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The Chase by Nessa Vincent

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Title ~ The Chase

Author ~ Nessa Vincent

Publisher ~ Loose Id

Published ~ 27th January 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal, Fantasy, M/M Romance



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Previous book: The Catch
Halym knows better than to trust humans. Even though he’s a dragon at the top of the magical food chain, he just can’t get any respect from humans--particularly not from a magician like Merrick Leigh, who has the audacity to steal Halym’s soul.
Merrick has good reasons for taking the dragon captive, though it leaves him holding the proverbial wolf by the ear. He wants to use Halym’s powerful magical abilities to work an important spell, but Halym has other plans. Something about this magician piques Halym’s curiosity and whets his sexual appetite. Once Halym gives chase, Merrick finds he doesn’t have the will or the wiles to fend off the dragon’s advances. Although the dragon is under Merrick’s control, Merrick realizes he’s not the one in charge...and he likes it that way.
But everything changes when Halym steals back his soul. Now that Halym is free to leave, he isn’t sure he wants to. Yet staying with Merrick means not only learning to trust humans, but becoming one.


Liza’s Review

Poor Halym. A huge dragon, who had spent years minding his own business in his cozy little hollow, gets trapped by a magician and ordered into a human form.

It's appalling, he thought. A magician! Just a flimsy little human who, Halym was sure, had only the haziest grasp of magic. Yet this magician had Halym, owned him, could order him around as surely as if there were a chain around his neck.

Merrick was just trying to do a favor for a couple of friends. And learn the secret of death; at least that is what we are told at the beginning. At that point I was more interested in the funny insights on how it feels to be human by someone who is much more comfortable in his dragon form. Merrick’s POV doesn't come until later.

That was the thing about being human, he now remembered. You spent way more time wanting to fuck than actually fucking.

It turns out that Merrick has already been playing with the laws of life and death, because he is a lot older than the thirty five years he appears to be. But he claims that he wants to know the secret for someone else. More mysteries, and yet Halym is bored and there is nothing more dangerous than a dragon in a forced situation, with nothing to do.

This story is funny, yet poignant too. It is a strange love triangle, yet one of the main players is dead. And Arthur is a very important part of this story because he is effectively the bridge that brings Merrick and Halym together, and the wall that keeps them apart.

I loved this book. It was cute and although there were many times I wanted to hit Merrick, and a couple where I wanted to his Halym, in the end Halym finally did the right thing and everything all worked out the way it should be. And don't we all want that in our lives in some way.

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