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Dragon with the Boy Tattoo (Monsters InK Book 8) by Astrid Cooper

Dragon with the boy tattoo

Title ~ Dragon with the Boy Tattoo

Author ~ Astrid Cooper

Publisher ~ eXtasy Books

Published ~ 21st March 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Raxon, standing at a mere six feet two inches has always been made to feel inadequate, especially when he’s compared to his beautiful, brilliant brothers and dragon-lord father. To prove himself he takes on the most dangerous assignments for the dragon council. But when he is betrayed and made outcast, Raxon is given a chance at redemption. His mission is to infiltrate the Monsters inK circle. But within that circle is Damien de Marco—a human whose love for Rax burns fiercer than any dragon-fire. Will Rax destroy the very place and the very man who offers the acceptance he has always craved, or will love triumph?

Liza’s Review

Okay, I admit it, I am a huge Astrid Cooper fan, thanks to this book. I was offered this one for review purposes, and well it was about shifters so I wasn’t going to say no. I am so glad I read it because it opened the door to a whole series that I went back and read over the course of a weekend.

In this book we meet Damien who works at the local shoe shop owned by his Grandfather, Luigi, making boots and shoes. A lot of his clients come from the Monster’s club which is across the road and Damien is good friends with most of the Monsters. He was quietly minding his own business when in walks Mr. Sex On Legs, a dragon shifter who needs a pair of boots – actually eight pairs, but who is counting? Raxon doesn’t have a very high opinion of human’s though…

“I do not hunt for sport, or eat meat, or enslave those weaker than myself, so no, I am not human.”

Damien doesn’t let Raxon’s attitude bother him though. Raxon is opening a shop just down the road from his own, and Damien is determined to be neighborly. Unfortunately Raxon is determined to keep his distance from what he perceives as the annoying human. He has a mission to complete and nothing will get in the way.

When I first read this book I hadn’t seen the series before, and I found the cast of secondary characters a little bit confusing at first. There are a lot of them – wizards, shifters, a witch, and vampires. Covering a wide spectrum of the paranormal, this story is funny in parts, and hilarious in others. Who would have thought of a dragon getting an allergic reaction to a human? Gyng, the ginger cat (yes a normal ginger cat) makes more than one appearance and the banter between all of the men at Monsters is funny, and sexy.

Once Raxon realizes that Damien has got under his itchy skin in more ways than one (and yes that part was funny too), he has some difficult decisions to make. Fortunately Bas, commonly known as Sebastian the Blood-Lord of the area and head of the Monsters’ Sanctuary, knows all of Raxon’s secrets and after a show—down of epic proportions, the men from Monsters save the day.

This book is so much more than just a love story between a dragon and a human. There’s intrigue, rotten family members (on both sides), political intrigue among the paranormals and enough comic relief from all of the characters to send the book straight to my favorites pile. Any Australian jargon that you might be unfamiliar with is cheerfully explained – it seems shifters have a problem with it too, and honestly this story is enjoyable on so many levels.

Favorite quote:

The irony of the universe – his future rested on the acceptance, or not, of a portly, opinionated cat.

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  1. Thank you so very much for your wonderful review, but what really made my day was how much you enjoyed this book, and the series, as a whole. For an author, this is the highest praise! Glad, too, that you had fun with this book -- I try to have comic relief amidst the angst. Thanks again, and best wishes from Astrid (in Australia).