the laws. He's happy enough, only has to fight exhibition matches, has his own apartment space, food and sex on tap - yep, life it good. So when Martin offers him the chance to fight for his freedom, Carlin turns it down. It's no fun being a lone wolf and Carlin is quite happy where he is.
Then Lucas catches his eye. A handsome man, a stunning fighter, moving up through the ranks fast. Lucas might not have the killer attitude that most men at the Souterrain have, but he's got the moves. Carlin has no problems insisting the man is bought to his apartment - sex is never a bad idea. But when he catches Lucas's scent and realizes the man is his fated mate, suddenly getting him to bed is the least of his problems. Lucas wants to be free, and for the first time in a long time, so does Carlin.
Unfortunately there is more to Lucas than meets the eye. Martin certainly has no intention of letting them go, and if he has to have Carlin killed to keep Lucas at the Souterrain, then the man has no problems with that either. Suddenly the deal Carlin makes with Martin goes horribly wrong, and Carlin and Lucas realize that the price for freedom might be Carlin's life, and even then Lucas will not be free.

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Meet Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.
When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.
Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook  or email her directly at If you want to chat with her on Skype, then email for contact details.





Lisa Oliver is gifting to one lucky reader an e-copy of Uncaged. All you need to do for a chance to win, is enter the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. It's so sweet to hear about your working with your son to create a different kind of story...
    Thanks for the chance to win and read the final product!

  2. It's really nice of your son Thomas to come to you with his idea. What a wonderful thing, to share a beautiful project like writing a book with somebody as close as a son. Thank you for sharing the story of how Uncaged was originated ;)

  3. Lisa you know I love your work and figured your son had a lot to do with this edgier storyline. It definetly works and I can't wait till the next book.
    I'm not entering as I already have it. Just wanted to check out the interview.

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  7. Lol! My oldest won't read any of my sex scenes, either. She does read M/M, just not when I write it. To be fair, I'm not sure she'd read M/F sex scenes I wrote, either. Your son is so cute! You must be bursting with pride about being able to collaborate on a series with him! And it does sound fascinating. Congrats to you both, and best of luck with the series.

  8. Interesting to read how this story started, congratulations to you both on the publication.

  9. Thank you all for your really positive comments - that is so lovely :) It was a lot of fun working with Thomas, and yes I do think he is a real cutie, but then I am his mother, so I am biased - but don't tell him I said so lol.

  10. Bought this hours after it hit, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books. You constantly amaze me. Thanks for sharing how UNCAGED came about. It's so cool that you and your son are collaborating. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. Judy
    j dot stonewright at gmail dot com

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