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Radio Boys by Sean Michael


Title ~ Radio Boys

Author ~ Sean Michael

Publisher ~ Torquere Press

Published ~ 4th March 2015

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance



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Paul might be blind, but he has a full life between deejaying at a local radio station and playing on stage with a band a few times a month. It’s been a while since he’s been with anyone, though, and when Thor asks to take him home, he’s not quite sure what to do.
Thor’s been listening to the sexy DJ’s voice for years and is thrilled to finally meet Paul in person. Can his aural fascination grow into more? And will Paul be right there with him?
Originally published in the Bus Stories anthology.

Liza’s Review

Thor is a swimming and diving coach, who loves the water and shares his passion with anyone who will listen. On his off hours he loves to listen to the radio and one DJ in particular, Paul. So when he meets Paul and his father in a bar one night, where Paul sings twice a month, he has no problem introducing himself and very quickly the two men are heading back to Paul's place.

Did I mention the fact that Paul is blind? Nope. Well the only reason why I mention it now because in this reasonably short story by Sean Michaels we get all of his traditional hot stuff, from the perspective of someone who can't see. For example Thor let's Paul know that he is getting undressed and Paul asks if he can help, "I know what your shirt feels like but I don't know what you're wearing...just think of it as warped live-action phone sex." Just love it.

Thor has always been captivated by Paul's voice so when he has been taken in hand, so to speak by the man with the voice he jacks off too he has trouble retaining his control.

"Oh, God, Paul. If you say one word right now, anything at all, I'm gonna blow my load all over your hand."

There are some elements of humor amongst the hot stuff but what I really loved about this book was the perspective - the lack of sight meant that sounds, touch and smell were all exploited and Sean Michaels did a good job of describing them all. Thor and Paul in the water was a beautiful scene, especially when Paul considers himself hydrophobic.

There is no angst and not much of a storyline here. But if you are keen on a story that is short, hot and sweet, about two fairly ordinary guys who manage to make a connection with each other, then do give this one a try.

Favorite Quote:

I practiced with a cucumber until I could deep throat it.

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