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The Biker's Pup - Sean Michael


Title ~ The Bikers Pup

Author ~ Sean Michael

Publisher ~ Totally Bound Publishing

Published ~ 8th January 2015

Genre ~ M/M Erotic Romance, BDSM




Whip came to the Gay Riders Carnival fundraiser weekend looking for a good time, but what he found was infinitely better.
Whip always has a good time at the Gay Riders Carnival, and this year he’s hoping to meet up with some studs and top last year’s festivities. The last thing he expects when he walks into his cabin is to be nearly bowled over by a skinny lad with a bruised jaw.
Nick came to the Carnival with his so-called Master Dirk, but instead of having a good time, things moved quickly from bad to worse and Dirk responded to his safeword with a punch. Running away and hiding was Nick’s only option.
Broke, alone and not entirely sure how he’s going to get home, Nick thinks Whip is a dream come to life and he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. For his part, Whip is drawn to the sweet pup and falls hard for Nick over the course of the long weekend.
But what’s going to happen when the weekend is over?


Liza’s Review

A carnival with wall to wall gay men. A Mr. Leatherman contest, and bikes. All the elements of a good book and one of Sean Michael's best.

Whip is a huge guy with a soft personality and a hard exterior. Nick is a young pup down on his luck and hurting big time.

It was like no one had ever done this pup a kindness, ever, which was a damn shame.

Whip thinks he's looking for action with someone his size. But after just one kiss with Nick, he totally revises his opinion. Nick’s personality along with his tight little body, seem to be what Whip was looking for, even though he didn’t know it until Nick came along.

"Fuck pup. You're like sex made flesh."

Have I already mentioned how much I love Sean Michael's writing style? His use of short sentences to make a real impact on the reader. Like...

Whip's abs were drool-worthy and he wanted to lick them. Like...a lot.

Such an avid description in so few words. Of course, the story wouldn't be a story without a spot of angst and that comes with Dirk, Nick's previous master. Dirk is one of those men who give the BDSM scene such a bad name - mean natured and keen to take advantage of someone with such a sweet spirit like Nick has. Although we are not told exactly what happened to Dirk, the author gave us enough clues to suggest he got his come-uppance.

There is so much to adore about these two men, and when they are in the bedroom the heat factor really ratchets up. Nick has so much pride, in spite of his situation, and Whip is so adorably sweet and just a tiny bit possessive. I loved the combination and the way the story ended was just perfect, although I would have loved an epilogue. Even if you're not into BDSM you should give this book a try. The story line is sweet and the action is hot.

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  1. This sounds like a really great read. I've put it on my Amazon wish list - thx!!!

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