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Review ~ Fire and Ice : A Guns and Hoses Novel by Brenda Cothern

fire & Ice

Title ~ Fire & Ice : A Guns & Hoses Novel 

Author ~ Brenda Cothern

Published ~ 2nd June 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Erotic Romance,  BDSM


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Lukas Wolf has no desire to have a partner. He doesn't need any help, especially from some young graduate with no field experience, to catch a serial arsonist who is escalating in the county.
Austin Kinsley moved to Tampa Bay to reconnect with his cousin, Thomas Flame, and to apply for an arson investigator position with the county. Of course, getting his dream job is the easy part. Working with his new partner, Lukas Wolf, and finding what he needs to satisfy his craving for pain might be more difficult.

Liza’s Review

Austin has just got his Masters and is looking at trying to secure the Aron investigation position in Tampa. It's where his cousin lives, and he has always liked the place. Unfortunately, if he gets the position he will be working with Lukas, a man with ten years’ experience who definitely does not want a partner. After being rude to Austin at their one-on-one interview, Lukas wants to blow off some steam and heads to the Woodshed. Somewhere he is known and where his kinks are appreciated.

Unknown to Lukas, Austin was also at the Woodshed, but because he was wearing a hood, Lukas didn't recognize him. But Austin did and no matter how much he might feel drawn to the man, Austin didn't approach him, having already done a scene with a professional Dom. Plus which, he genuinely thought Lukas was an asshole.

The back and forth, between how Lukas and Austin react towards each other at work, and then in the club, where for the most part Lukas still doesn't know who Austin is, is clever and also allows the author to explore a couple of the different facets of BDSM. Lucas is looking for a masochist, not a submissive and Austin is anything but submissive. But he loves pain. His wonderful tattoo clearly expresses that need, which is a good thing too, for reasons you will understand when you read the story.

This is a stunning and unpredictable story. There were a couple of things I didn't understand, but to spell them out would be to give up too many spoilers. I know there is a fine line between love and hate but I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the two men at work, as I felt the connection outside of the playroom was lacking just a tiny bit. However the kink was hot and as Brenda is a new author to me, I am going to head off and find some of her back list. I really like her style.


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Meet Brenda Cothern

Brenda is unlike most authors since she only began writing a few years ago. Her first book Fates, an adult fantasy, was published in 2010. Her love for reading fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary erotic romance has caused her to discard her Bachelor’s degrees in management and marketing in order to write full time. Currently, Brenda has eighteen books published (three of which are free!) She is an Amazon and ARe best-selling author for several titles.
Brenda resides in Tampa, FL when not attending conventions and is a volunteer with the Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She is also an active member in organizing the Florida Leather n' Fetish Pride weekend, an associate member of the Tampa Leather Club, and a supporting member of The Union.


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    Thank you for the wonderful review on Fire & Ice. I am thrilled that you enjoyed Lukas & Austin's story.

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