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Review: For a Dragon's Healing (Highland Dragons, book 6) by Charlie Richards

91lIzBu7BjL._SL1500_Title ~ For a Dragon's Healing (Highland Dragons Book 6)

Author ~ Charlie Richards

Publisher ~ Extasy Books

Published ~ 22nd May 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Upon learning from his son that his chieftain plans to force his daughter to wed a stranger, Achaius McCord flees with his family. In order to escape, he spends hours clinging to a dragon’s neck, aggravating his weakened thigh muscles. He spends the first few days in his new home flat on his back, and when he finally regains his feet, he’s constantly asked if he needs help…with everything. All Achaius wants is for everyone to stop coddling him. While he knows he’s no longer in his prime, he’s not an invalid. Then, he learns the true reason everyone is being so nice. He is what the dragons call an asda, a human capable of bonding with a dragon, affording them status and companionship. Having lived as a cripple for nearly a decade, Achaius knows he’s looked down on and pitied by his fellow man. Why would anyone want him as their companion?

Liza’s Review

Achaius is crippled, old enough to have a grown son and to have lost a wife, and is living with dragons. Dragons who seem to want to help him at every turn. Being a typical warrior, Achaius hates having anyone help him with anything. He feels the damage to his thigh makes him weak, and as a man, that is a hard thing for him to stomach.

Unfortunately it might be something he has to get used to. Achaius is also an asda. In the dragon culture an asda can mean a number of things from consort, to a bonded mate. For Achaius it means that he has the ability to bond with a dragon. It's just he's too old and grumpy to imagine why anyone would want to. Of course, that doesn't stop the dragons wanting to woo him by helping him as much as possible.

There is plenty of accent in this book, giving you the delicious feeling of times gone by and the highland areas. If you're a grammar fanatic then please don't read this book. The story is wonderful and the author doesn't need you to tell her that shite should be shit, or that aye should be yes. The language reflects the setting and it's perfectly done.

Achaius meets Curzon - a half dragon who spends his time in the stables and working with the horses. Curzon hates how the other dragons make him feel like he is missing something because he isn't a full dragon, and apparently can't fly. But then Curzan keeps some things a secret from the others.

What I loved about this story is that it wasn't all buff beautiful men falling in love. Achaius is older, in his forties, and Curzon is a misfit. There are a couple of places where the wrong name is used and a tiny few times where the accentuated language isn't consistent, but it doesn't reflect badly on the story. The different castes of dragons were a fascinating aside. Overall this was a charming story and I am looking forward to the next one.

Favorite Quote: [Achaius] Mayhap we shouldna have important conversations when we both be relaxed from spillin' our seed.

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