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Trailing Air by T.A.Chase

trailing air

Title ~ Trailing Air

Author ~ T.A. Chase

Publisher ~ Amber Quill Press

Published ~ 15th March 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Paranormal Romance



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What are the Preternaturals supposed to do when the book holding the destruction of their kind within its pages is stolen from them? Not panic and hope that the situation changes before the humans get their own hands on it.

The werewolf Rover Canis can't believe he's escorting the very creature that stole the book holding spells that could kill every Preternatural in the world. Yet here he is doing so, and admiring his extremely attractive companion probably isn't the smartest thing he's ever done either. But if he is to save himself along with all his kind, Rover needs to keep his mind on the mission.

Elwin Ice Cloud, a shapeshifting dragon, swipes the powerful book in order to save his kidnapped sister, but he never plans on handing it over to the humans. Yet when dangers grow too difficult for him to handle on his own, he returns to the lycan on whom he'd been spying. Meeting the sexy Rover gives him something else to think about, yet falling in love isn't in his plans either.

Together, these two very different shapeshifters must find a way to trust each other in order to save all the Preternaturals from certain death. If they somehow manage to do so, will love be their ultimate reward?

Liza’s Review

There was no indication on the cover of this book to show that this was a continuation of a series. Fortunately I am a huge fan of the author and recognized the characters immediately. In this book Rover tends his bar, works with his pack brothers and like the rest of the band in this book is looking to find out who stole the book that contains spells that could wipe out all paranormals.

And then Elwin walks into the bar.

Elwin is a dragon, an Ice Dragon and this author has made them perfectly adorable. No big lumbering bodies or huge wings here. Nope, Rover thinks they look like Faeries. But they are still very powerful. Unfortunately Elwin has a black mark on him the moment he walked into the bar. He is the man who stole the book of spells the others are looking for, and handed it to Grimes who plans to use the spells in it. That doesn’t stop Rover being attracted to him though.

The two men start an affair knowing that their time is limited. They have to fight Grime, and get Elwin's sister back. I was really glad when they rescued Pavel, and I am hoping that there will be a book about his recovery. The ending was suitably sweet, but almost seemed abrupt.

I had to admit this is not one of my favorites. I think that if you haven't read the previous books then you will find it a little hard to follow. But T.A. Chase writes really well, and even though I had a bit of a problem following who was who, and who was related to who, it was still an action packed story and definitely worth reading.

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