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Wednesday 25th March ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world. New Releases, Sales & Freebies.

25th marchWe all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at Sinfully will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News which has caught our eye in the M/M world… and on Friday we will bring you up to date on the weeks New Releases with our regular weekly, Weekend New Releases and Giveaway post. You can also check out our Facebook page which we update daily.

It’s time to catch up with some of the AMAZING New Releases from the last couple of days… haha, we are here to tempt you… as there has been some serious one clicking going on here at Sinfully!

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Wednesday 25th March

SMDSJ_Driven by Fire

Driven by Fire by Draven St. James

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Taber Delane is lucky to be alive, but his career as a firefighter ended the day a beam snapped, resulting in a crushing spinal injury. Most of his friends are willing to give him space, everyone except paramedic, Deacon Hall.
Deacon hasn't met a challenge he couldn't tackle and he knows Taber needs someone in his corner who isn't afraid to stand up to the big bad fireman. The longer he’s around Taber, the more the sexy vulnerability of the man comes through. Deacon finds he doesn’t just want to be Taber’s live-in caregiver, he wants a chance at the passionate man beneath the stubborn shell.
A shell that is cracking, no matter how Taber tries to hold it together. Deacon being in his home starts to open him up--and open his eyes to the man Deacon hides from the rest of the world. Without seeing it coming, Taber soon craves more. A lot more.
Now if only Deacon can get Taber to see that it isn't so bad having him there to assist. Even if and maybe especially when Taber is naked, dripping wet, and angry as hell.


Falling by Barbara Elsborg

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Falling is easy. Landing without breaking your heart? Impossible.

Fall or Break, Book 1

Harper is no longer behind bars, but it doesn’t feel like it. Ten years serving time for a crime he didn’t commit have left him shut down, numb, and a frozen wreck over the simplest of choices.

He’s acutely aware of the dark-haired young man checking him out in the supermarket, but he’s too deep in panic mode to even meet the guy’s gaze. Afraid the slightest move will trigger a fall that will never stop.

Fresh off a long-term relationship with a controlling man, Malachi is stuck living with relatives who think he’s a waste of oxygen. The tall guy in the long, gray coat is the first bright spot he’s glimpsed in a long time...though the man’s unblinking stare at a bottle of shower gel is a touch alarming.

Hard experience tells both of them to turn away before lust turns to hopeless attraction, and inevitably to disaster. But once their sparks connect, the arc of electricity is too strong to deny. Even if the cost is too much to bear.

Warning: Contains an ex-con with disaster written all over him, a boy toy who’s trouble with a capital T, a damp old British house, compulsive meddling, and enough hot sex to cure the severe case of nervous babbling.


Innocence on Film by Lilith Duvalier

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It’s a rich man’s world, Shawn and Fletcher are just trying to survive in it. Unemployed, down on their luck, and three months behind on their rent, the two of them realize that it’s time to throw in the towel. Their dream of escaping Ainsworth, Iowa (pop. 658) is dead. Within the week, they’ll be evicted, shipped back to their respective parent’s houses to drown in student debt they can’t pay back, and watch their high school girlfriends raise other mens’ children.
But when they take the last of their money to a bar to drown their sorrows, a well dressed man with a big wad of cash and a little website offers them a life line. A jaunt across town, a quick tryst for the cameras and the cash is theirs.
The outrageous proposition is their only hope, but each enters the studio with secrets. What will it cost them to bare it all?


Fairy Compacts: The Trilogy by Katey Hawthorne

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Aeron stepped through the tear in the worldfabric to meet his destiny at last. Instead, he found a shy young forest-priest with halting speech and a ridiculous smile—who claimed to know absolutely nothing about why his voice had been stuck in Aeron's head for decades. Not to mention why they both have the strange feeling they've been bound, somehow, for a very long time.
Tammas tries his hardest to unravel this riddle—and not to be too pleased by Aeron’s presence. That voice in his head was his only friend for long years, and Aeron’s magic both complements and augments his own in the most beautiful ways. But just as their affection for each other is deepening, they discover the origin of the bond is darker than either of them imagined.
In this omnibus edition of all three Fairy Compacts novellas, follow the adventures of the earnest, mendicant mortal Tam and the snarky, winged fairy Aeron. Together, they navigate their growing affection and the sins of their parents in The Dangers of Fairy Compacts; investigate fae court intrigue and the unsettling practice of thralldom in Life as a Fairy Thrall; and face their own greatest fears and mortal prejudices to fight for their home in Fairy Bound.
Life as a Fairy Thrall and Fairy Bound contain beautiful illustrations by Ruxandra Lache. This book contains explicit m/m scenes and is not suitable for those under 18.


Thicker than Water by Penelope Rivers

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Samuel's life is pretty perfect. He's the Alpha of a large pack, and has his Drake is happy with his lot in life. He and his lover, Antonio, own a nice house in California, and he has a successful job as a blogger. He wants for nothing…well, except for the occasional taco. All of that changes when his boyfriend's sister leaves a newborn baby at their door along with a note saying she wants them to take care of the baby. The problem is, Drake doesn't know the first thing about kids, and neither does Antonio. Now Drake and Antonio must take care of a newborn baby and manage to keep their sanity—and their relationship—intact.


The Need to Touch (Stay True Book 1) by Natalya Parks & Brooke J. Breaux

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The Need to Touch
Stay True Series, Book. 1
*Warning: Mature content*
You can only win someone’s heart once you’ve captured it.
Nineteen year old Ryder Harrison grew up near a small town in Montana, working on the family’s ranch and in love with his best friend, Landon Pennington. That was until his Grandfather decided he needed to go to college in California. Ryder promised his Mom before she died that he would finish his education. Staying true to his word, Ryder packs his clothes, and heads to California, confident that it would all be one big disaster. The only thing he hadn’t planned on was meeting Bentley Carter.
Twenty year old Bentley Carter has enough emotional issues to write his own ‘How to Cope’ manual. Surviving an abusive childhood, he made a personal promise to always stay true to himself, and never let emotions overrule his common sense. Content with his current life and friend with ‘benefits’, Ben is determined to not let his new roommate affect him.
Uncertain about their places in the world, and with each other, Ryder and Ben struggle to understand the person who is not what they thought they wanted, yet who they are unable to live without. Living in a sometimes cruel and unforgiving world they are determined to embrace the reality of falling in love and the challenges that follow.


No Place left to Run by Zarah Detand

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After a lengthy world tour, pop star Samuel Gibbs is looking forward to a nice, quiet break—sleep in, write a bit of music, do his own cooking for a change. He doesn't want his time spoiled by the constant presence of bodyguards, and he is certainly not willing to have someone tail him each time he so much as goes to the shops. No way, no how. It's a good thing, then, that his head of security relents on the matter—or so he leads Samuel to believe.
The break is starting to look even better when Samuel runs into his new neighbor. Ryan Halston is smart and hot and, quite possibly, everything Samuel wants. However, he doesn't know that Ryan is part of the rejected security detail, tasked with protecting him from the dangerous attentions of an unknown stalker.


Prisoner of Silence by Derek Adams

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On a cold February evening, Robert Chambers gives a panhandler a significant amount of cash. That gift allows Matt Cosgrove to turn his life around. When the men meet again, Matt, now employed at a local home improvement center, offers to build a shelving unit for Robert as a thank you. They become friends, and soon the chemistry between them cannot be denied. Robert, once betrayed by a faithless lover, believes he can finally build a relationship based on mutual trust and honesty. Then Robert discovers the dark secret that left Matt begging on a street corner. Their relationship appears doomed unless the walls of the prison of silence Matt has erected around his past can be breached.


The Ultimate Team (Juxtapose City 4) Tricia Owens

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With his team battered and broken, Lieutenant Black of the JCPD is forced to incorporate yet another psypath into the ranks, this time the beautiful prescient named Parker. But Parker is more than a new teammate, he's an important link to the past Black has been working so diligently to erase, and he's the first man who has ever claimed to love him. Black isn't happy to have him for a variety of reasons, but he needs JC2 up and running before the next threat hits.
As far as Calyx Starr is concerned, Fate is conspiring against his love life. Laid up because of Parker's deception, Calyx just wants to get back to the business of seducing Black. He's convinced JC2's sexy young leader is on the verge of falling for him, but now that Parker is on the team, Calyx's hands are full dealing with jealousy and misunderstandings. When a revenge plan is hatched against Black, the men of JC2 face their biggest challenge yet, but how can they band together to defend their leader when they can't come together as a team?


New Release only 99c/99p


The Alpha’s Embrace (Fated Mates #1) by Elena Lee

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Nate Lewis is a wealthy Alpha bachelor who hasn't yet made the right connection with a beta, and therefore he spends his evenings alone in his luxurious cabin up in the mountains, with no one but his adoptive daughter as company.
Until one day when he leaves his office and finds a bruised and abused beta unconscious in his parking garage. After weighing up all his options, Nate takes the beta home. But it soon becomes clear that this isn't just a simple case of a beta getting into a scuffle. The beta--young, beautiful Riley Thomas--has been claimed by another Alpha, one who thinks betas are little more than property to own and use at will.
Riley Thomas has an Alpha, and it doesn't matter that he never agreed to the mating. The Alpha wanted him, and so he took him. And Riley has spent what feels like an eternity in his own personal hell.
After one particularly violent incident, he attempts another escape, only to end up passing out by nightfall. When he wakes up, he's on a couch in a grand room full of wealth, and there's an Alpha looking at him. An Alpha who, as it turns out, is nothing like the one who owns him.
The law says Riley's claimed, owned by another, and Nate's never agreed with that. Betas should be equal and treated with respect. But there's nothing he can do about it without starting an Alpha war, and he has the safety of his daughter to think about. On the other hand, there's a pull in his gut that says he needs to protect the vulnerable beta, like there's something in the universe wanting to keep them together.
Trouble is, Riley's sadistic Alpha isn't the kind to give up his possessions without a dirty fight.
Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers.

99c/99p Pricedrop ~ Limited time only

61gZ nsDFHL._SL1000_

The Emperor’s New Clothes: An interstellar Heist (Royce Ree #1) by Aldous Mercer

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Length: 288 pages


An intrepid secret agent...
Agent Royce Ree was once the best covert intelligence operative in the Empire. But all he's been able to accomplish lately is screw-up after screw-up. Now, the Emperor has assigned the once-great agent a mission: Royce needs to pull off the biggest heist the Universe has ever seen, or it’s bye-bye cushy government job, hello cleaning toilets in a dive-bar on Baga-V.
A ludicrous mission...
With the Empire poised on the edge of chaos, everything depends on Royce's ability to steal another civilization's impeccable sense of style. To succeed, he needs help from the last person he’d ever ask--his aristocratic ex-husband.
One last chance...
Along with his career and the Emperor's dignity, Royce is about to get a chance to save a love he thought he'd lost forever...
“The Empire has survived wars, supernovae, democracy, and the collapse of a neighborhood universe.
Let us hope it survives the good intentions of Agent Royce Ree.”
– Author unknown (personal communication to the Emperor).

Note: This book was previously published as "Royce Ree Omnibus, Volume 1", a compilation of 5 serial novellas. It is now published as a single, stand-alone novel.


The Duke in Denial (Scandal in Sussex Book 1) by Alexandra Ainsworth


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Review –>

Length: 343 pages


Sebastian Lewis never expected to become a duke. But with the sudden deaths of his cousin and uncle, Sebastian’s position changes. He is determined to fulfill his new responsibilities with grace, even if it means remarrying, and even if the attractions of women, so often lauded by poets, fail to interest him.
Captain William Carlisle, newly returned from India, is elated when he meets Sebastian. Nobody knows of his inclinations, but his harrowing experiences in battle have prompted him to reach for the type of companionship he longs for. He thinks Sebastian might feel an attraction as well, but to his dismay, he discovers that Sebastian is courting his sister Dorothea.
After a semi-arranged engagement and a disconcerting romantic tangle with William, Sebastian escapes London to look after his manor, only to face mysterious thefts, a headless ghost, and the arrival of his fiancée, her brother, and his family. Sebastian’s new estate sits on the south coast, England’s most vulnerable location, and Napoleon has set his sights on conquering the area. Amid this growing turmoil, Sebastian must sort out his feelings for his fiancée’s brother and keep his home safe . . . and determine if he has the courage to reach for his own happiness in the process.
This is a gay regency romance.

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Cirque Du Shift by Kady Stewart


Length: 70 pages


Every boy wants to join the circus...
...but for some it's a matter of survival. Sevrin lost his innocence and his voice a long time ago, but that doesn't mean he stopped dreaming. And on the night the circus comes to town, he's ready to put those dreams into action. He must get away from his abusive family - at any cost.
Lucian has been running from his own tragic past for many years, and the Cirque du Shift is a welcome vehicle for his own desire to get far, far away. When Sevrin shows up, hurt and alone, he knows that everything is about to change.
The only question is, will he meet those changes head on, or will he run from them?
This dark paranormal gay romance is 17,500+ words (70 book pages).


Unexpected Gifts by D.C. Williams


Length: 171 pages


Nick is starting fresh in a new school, in a new part of the country, and still hoping to change his sexuality, even after a disastrous course of unethical "counseling". He befriends a couple, Leon and Phoebe, and starts to develop feelings for both of them, especially Leon. But Leon has a dark secret that makes it difficult for him to acknowledge his feelings for Nick, and Nick is still struggling to accept who he is. When Phoebe is ready to move on, Nick and Leon need to examine what they mean to each other, and if they can find some way to be together despite Leon's guilt and Nick's beliefs.


The Tracker by Jordan Reece

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Length: 131 pages


Love. Magic. Dragons.
In the land of Odri, the youngest princess of the royal family has broken her betrothal and run away. The zookeeper Arden is sent out with a creature called a tracker to bring her back to the palace. A servant of the king, Arden was born with a magical penchant to control animals. But the tracker turns out to be a handsome man, not a beast, kidnapped from his home and used to find people against his will. Although Arden tries to keep his distance, he is falling in love with the man in the cage.

Book #1 & Book #2 Free In Miguel’s Secret Journal


Miguel’s Secret Journal by A.V. Zeppa


Length: 277 pages


Miguel is a 15-year-old gay Latino teenager who lives in a very poor and violent section of South Bronx, New York. He's a gifted artist who has been emotionally, physically,
and sexually abused. Miguel meets another gay student at school named Gabriel and falls in love with him. As their relationship unfolds, Gabriel tells Miguel a secret that
will change his life forever. Miguel's Secret Journal is the first journal in this series.

Disclaimer: Mild sexual situations and profanity.

Please read the second book in this series: Miguel's Secret Journal - The Four Corners of Earth


Miguel’s Secret Journal: Four Corners of the Earth by A.V. Zappa

Free –>

Length: 345 pages


Young Adult Gay Literature
The relationship between Miguel and Gabriel intensifies as Miguel starts to make his final transformation into the Archangel Michael, and when Roberto comes into his life. Miguel's world is changing faster than he ever anticipated as his life is torn apart by two competing worlds. His very existence hangs in the balance in Miguel's Secret Journal- The Four Corners of Earth. This is the second book in this series.

Disclaimer: Mild sexual situations and profanity

Free on Smashwords

81FQ SoJV4L._SL1500_

To See About a Guy Anthology ~ A collection of M/M novels by Aria Grace, Brandon Shire, Hans M. Hirschi, Jennah Scott and Sara York

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Length: 280 pages


These best-selling authors have come together to offer you some sweet romance with some dark edges. The men in this collection love hard and fight even harder for what they need. Whether that's love, friendship or just pure satisfaction, there's something for everyone in To See About A Guy.


Cover Reveals & Giveaways

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Forging Bonds

Cover Reveal

All Romance Freebie


An Intrepid Trip to Love  (A Little Bite of Love #1) by Charlie Cochet

All Romance –>


Tristan ‘Trip’ Hagan is a Husky shifter who was born to be the Hagan Clan’s next Alpha, a position of honor and nobility, a position he never wanted and was all too happy to pass onto his younger brother. But when they discovered his brother couldn’t have pups, the responsibility of continuing the Hagan Alpha line fell back to Trip. At the tender age of eighteen, Trip gave in under the weight of the Hagan Council’s demand for him to fulfill his duty, but after years of struggling to uphold his family’s traditions, Trip found the courage to do what no other Hagan Alpha had done in the history of the clan: he came out.
With his Enforcers—the Devil Dogs, at his side, Trip won the battle against the Council, who attempted to banish him and take his young son away. His victory allowed him to remain within the clan and raise Robbie. Now five years later, the dust has settled, and Trip is living a happy life with his cheeky pup and their own little makeshift family. Brook—Robbie’s mother, her true mate Deacon, and the Devil Dogs are the only ones who support Trip and know of his heartache.
True mates within canine shifter clans are very rare, but Trip has had one since he can remember. Despite losing his heart to Boone twenty years ago, Trip holds little hope of ever getting to bond with the sexy Enforcer, as it’s against clan laws for pure-bloods to bond with half-breeds. How much longer can Trip and Boone resist the longing in their hearts? With the call from their feral halves to seal the bond growing stronger by the day, can Trip and Boone find a way to be together without losing everything?




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