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Review: Little Wolf (Being(s)in Love Book 4) by R. Cooper

little wolf

Title ~ Little Wolf

Author ~ R. Cooper

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 8th May 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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A Being(s) in Love Story
On the run from his old-blood werewolf family, Tim Dirus finds himself in Wolf's Paw, one of the last surviving refuges from the days when werewolves were hunted by humans and one of the last places Tim wants to be. Kept away from other wolves by his uncle, Tim knows almost nothing about his own kind except that alpha werewolves only want to control and dominate a scrawny wolf like him.
Tim isn’t in Wolf’s Paw an hour before he draws the attention of Sheriff Nathaniel Neri, the alphaest alpha in a town full of alphas. Powerful, intimidating, and the most beautiful wolf Tim has ever seen, Nathaniel makes Tim feel safe for reasons Tim doesn’t understand. For five years he’s lived on the run, in fear of his family and other wolves. Everything about Wolf’s Paw is contrary to what he thought he knew, and he is terrified. Fearing his mate will run, Sheriff Nathaniel must calm his little wolf and show him he’s more than a match for this big, bad alpha

Liza’s review

Tim was a puddle of goo around Sheriff Nathaniel Neri - he couldn't help himself. He was smaller than the other weres at Wolf's Paw and he knew he didn't match up with the more impressive specimens in town. And no one was more impressive than the Sheriff.

Tim is on the run and the Sheriff knows about it - and he is doing his best to keep an eye on the young man. But Tim is hopeless about the ways of the were and a virgin to boot. With the Festival coming up the Sheriff is worried about how Tim will cope.

As with other R. Cooper books, this one takes the long way around to get anywhere. It's part of the author's charm. Tim knows he is in danger, and without realizing it, he asks Nathaniel for help - and ends up living in the Sheriff’s house. Tim's whole way of living is on overload and his snarky mouth gets more than annoying at times. It's Tim's family that are after him, and they terrify him, although I was pleased to read that he had good memories of his mother.

Some weres, Timmy, are only about who is stronger. But that's because they don't know what strength is.

The author has given perfectly good reasons for Tim being so dense about what it was like to live as a were, and about mating. But I have to confess that after half a book of reading about Tim putting his foot in his mouth again and again and again, I wanted to slap him around the head. Then the business with Albert - I got really annoyed with that. Nathanial needed his head read, and Tim deserved to be eaten in my opinion.

Of course Tim's family catches up with him and Nathanial deals with one aspect of it, while Tim sort-of deals with the other. But Tim - UGH, he annoyed me so much. It was as if he was really slow and totally unable to learn anything simply from watching people around him. The backwards and forwards in his relationship with Nathanial gave me whiplash and I am sure I was clenching my teeth by the end of the book.

If you want a slow read, a really slow burn, a lot of stupidity in a were wolf then you will love this book. It is brilliantly written, and really easy to follow, but personally I would have love to have heard Nathaniel's perspective about some things, and just once I would have liked for Nathaniel to have told Tim off - for an Alpha wolf Nathaniel was just too nice.

Favorite Quote: [Nathaniel] I'm not a romance novel cover.

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