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Review: Cameron's Negotiator (Sierran-Sawtooth Pack, 1) by Evelise Archer

camerons negotiator

Title ~ Cameron’s Negotiator

Author ~ Evalise Archer

Publisher ~ Secret Cravings Publishing

Published ~ 19th May 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Trevor Langford is a tough FBI negotiator. His last case scarred him both mentally and psychically. He takes some mandatory sick time, going to Sawtooth Range, Idaho to find himself again, and get his head on straight. There he meets Cameron. Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, Cameron is everything Trevor looks for in a man, but scares him too.
Cameron has always wanted a mate and finding Trevor in his own backyard is a coup. Unfortunately, Trevor has no idea what mates are or that he is a wolf. Trevor’s a realist and believes in tangibles.
Can Cameron convince his mate that true love is meant forever?

Liza’s Review

Trevor is on an enforced vacation after a hostage situation he was handling for the FBI went wrong - not his fault, but he suffered major injuries and had been told he had to recuperate. So he heads to a cabin in the Sawtooth National Recreation Center in Idaho. He hikes, runs and swims and tries to tell himself he is having a good time, but he can't shake the feeling he is being watched.

And that is because he is - by Cameron, Alpha wolf of the local pack who has knows, just by the man's scent that they are supposed to be mates.

The two men meet because Trevor needs some help trying to find the wolf that he inadvertently sees one night. Trevor thinks the wolf is beautiful. Cameron thinks that Trevor is a wolf too - the man just doesn't know it yet. No guesses for realizing that Cameron was right.

This is a totally sweet and fairly typical wolf shifter story. In this world the Omegas are respected and honored as peace makers and negotiators - no surprise that Trevor had been working as a negotiator for the FBI. Trevor's first shift is sensitively handled and was an interesting perspective. Cameron's parents are awesome people and Maude is a firecracker.

The only reason I didn't give this book a higher rating was because I felt the whole thing was just too easy. Trevor had the tiniest of freak-outs when he learned he was a wolf too, but it was as though he just accepted everything. Given that he was portrayed as an exceptionally talented man in his field, learning that wolf shifters existed and that he was one as well should have evoked more emotion in my opinion. Cameron was really sweet and loving which I supposed would have helped, but by the time I finished the book I couldn't help but feel I was missing something. However I do see that this is book one in a series and I am keen to read the next book especially if it is about Pete and Jay. That could prove to be really interesting.

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