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Milling (Beer and Clay Book 2) by Sean Michael


Title ~ Milling (Beer and Clay Book 2)

Author ~ Sean Michael

Publisher ~ Totally Bound

Published ~ 30th April 2015

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance, BDSM



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Toby and Damon’s whirlwind romance continues, but can they find a balance between love and work? Do they even want to?
Toby can scarcely believe that his life has changed so much in less than two weeks, but it has. His predictable little life has gone from routine to sexually adventurous in a matter of days. And to be honest, he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Damon’s just as into Toby, more interested in exploring with his new lover than spending all his time at the bar. Luckily things are running fairly smoothly there with his hand only occasionally needed on the rudder.
Their idyllic love affair has a few bumps to withstand, though, in the form of an intruder with a gun. Can Toby and Damon survive what happens next?

Liza’s review

Damon and Toby met in book one in this series. Toby is a man governed by routines and the need to create art, Damon's life is full of the bar that he owns. But somehow, in book one, these two men got together, survived more than a few problems and seemed set up for a happy ever after. We meet both men in book 2 as Damon is preparing to sit for Toby.

I have always loved the sensuality of Sean Michael's books and this one is no exception. Damon and Toby together in Toby's studio, where he works with clay, is simply amazing. Toby and Damon haven't been together very long, but Damon had been watching Toby for three years in his bar, before they got together. The sheer sensuality of Toby, from the repressed and buttoned-up man he was before, is truly beautiful.

In the midst of all of this beauty, is some ugly stuff as well. In book one, Damon's bar gets robbed and in this installment, the robber comes back with a gun. Toby gets hurt, and Damon is left trying to cope with a man who badly wants to sculpt again, but who isn't allowed to use his arm for six weeks. Damon's methods of keeping Toby distracted and occupied are the product of Sean Michael’s beautiful ingenuity.

I loved Peter and Christian and I do hope we see more of them in later books - and I am guessing there will be more books because Damon and Toby's story is far from finished. This was another erotic, sensual and yet sweet installment in Damon's and Toby's story and I am totally looking forward to read what happens next.

Favorite Quote:

[Damon] Baby, my watching is the point of making you do it

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