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One Snowy Night by Louise Lyons

One Snowy Night

Title ~ One Snowy Night

Author ~ Louise Lyons

Publisher ~ Wayward Ink Publishing

Publisher ~ 13th March 2015

Genre ~ M/M Contemporary Romance



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Main character, Keith Brambles, is an up and coming British singer. He has had one disastrous first date after another, finding most men are only interested because of who he is. After yet another failed meeting, he sets off for home, driving too fast for the conditions. He loses control of his car in the snow and finds himself stranded – with no mobile phone signal and an outfit completely unsuitable for braving the freezing conditions.
Just as Keith has begun to think he’s destined to spend a night in his car, possibly suffering from hypothermia, a potential rescuer arrives, but Keith wonders whether he might have more to fear from the man, than the weather

Liza’s Review

Keith Brambles has had enough of gig hook-ups and longs for something real. Unfortunately after yet another date with a man who was more interested in who Keith was as a musician instead of the person, Keith’s car goes out of control on the snowy roads and crashes. Thank goodness for airbags. When a Good Samaritan happens by to help him all Keith is worried about is that the white van man would prove to be a homophobe and make his problems worse. A quick conversation put paid to that idea.

White Van Man – big bearded and apparently tattooed – didn’t seem to care that Keith was gay.

White Van Man proves to be a guy called Mike, who isn’t into the type of music that Keith plays, although he does know what Keith does. When Mike suggests to Keith that maybe the man might be better off trying to date someone that is not in the music scene, or a groupie, Keith thinks that could be a good idea. Mike takes Keith back to his house because of the storm and the men hit it off in more ways than one.

But unfortunately that is all the author was prepared to share about the story. I would have loved to hear about Mike and Keith’s first date, and any subsequent ones but the story itself only covers the span of a few hours. It’s a shame because the way Ms. Lyons set the book up, it would have been a brilliant longer book. Another quickie for your lunch box.


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Connect with the Author

I live in the UK and have been writing for many years. I began with short stories as a child and eventually progressed to Fanfiction in my 20s.
I finally tried submitting some of my work to publishers in 2014 and was delighted to have my first novel accepted and released in August 2014.
When I'm not writing, I enjoy long distance running, cross stitch, maintaining and showing my modified Japanese imported car and looking after a zoo of assorted animals. I also love hiking and camping, and traveling abroad.


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