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Review: Lost Boys Academy: Book 2 Distraction by Aaron Ferrara

Title ~ Lost Boys Academy: Book 2 Distraction

Author ~ Aaron Ferrara

Published ~ 26th May 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary YA M/M Romance



Welcome to the Academy for lost young men...
BOOK #2 in the LOST BOYS ACADEMY series.
College life was supposed to be fun, but the young men attending the Lost Boys Academy will have to abandon all they know as they are forced to rehabilitate their homosexuality.
-With Jimmy's secret still hidden from the rest of the students, he will go to great lengths to finish what he started.
-Jake takes the bet he has going with the guys a step further, jeapordizing his stay at the Academy.
-Kyle and Alex are at each others throats again, but being apart from each other is proving to be a much worse fate.
-When Mason's family doesn't show up for group therapy, he is faced with choosing to stay true to his faith, or giving in to the unescapable temptations at the Academy.

Lisa’s Review

Lost Boys Academy 2: Distraction is book two in Aaron Ferrara’s serial novella series entitled Lost Boys Academy. This is a really intriguing series as this author focuses on a college that exists for the sole purpose of rehabilitating its male students from their homosexuality. Both books so far have been completely new territory for me when it comes to the M/M novels I read. I am definitely hooked though. Once again, Mr. Ferrara has penned a fantastically fun read with a plethora of diverse and colorful characters that added to the unique overall story arc.

While the first installment to the series mostly served as an introduction of sorts, this second addition dives deeper into the lives of the characters and begins to elaborate on their individual stories. I still really love the diversity that could be found in all the characters. Each of the boys depicted brings so much to the story. They are all at the academy for difference reasons, are all going through different things, and are all simply trying to figure themselves out. The academy might not be the most ideal place for these guys to deal with issues such as self-identity, relationships, bigotry, etc.; however, the friendships and profound bonds that are developing are helping ease the way.

There is a lot going on and I highly recommend reading the series in sequential order. As the overall story arc progresses be prepared for more drama, twists and turns and heartfelt emotion.

All in all, Lost Boys Academy 2: Distraction was a great second installment to this fascinating series. Kudos to this author for coming up with a concept that is not only interesting but also writing it in such a way that the reader can’t help but become immersed in all that is going on. The writing is fantastic, the concept is original and this novella leaves you wanting more.


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