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Pre-Release Review ~ The Altered by Annabelle Jacobs

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Title ~ The Altered

Author ~ Annabelle Jacobs

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance

Published ~ 9th April 2015



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In this complicated world there were some humans that were...altered. Daniel is one of them, and in the eyes of shifter society, not one of the good guys. Hiding his ability as a seer, Daniel does his best to live his life as normally as possible - as normal as you can when scientists want to use you and shifters want to kill you. He has two close friends, Matt who is a shifter but who protects Daniel as best he can, and Ash who is human and knows his friends' true nature. And hiding is necessary. The government required all altereds to be registered, but when altereds started disappearing a lot of people, Matt and Daniel included, preferred to stay hidden in the streets of London.


Liza’s Review

Jordan is a full shifter and he understands why Seers need to be killed. But for some reason he feels compelled to help Daniel during a fight outside of a bar - much to the disgust of his friends. The situation is hard on everybody who has been altered in some way, especially when people were disappearing and given that seers have the ability to see the shifted forms of the altered, seers were considered dangerous by part and full shifters alike.

No altered wanted to own up to what he was, the fear of what might happen was more than enough to send them into hiding.

Jordan and Daniel's friends are an interesting part of the storyline. Jordan doesn't understand why Matt would be friends with Daniel, even though Matt is not a full shifter, like Jordan. Ash is a cute and delightful human relief amongst all the testosterone in the book. I didn't like Keira although Charlie seemed to be a decent guy and I spent most of the book wondering why Sam stayed in his wolf form. That was explained closer to the end of the book, but I still would have liked to know more.

Anyhow, back to Jordan and Daniel. The two men don't like each other - except they do. Sound confusing? The author does a great job of infusing her story with utter confusion. Jordan doesn't understand why he just wants to sniff Daniel all the time and Daniel, well he feels compelled to be with Jordan but he knows it's not a good idea. Both men ridicule the idea of mates, but as the story progresses both men are hard pushed to deny their attraction.

When trouble hits everyone has to work together to save the day. To say anything more would give away too much of the storyline. But the trust between both groups - Daniel's friends and Jordans' slowly evolves enough that they could work together when it counted.

This is an unusual take on a shifter story although there were plenty of fangs, claws and teeth. I had a few problems at the beginning of the book because in my head the word 'seer' meant someone who had visions and could see the future. In this book it meant that Daniel had the power to see shifted forms and once I got that tucked away in my brain the rest of the story made sense. The interactions between Daniel and Jordan were in part funny, sweet and on the odd occasion totally hot. By the end of the book I was sorry to say goodbye to the characters and I hope the author has a sequel planned. I would love to see Matt meet his mate and I want to learn so much more about Ash and Sam - they were so sweet.

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  1. The book has really interesting premise I've added it to my wish list.