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Monday 30th March ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world. New Releases, Sales & Freebies.

30th marchWe all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at Sinfully will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News which has caught our eye in the M/M world… and on Friday we will bring you up to date on the weeks New Releases with our regular weekly, Weekend New Releases and Giveaway post. You can also check out our Facebook page which we update daily.

Hope you all had a good weekend and managed to fit a little reading in. Check out our pick of the latest new releases, sales and freebies <3

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Monday 30th March


Crash & Burn (Cut & Run #9) by Abigail Roux

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1IgdOuC


It’s been five years since Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett first worked together to solve the Tri-State murders, and time has been both harsh and kind. Engaged now, they face the challenge of planning a deeply uncertain future together. Zane is at the pinnacle of his career with one last mystery to solve, while Ty is at sea in a world where he’s no longer the tip of a spear.
There’s just one more hurdle in the way of their happy ever after: a traitor from their inner circle who threatens to burn their world to the ground.
Squeezed between the Vega cartel, an unknown mole, and too many alphabet agencies to count, Ty and Zane must gather all their strength and resources to beat the longest odds they’ve ever faced. To make it out alive, they’ll need help from every friend they’ve got. Even the friends who might betray their trust.


Craven by Eden Cole

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/19AKiUA


Craven is a sexy tattooed and pierced musician. He, his friend, and his sister all know and have accepted that he's gay, but he's never slept with another man.
He’s just returned to his hometown after failing to get his music career off the ground. He’s decided he will do what everyone else is doing, get a regular office job. His best friend has agreed to help him. But now that Craven is back home, he can’t avoid the feelings he’s had for Trevor all these years.
Craven and Trevor are opposites. Trevor’s idea of dressing down is unbuttoning his suit jacket. Craven has lived in ratty jeans and tees all his life. He’s got a pierced tongue, eyebrow, lip, and both ears. His tattoos extend all over his chest, down his arms, and onto his fingers. He thinks they don’t fit, but he wants Trevor so bad.
But no matter what Trevor will be there to help Craven find out where he belongs. And just maybe Craven will discover he's been wrong about his heterosexual friend all these years.


Even the Innocent by D.W. Marchwell

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1OQu3U5


Salvatore Terranova is a teacher at the local high school. He used to live in the big city of Charlottetown but never did meet the man of his dreams. Jaded but not defeated, Sal returns to Montague, completely unaware that the mysterious new neighbor in the old Victorian across the street is much more than he seems.
Having uprooted himself, Behr Kincaid settles in a small town, thousands of kilometers from everything and everyone he's ever known. And with good reason, because he wasn’t born with that name. Behr always knew his brother was a criminal, but when Maurizio killed Behr's husband of ten years, Behr gave up the life he had in order to see justice served. Despite his new identity, Behr knows the inevitable showdown will come when Maurizio tracks him down.
As Sal gets to know Behr, he realizes the man is lying about more than his name. While Behr wonders if there's room for the truth, Sal wants to know who he's falling in love with and must decide if it can lead to anything but a broken heart.


Still Waters by F.E. Feeley

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1GHamuK


Memoirs of the Human Wraiths
Promise, Michigan is very much like every other small town across the state. Built on the edge of a lake, the homes sit in neat little rows in cute little neighborhoods. During the summer Promise bustles with tourists who come to spend their vacation dollars and enjoy the lake’s refreshingly cold water. But Promise holds a terrible secret. In the center of the lake is an abandoned island where a curse is rumored to wait for victims, unabated and deadly. Most think it’s just a story, something used to keep kids out of trouble. Still, everyone gives it a wide berth. Everyone except Bret and Adam. They dare to venture out the night of Bret’s birthday. When they declared their love and promise to get married, they believe no one else heard their whispered words—but they are wrong.
Five years after Adam dies, Bret returns to his family to heal. But someone is killing the people of Promise in random acts of violence. Bret, with the help of FBI agent Jeff McAllister, must discover the identity of a murderer with death on his mind and revenge in his heart.


Just my Style by J.M. Snyder

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1GHeV87


When hair stylist Jai Hathaway decided to open his own salon, he knew he would sacrifice some of his personal time to run the business. But long hours working late have him feeling lonely, and he just doesn't seem to connect with the few men he dates. His business partner Kiki suggests what he needs is to find a different type of guy, someone who isn't in the salon business, but not only does Jai not know how to find a guy like that, he isn't even sure where to look.
On a particularly cold morning in January, the salon's hot water goes out and Jai scrambles to find a plumber on short notice. Enter Duane Schneider, sexy and confident, and interested in getting more than just Jai's hot water boiling. But he's so outside Jai's comfort zone that, at first, the stylist isn't sure how to react. When it becomes obvious Duane wants to continue things outside of business hours, though, Jai agrees to a date, if only to see where the evening might lead.
Is Kiki right when she said Jai needed to find someone different? Or will Duane turn out to be just his style after all?

81FfVrXDA L._SL1500_

Max and the Prince (Bodyguards Inc #3) by RJ Scott

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1bGKx1Z


Bodyguard Max Connery is used to being mistaken for being younger than he is.
Being carded every time he buys a beer is usual. Even though he's just turned twenty eight and has two tours in Afghanistan as a pilot under his belt.
When a threat is made on the life of a prince attending University in the UK, Max is the perfect choice to blend in with students and to keep Prince Lucien safe. Even if it means joining the swim team to be by his side.
But, when death visits the University, abruptly this job is a long way past keeping the prince happy and safe. Instead Max has to keep Lucien alive.
Word Count: 43,500


Dope by Jacob Alexander

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1Nv64GI


Caleb's first taste of adulthood is bitter. He's facing a crumbling relationship with his best friend and the pressures of college. His new roommate, Luke, may or may not be gay, but he's definitely into drugs, and Caleb is terrified by his growing feels for the possible drug addict.

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Spice by Lilah Suzanne

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1HXy739


As writer of the popular sex advice advice column, Simon Beck has an answer to every relationship question his readers can throw at him. When it comes to his own life, the answers are a little more elusive—until computer troubles introduce him to the newest and cutest member of his company’s IT support team. Simon may be charmed by Benji’s sweet and unassuming manner, but will he find the answer to the one relationship question he has never been able to solve: How to know when he’s met Mr. Right?

81Un9gcyHgL._SL1500_Doubleback by Lissa Ford

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1D9AZHl

Length: 132 pages


After a tragic shooting left him wounded and in disgrace, all that remained of former deputy sheriff Jude Anderson’s life was a shattered femur, the standard disability package, and a host of issues. Jude seeks sanctuary in a remote upstate cabin and tries to get his life back on track.
Life has other plans when Jude finds a dead man draped across his front doorstep. The victim is the first hookup Jude’s had in, well, ever. Once Jude processes that shock he gets another when he learns that the homicide detective sent to investigate the murder is Rowan Muir, Jude’s ex. Their split was ugly, and Rowan isn’t the forgiving type.
Now Jude is drawn back into a world he left behind: murder investigations and fighting the undeniable attraction he has for Rowan. Rowan is still holding onto a substantial grudge. But both men need to figure out how to cope with being thrown together again, because it’s becoming increasingly clear that Jude is being targeted by a murderer – one who may have come from Jude’s past for revenge.
Warnings: if you don't like man-on-man sexytimes, this isn't the book for you. Everyone else: hot law enforcement officers, angst and scorching make-up sex is on deck.


Flight Risk by L.A. Witt

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1OQUXLD


Fighter pilot Bennett “Roid-Rage” McKinney has had a crush on one of his squadron mates, Aaron “Tex” Austin, for ages. The snarly RIO is sexy, sarcastic, gay… everything Bennett wants in a man.
When Tex has a rare night off from the chronic pain caused by an ejection a few years ago, he reaches for the nearest warm body… which just so happens to be Bennett’s.
After a hot night, though, Bennett wakes up alone. Tex starts sending him mixed messages—one minute he wants him, the next he’s cold-shouldering him. Bennett isn’t interested in playing games, not even with the man he’s been lusting after. One night stands are fine, but he’s not getting involved with someone who might disappear at the drop of a hat.
But as the men try to resist each other, he realizes he’s not the only one who’s afraid of getting involved with a flight risk…
This 20,000 word novella was previously published as part of the Unconditional Surrender Military Collection.

Amazon 99c/99p


The Ghost Slept Over by Marshall Thornton

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1EQjcSd

Length: 237 pages


When failed actor Cal Parsons travels to rural New York to claim the estate of his famous and estranged ex-partner he discovers something he wasn’t expecting…the ghost of his ex! And, worse, his ex invites Cal to join him for all eternity. Now. As Cal attempts to rid himself of the ghost by any means he begins to fall for the attractive attorney representing the estate. Will Cal be able to begin a new relationship or will he be seduced into the ever after?
Runner Up 2014 Rainbow Awards - Best Romantic Comedy

Amazon Freebie


Eye of the Wolf by Skye Eagleday

Amazon –> http://bit.ly/1CzfIWU

Length: 42 pages


Eye of Wolf (Alpha Gay Werewolf Romance)
Dallas had left his Werewolf Pack and former lover far behind in Phoenix to take a much needed break with his Seattle friend, Billy the Power Bottom. He meets another potential alpha--Jax. There is an immediate attraction on several levels that will lead Dallas back into the complexity of the Pack Politics he was trying to escape. Suddenly Dallas finds himself a witness as Jax is Challenged by his brother for Pack Leader. Jax would prefer to walk away--will his homophobic Pack accept the first openly gay alpha? Especially when Dallas is standing beside him? (An adults only gay erotic romance that includes Kindle melting graphically explicit sexual encounters between alpha werewolves. This over 14,000 word adults only story includes the Tale of Dallas and Jax that first appeared in Supernatural Sex and the City, along with all new material.)

Now available on Audio

The Last Thing he Needs by J.H. Knight


Audible –> http://amzn.to/1HX296Z

Narrated by: Michael Stellman

Length: 7 hrs and 22 mins


Tommy O'Shea is raising his seven younger brothers and sisters without any help from his drug-abusing father and stepmother. Since he was 15 years old, he's managed to keep the children fed and out of foster care. It takes up every ounce of his energy, and the last thing he needs is romance complicating his life further.

Rookie cop Bobby McAlister doesn't belong in Tommy's harsh world, but Tommy can't push him out. As their unlikely friendship turns into a tentative relationship, they weather the daily storm of Tommy's life with a lot of laughs and more than a few arguments.

Tommy isn't used to trusting outsiders, and he's never asked for help in his life. But when a tragedy strikes the O'Shea family and threatens everything he's fought for, he'll have to learn to do both to recover from the brutal hit.

The Blinding Light by Renae Kaye


Audible –> http://amzn.to/1Nz1kl7

Narrated by: Jonathan Young

Length: 6 hrs and 55 mins


Jake Manning's smart mouth frequently gets him into trouble. Because of it he can't hold a job. Combined with some bad luck, it's prevented him from keeping steady employment. A huge debt looms over him, and alone he shoulders the care of his alcoholic mother and three younger sisters. When a housekeeping position opens, Jake's so desperate he leaps at the opportunity. On landing, he finds his new boss, Patrick Stanford, a fussy, arrogant, rude...and blind man.

Born without sight, Patrick is used to being accommodated, but he's met his match with Jake, who doesn't take any of his crap and threatens to swap all the braille labels on his groceries and run off with his guide dog unless he behaves.

Jake gets a kick out of Patrick. Things are looking up: The girls are starting their own lives, and his mum's sobriety might stick this time. He's sacrificed everything for his family; maybe it's time for him to live his life and start a relationship with Patrick. When his mother needs him, guilt makes his choice between family and Patrick difficult, and Jake must realize he's not alone anymore.


  1. I finished Crash & Burn last night. Great ending for the series.

    1. I'm both excited and sad to get started on this last one in the series Christina... those boys have been with us a long time.

    2. It was bitter sweet, of course I would like to see more. I have read some pretty disappointing "last" books, so I have to say overall she did a good job.

  2. Do you know if Craven was expanded from the prevision edition?