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Death by Dragon by Madeleine Ribbon

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Title ~ Death by Dragon

Author ~ Madeleine Ribbon

Publisher ~ Loose Id

Published ~ 16th February 2015

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Fell Harwick, half-incubus and witch extraordinaire, knows how he'll die. Ever since he was a child, he's had visions of a dragon tearing him to pieces. Since he's not terribly fond of the idea--and the power-hungry vampire that killed his mother is now after him for his unprecedented healing abilities--he's gone into hiding. But when a pair of shifters get shot in front of his cabin in the woods, he feels obligated to keep them safe.
Jett and Theodore are members of the local resistance, fighting against the same vamp that wants Fell. Theodore is a beautiful, tragic mess, and Jett hates all incubi on principle--something Fell finds out as he tries to take energy to power his healing magic.
Jett and Fell might have been able to work around one paranormal prejudice. Jett even encourages Fell into sex with Theodore when he needs energy. But then Fell discovers that his future killer has been sleeping on his couch.

Liza’s Review

Fell Harwick is a witch, "pathetically nerdy and scrawny-assed witch." Ever since he was a child Fell had been assailed by visions of his death by dragon, and as a result of that, he purposefully stayed away from "all things lizard-like." Through a series of events he ends up living with Jett and Theodore - a dragon shifter and a coyote shifter respectively. Jett hates the incubi side of Fell's DNA and Theodore comes with so much baggage he could rent his own shipping container for it.

This is a confusing and largely action packed story. There's a resistance, Keepers of the Silence, vampires, a coyote pack and even Fell's missing Dad makes a couple of appearances. Personally I would have enjoyed the story more if it hadn't have been so involved, and if there had been a bit more back story as to why the different factions were fighting. I felt like I had been dropped into a world I knew nothing about, and didn’t know a lot more by the time I had finished it.

For those of you that don't like the idea of cheating, this book is not for you. Fell needs sex to replenish his magic. He has the hots for Jett from the moment he saw him, but Jett pushes him to Theodore and the two have a lengthy affair. But Fell ends up with Jett. The how and why you will have to find out by reading the book yourself. Having the MCs involved with someone else, so intimately, in the book is one of my pet peeves and while I understand the need for Fell to do the things he did, I didn’t understand why Jett allowed and even encouraged it. When the two men did get together at the end, I couldn’t feel the strength of their relationship and if anything, the book should have been longer to give that a chance to develop naturally.

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  1. I read this one last week. Overall, I enjoyed it. More world building would have been nice. Maybe if there was a prequel to explain more of why they were at war. All we really know is why Fell & Jett are fighting. I also wouldn't mind reading more about Jett & Fell since it sounds like they will working with Fell's dad.

  2. Thank you for the review. You hit one of my pet peeves on the head with your review. I'm curious but not sure if I want to chance it.

  3. Thanks for the review, I share your concerns about that scenario and appreciate your evaluation.