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Temple's Touch (Book 6 A Wizard's Touch) by Amber Kell


Title ~ Temple’s Touch (Book 6 A Wizard's Touch)

Author ~ Amber Kell

Publisher ~ Totally Bound

Published ~ 24th April 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Sometimes true love is right in front of you.
Madison Archer dreams of the day he can claim Temple as his mate. However, when Temple heads off to school Maddie worries he’ll be forgotten among Temple’s new friends. Maybe a half wolf can’t understand the bond between mates.
Temple Stewartson has always loved Madison Archer. Childhood friends, they were now old enough to start their own lives. However, Temple doesn’t want to leave the pack without Madison by his side. So when Maddie disappears, Temple is willing to do anything to get his man back.

Liza’s Review

Temple hadn't wanted to leave his pack - he was used to being home-schooled and his wolf half liked the protection of others around him. But Temple was a wolf shifter who couldn't transform because he was also half wizard, and that was why he made the push to go to wizard school.

Without a degree he'd remain a half wolf, unable to transform, yet with above average magic - a failure in both shifter and wizarding worlds.

Actually Temple can partially shift - eyes, teeth and hands, but unlike his siblings, he couldn't manage a full transformation and Maddie was someone who helped him get through the grief he felt when he learned he was always going to be a hybrid.

Maddie is having a lot of trouble dealing with Temple going to school. A full wolf shifter he knows that he and Temple are mates and the thought of Temple making new friends and finding someone else drives him crazy. His Alpha's advice doesn't help. But throughout the packs good hearted meddling the two men get it sorted.

In typical shifter stories that would be all that needed to be written. Two guys, a couple of misunderstandings about the mating bond itself and then some hot sex. This book ticks all of those off, but like other books in this series, Ms. Kell is not content with having her shifters find their mates, wizard or not. This time problem comes in the form of a small, troubled wolf who appears on pack lands.

Boy, Ms. Kell certainly led us on a merry dance with this book. I am not going to let out any more of the plot points because...well, this is definitely something you have to read for yourself. But if I mention a wicked vampire/wolf cross, some mind control, a scent control spell and a family returned from the dead you will get some idea. My heart was in my mouth so many times in this book - the heart collection (not as romantic as it sounds), the lack of will for poor Maddie. Temple going potty for a variety of reasons and on the fringes, people like Dirk.

Deep down Dirk wasn't a bad guy - he just had the ego of three full trained wizards.

This was a lively book with so many twists it made my head spin in places. But it was an awesome read. You don't have to have read any of the others in the series, to enjoy this story, although a couple of people from previous books do have a cameo mention. But I honestly think, once you have read this book, you will be hurrying to buy the previous five. This is an unusual series, blending magic and wolf shifters, and a whole lot of sexy fun.

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