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Review: Driving Borscht Batty (Wolves of Stone Ridge Book 29) by Charlie Richards


Title ~ Driving Borscht Batty (Wolves of Stone Ridge Book 29)

Author ~ Charlie Richards

Publisher ~ Extasy Books

Published ~ 8th June 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Borscht Kuznetsov is the master of his vampire coven. He likes his donors silent, his people obedient, and his life orderly. When an alarm on the northern outskirts of his property alert him to intruders, he leads the charge to drive the humans from his land. To his surprise, Borscht discovers they were chasing an Egyptian fruit bat. Confused by his sudden onslaught of protectiveness, he realizes the little creature is a shifter…who refuses to shift.
With his only memories that of his time spent in captivity, Sekani doesn’t know much. He can’t even understand the words of the people around him after he escapes from his prison. Still, one of them smells really good…and the man saved him from the hunters. When the man finally says a few words in halting English, Sekani learns that his world is so much larger than he could ever have imagined.
Can Borscht handle his beloved’s overabundance of excitement, especially when he learns that Sekani has friends that need rescuing?

Liza’s Review

Borscht is a vampire and rules a small coven consisting of family members. He likes to keep to himself and hates having to work on spreadsheets. He and his family have top notch security to keep their territory safe because there were many outsiders that considered a small coven was ripe for takeover. When his brother alerts him to a possible security breach, Borscht worries that the intruders might be human hunters. Apparently they were, but they weren't looking for vampires, they were looking for a bat.

Sekani is totally adorable, both in human and in bat form. He'd never known life outside of a cage and had been kept by scientists for years before he managed to escape. From his posse in the trees above, Sekani watched as a huge man (Borscht) takes out the four hunters easily, but then is worried when the man seems to want to take up the hunt himself. For some reason Sekani doesn't have a problem with being found this time.

Talking softly in a language Sekani didn't understand but sure loved to listen to from this guy's tongue, he watched the man wiggle his fingers a bit in invitation.

This book is so cute. Yes it's a true mate story, and it is horrible what Sekani had to go through because of the scientists. But the little sweetie hadn't even had an orgasm before and that situation was written so well and with such caring.

Never in his wildest imagination had he thought he'd be explaining sex.

I loved how patient Borscht was with his little Beloved and how he wanted to try and make everything right in his little shifter's world. He has the typical paranormal tendencies in being possessive and protective, which were awesome and I do hope that maybe a few of his brothers find their male mates as well in future books. Maybe Aleksei. Totally awesome read and can't wait for the next one.

Favorite Quote: [Sekani] There's no way a penis can fit up there.

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