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Bryce’s Cop (Hot Encounters 2) by Toni Griffin

Bryce's Cop

Title ~ Bryce’s Cop (Hot Encounters 2)

Author ~ Toni Griffin

Publisher ~ Amber Quill Press

Published ~ 16th February 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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The last thing centuries-old vampire Bryce Denahli expects during a routine night at Hot Encounters is to get arrested. He’s even more surprised when the sexy, straight police detective turns out to be his mate. Bryce has been alone for a long time, and he doesn’t care what the law says about stalking...the man is his!
In all his life, Lucas Ford has never had romantic feelings towards a man. But after one meeting with a certain vampire, he can’t get the man out of his head. It doesn’t help that Bryce keeps showing up everywhere Lucas goes. Unable to fight the feelings, Lucas tracks down Bryce and puts the man’s life in danger with his actions.
With bodies piling up around the city due to rogue vampires moving in, the last thing Lucas needs is a complicated love life. Can Lucas reconcile his thoughts and feelings towards another man before it’s too late?
NOTE: This story was previously published with the ISBN: 978-1-61495-960-1. This reissued version of the story has been revised and reedited.

Liza’s Review

At four hundred and twenty years old, vampire Bryce just wanted to find his mate. He had watched his best friend Merrick find his and wasn’t quite ready to give up hope for himself just yet. Bryce is second in command of the largest coven in Western Australia and a lot of his time is spent trying to deal with rogue vamps that seem to be popping up everywhere. However, it is a fight at the club that he part owns with Merrick, that brings Lucas to Bryce’s attention – the man arrests him.

Well known as a ladies man, Luc isn’t quite sure why he arrested the amazing looking vampire. He didn’t really have any cause to, and Luc put it down to the fact that his brain had been screaming “Mine” from the moment he saw Bryce. Unfortunately Luc had been attacked by a vampire before so his reaction towards Bryce was causing him some real grief.

This story has got a lot of slow build, understandably with Luc’s problem with vampires, and Bryce’s worry about the rogue vamps that were killing people indiscriminately. Unfortunately a heated exchange in the club bathroom left Bryce tied to Luc in such a way that he was dying without the man by his side. What Luc didn’t know was that his first foray into gay sex would probably kill him too unless he got his head out of his behind.

While Luc and Bryce are blundering their way towards their HEA, the rogue killings in the city increase and Luc finds out the only way to stop the killings is to find out who was creating the rogue vampires in the first place. And it is about then that this book annoyed the crap out of me. It ended. Not only is Luc still prevaricating on the “I love you” issue, but the book ends with a non-resolution on the rogue vampire issue. The HEA is more of an HFN and no resolution of the major storyline.

The story that was told, was good in itself, but I felt gipped because there was no mention in the blurb that this book that I would need to buy the next book to find out what happened next. I will buy it, sure, but personally I prefer a complete story in my books, or at least and acknowledgement before I buy, that the book is only part of the overall story.


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Introducing Toni

Toni Griffin lives in Darwin, the smallest of Australia’s capital cities. Born and raised in the state she’s a Territorian through and through. Growing up Toni hated English with a passion (as her editors can probably attest to) and found her strength lies with numbers.
Now, though, she loves escaping to the worlds she creates and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. She’s a single mother of one and works full time. When she’s not writing you can just about guarantee that she will be reading one of the many MM authors she loves.
Feel free to drop her a line at anytime.


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