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Perception: A German Love Story by Mario k. Lipinski


Title ~ Perception: A German Love Story

Author ~ Mario k. Lipinski

Published ~ 30th April 2015

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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Marcel Ritter is an excellent pupil at a German school, has two loyal, best friends, and caring parents. Still, his life is far from being perfect. He is the bullying victim of Tim ‘Dumb’ Eschner, soccer hunk and the school’s official dimwit. When the vice principal witnesses one of Tim’s assaults, Marcel’s problems seem to be solved at last. But his good nature and his fast tongue get him into more trouble than he would prefer. Forced to work together, they both discover that there is more to the other one than meets the eye. A feel-good story about change, forgiveness, and love.
This romance novel contains graphic language and descriptions of sexual encounters (m/m).

Jenna’s Review

Enemies to Lovers; this is definitely my type of romance. I’m in love with these two guys; the emotions, the intense love affair, and the character dynamics; everything resonates with me. Marcel is academic, slightly nerdy but confident, editor of his high school newspaper and openly gay. Marcel’s sensitivity is so amazingly sweet; his hearts is so tender, that if I could bottle his sweet sensitivity and keep it with me always, I would be in heaven.

The story begins with Marcel taking on the project of tutoring Tim; the jock who beats and bullies him. Though Marcel’s original goal is to disarm Tim by showing compassion and kindness, Marcel quickly learns that Tim has a gentle and caring side as well. Additionally, he learns that Tim suffers from low self-esteem due to being called dumb by other students. Through their time studying together, the two become best friends, enjoying every moment together until Marcel realizes he has fallen in love with Tim.

In addition to being a sweet romance, this is a story about coming out and working to overcome past mistakes. Though the love scenes are extremely sexy and moving, the build up to the two coming together is so full of tension that the first time they are together just blew me away. I have the honor of reading an advanced copy of this author’s next book and I’ll definitely read all his publications to come.

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