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Sinfully… Readers Choice Awards 2014 ~ The Results ~


Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m Monique and I’d like to welcome you all to our second annual Readers Choice Awards. We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to all the authors and readers who have totally embraced and supported these awards making it a super fun event for all. There were so many wonderful authors, books and covers nominated, all of which in our eyes are winners.

Your host for the evening is our lovely Mark, who has even managed to dig out, from the back of the wardrobe somewhere, if the smell of mothballs is anything to go by, a very dashing evening suit. Macky and I will be your very glamorous hostesses, which means we get to dish out the awards… that is of course if Macky doesn’t fall over and break something in those ‘fuck me’ heels she’s wearing, I think she’s secretly waiting for the Character Couple Award… Dex & Sloane if you’re here… watch out!

Macky, will you stop playing with Mark’s dickie bow and let him get on with it!

On that note and without further ado, I will hand you over to our Mark.

*applause and wolf whistles*

Thank you ladies! You’re both looking absolutely gorgeous this evening. I see you have both been busy raiding the shelves at Mark’s and Spencer’s, so no expense spared, right? I know Monique you would rather have gone to Dior but it seems the budget went on shoes!?! Macky those cha cha heels are just fabulous darling. Monique even managed to get those wayward curls under control too, you girls scrub up really well. Talking about scrubbing, didn’t the girls do well getting Sinfully HQ looking so fantastic? I’ve never seen the place looking so clean! Macky, even managed to get all her biscuit crumbs from the creases of the Sinfully sofa and Monique your decorating talents are unsurpassable. OK, maybe your idea of having some low-hanging fruit was original? But I guess being creative means having another angle on things. Honestly, the place looks great girls and I didn’t even have to get my sparkly Marigold’s out.

So this is the evening that everyone has been waiting for with bated breath. We have the final results and can reveal the top three winners in all seven categories. Oooh, this is so exciting. It’s now time to announce the winners of the Sinfully Readers’ Choice Awards 2014.

*drum roll*

Our first award of the evening is:


Book of the Year Award 2014

In this category our readers had to choose their favourite book of the year published in 2014.

*Macky hands Mark the first envelope with cheesy grin*

In third place with the Sinfully Bronze Award is…*opens envelope*...

Beneath the Stain by Amy Lane! A series that kept the readers on tenterhooks for weeks with the story of Mackey and Trav. We are delighted to welcome, our beloved Queen of Angst, Amy Lane and would like to ask her to the stage to receive her award.

*Monique hands Bronze Award to Amy*

Book of the Year 2014 

Amy Lane

Oh wow! Gees-- I’m seriously honored to be on this list. Thanks to everyone who was with Beneath the Stain from the very first serial release. You guys soooo did Mackey and the boys proud! (And thanks to J.P. Barnaby who rallied the troops--this book means so much to her, and that makes me unbelievably happy :-)



Thank you Amy!

*Macky hands Mark the second envelope*

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award is…*opens envelope*...

Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet! Charlie is an author who has taken over the hearts of our readers with THIRDS, along with her two very endearing boys Dex and Sloane… please welcome the lovely Charlie Cochet.

*Macky goes to grab mic…*

Mark: *Covering microphone*… No Macky! It’s not Dex and Sloane yet, Monique’s handing over the awards. This one is for Charlie personally. I’ll let you know when Dex and Sloane are on, OK?

*Macky pulls tongue at Monique and walks off dejectedly ”

*Monique smugly hands Silver Award to Charlie *

Book of the Year 2014


Charlie Cochet

I’m honored and thrilled to be among such amazing authors and books. Thank you so much to all the THIRDS Nerds and the fabulous folks who’ve voted, shown their support, and given all their love. I’m amazed and touched. Thank you.




Thank you Charlie!

*Macky stomps back and hands Mark third envelope*

And finally our Sinfully Gold Award and overall winner in this category goes to… *opens envelope nervously*...

Always by Kindle Alexander! Kindle has stolen the heart of many readers, writing books which encapture the true essence of romance. Ladies and Gentlemen… Kindle Alexander.

*Monique hands Gold Award to one very tearful Kindle Alexander*

Book of the Year 2014 

Kindle Alexander

Thank you so much to everyone who voted. Always has always made me a little nervous. I’m very happy the story was well-received. Big hugs to you all - we’re incredibly honored to win this award. Thank you for voting and thank you Sinfully for giving us this opportunity to have a little fun and vote for our favorites! It’s been a great couple of weeks.



Mark: WOW - now that was really something. Three fantastic books that have received the due recognition they deserve. Can’t wait to see what we have in store next.

So ladies and gentlemen onto the next category…


Author of the Year 2014

This category is for the authors and all the wonderful work they do. Of course many fantastic authors were nominated and all deserve an award in my opinion, but alas this is the Readers’ Choice and it was a hard fought competition. So here we go…

*Macky hands Mark the first envelope - tries to curtsey but falls on arse*

*Monique laughs*

In third place with our Sinfully Bronze Award is…*opens envelope*...

RILEY HART! A lady who was our Debut Author of the Year in 2013 and went on to delight us in 2014 with her boys from the Blackwater Creek and Broken Pieces Series. Please welcome Riley Hart.

*Monique hands Riley Bronze Award with one hand while trying to keep hair fixed with the other*

Author of the Year 2014_thumb[1]


Riley Hart

I have to admit, I’m freaking out a little bit here. It is such a huge honor to even be nominated but to become one of the top three, I’m floored. Especially to be here with Kindle and Amy. I love them both, and there are so many incredible authors out there. I’m honored to be able to write books in the same genre as these authors. I’m honored people enjoy my guys. I’m honored to write books for such passionate, supportive readers. I feel so blessed to do what I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

...and thank you Riley!

*very embarrassed Macky hands Mark the second envelope*

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award is…*opens envelope*...

KINDLE ALEXANDER! We would like to welcome back to the stage the lovely Kindle Alexander.

*Monique hands Kindle Silver Award while still trying to keep hair under control*

Author of the Year 2014_thumb[3]


Kindle Alexander

Since Amy and Riley are in the top of my favorite all-time authors, it’s truly shocking to be here with them. Congratulations Amy and Riley. You are two remarkable, kind, caring people and your talent is endless. You deserve every success you’ve been given. Thank you for voting everyone. I can’t believe we’re in the top 3. You all might be a little crazy to have me here, but I love you guys. Big group hug. Thank you Sinfully. This is a true honor.

Thank you Kindle!

...and now we come to the overall winner in this category.

*Macky excitedly hands Mark envelope*

Our Sinfully Gold Award for Author of the year goes to…*opens envelope*...

AMY LANE! A lady whose emotional writing can reduce the most hardened reader to tears of anguish and at the end tears of joy.

*Monique hands Amy Gold Award finally the hair is under control*

Author of the Year 2014 

Amy Lane

I’m blown away. To even appear here with Kindle and Riley--they’re both fantastic and awesome and I’m just really honored. Thank you, Sinfully--and thanks so much to everyone who voted. One of the things that always makes me happy with awards list like this is how many AMAZING authors there are in this genre-- and how many wonderful books. I’m just so proud to be a part of it. Thank you.


Thank you Amy!

Now we turn to…

Macky: Character Awards????

Mark: Not yet Macky, we spoke about this!

So as I was saying we now turn to the category…


Debut Author of the Year 2014

This category is for debut authors who wowed M/M world in 2014 with their first publication.

*Macky hands Mark envelope, has now changed the high heels for a pair of trainers, turns to the audience, trips over laces and falls on arse again*

*Mark stifles a snort*

In third place with the Sinfully Bronze Award for Debut Author of the Year is...*opens envelope*...

FELICE STEVENS!  …An author who arrived on the scene this year and stormed the charts with her book Rescued

*Monique hands Bronze Award to Felice, whilst rolling eyes at Macky*

Debut Author of the Year 2014


Felice Stevens

To be such a new author and still be nominated with all these other fabulous people is amazing. I can’t thank you all enough for loving my guys and reading my books. Readers are the best people on earth. Thank you for nominating me, voting for me and reading my books. And thanks to Sinfully…...Addicted to All Male Romance.



Thank you Felice! So while we wait for Macky to compose herself lets move on to the Sinfully Silver Award…..

*Red faced Macky hands Mark envelope*

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award for Debut Author of the Year is…*opens envelope*...

S.E. Harmon! An author that blew us away with her 2014 publication of Stay with Me. Please come up and receive your award.

*Monique hands S.E. the Silver Award*

Debut Author of the Year


S.E. Harmon

To everyone I bribed, you'll get your money soon enough. To everyone who didn't vote for me, I'm searching for your house on Google Earth. Seriously though, I thank you guys for taking the time out to vote--you didn’t have to, and it means the world. You guys are truly amazing, and I am humbled. Honored. Thankful. Congrats to everyone, and thanks to Sinfully!


Thank you S.E.!

*Macky hands envelope to Mark*

And finally our Sinfully Gold Award and overall winner in this category goes to… *opens envelope*...

RENAE KAYE!!… We are delighted she could make it here tonight, all the way from Australia, her first publication Loving Jaye was received with rave reviews, and she has gone on to publish three more books this year… please welcome Renae Kaye.

*Monique hands Renae Gold Award while trying to control one escaped curl*

Debut Author of the Year 2014


Renae Kaye

I am completely blown away by this honour and I wish to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. I am amazed at the love and support and encouragement that everyone has offered me since the beginning of what I hope is a long writing career. Your joy at reading the tales of my guys falling in love brings me the most wonderful satisfaction. So thanks to everyone who made the first book happen, thanks to all who encouraged the other books that came out after this, but most of all, thanks to everyone who picked them up and read them. You guys rock!

Thank you Renae!

So we now come to…

Macky: Ooooh, Character awards?

Mark: Not yet Macky. I said I’ll tell you when.

So now we come to the category…


Series of the Year 2014

We all have our favourite series and this category celebrates the most popular series having a book published in 2014.

*Macky hands Mark envelope excitedly*

*Mark gives Macky warning glare, turns and smiles at public*

In third place with the Sinfully Bronze Award is…*opens envelope*...

The THIRDS Series by Charlie Cochet! Charlie?…Charlie… are you here? Oh, it looks like Charlie popped out to powder her nose… erm Monique? ...So to collect the award on her behalf is our lovely Macky!

*Monique hands Macky Bronze Award while smiling magnanimously*

. Series of the Year 2014


Macky on behalf of Charlie Cochet

Macky: Thank you! Thank you! I love you all! Without you all I couldn’t have done this. You have all been so wonderful!




Yes, well thank you again Macky. I know you have been practicing THAT speech all week.

Moving on…

*Macky hands Mark next envelope and gives him evil eye*

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award is…*opens envelope*...

The Nice Guys Series by Kindle Alexander… an extremely popular choice with our readers.

*Monique hands Kindle the Silver Award*

Series of the Year 2014


Kindle Alexander

This category is much like favorite author, it’s shocking to be here. Cut & Run is an icon of this genre. To have Jace, Colt, Mitch and Cody among its ranks is a little mind-blowing. Congratulations Cut & Run and Thirds, I’m very happy for you. Thank you my friends for taking the time to cast these votes. You’ve made today amazing - surprising, but wonderful. Thank you guys!


Thank you Kindle!

So once again we come to the overall winner in this category…

*Macky makes a paper dart and throws envelope at Mark*

What was that all about?

Macky: Well, you said to me that these guys have just flown in for the occasion so just getting in the mood!

Mark: Macky, sometimes I do despair *rolls eyes*

And finally our Sinfully Gold Award in this category goes to…*opens envelope*...

Our readers Series of the Year for the second year running is Cut & Run by Abigail Roux. Abi please come to the stage to receive your award... Abi? ...Abi? Sorry guys, It appears Abi’s gone missing somewhere between here and the Airport, but I’m sure she’ll be fine as Ty and Zane are already on the case. *turns to Macky* Come on then love…looks like you’re up again.

*Monique hands Gold Award to Macky while rolling eyes towards Mark*

Series of the Year 2014


Macky on behalf of Abigail Roux

Macky: Thank you! Thank you! I love you all! Without you all I couldn’t have done this. You have all been so wonderful!





Mark: I know you have been practising all week but you really need to find something different to say.

So now we…

Macky: Can I ? Can I? Can I?

Mark: Yes, Macky now you can swap with Monique.

Macky: OMG! OMG! …Two minutes… need to refresh my lippy!

Mark: OK, so ladies and gentlemen, we now turn to the the category……….


Character Couple of the Year 2014

This category is all about the book boyfriends we fell in love with… there seems to be a constant fictional love affair going on at Sinfully. *looks pointedly at Macky*

Our Readers voted and the results are…

*Monique hands Mark envelope*

In third place with the Sinfully Bronze Award are… *opens envelope*...

Mitch and Cody from Full Disclosure the second book in the Nice Guys series. Please welcome back to the stage to receive her award Kindle Alexander.

*Macky hands Kindle Bronze Award*

Character Couple of the Year 2014


Kindle Alexander

Mitch has always been too big and loud for his own good. Right now his head is three sizes too big. And he’s saying that you guys got it absolutely right. I’m saying thank you. Mitch is bad and I’m not sure he belongs up here, but Cody will take care of that. Thank you everyone!



Thank you Kindle!

*Monique hands Mark envelope*

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award are… *opens envelope*...

Charlie Cochet’s boys from her THIRDS SeriesDex and Sloane. What… No Charlie? Are Dex and Sloane here?  You’re kidding! Charlie’s gone missing too? Okaaaay… Dex and Sloane are on the case. What is it with action heroes? ...So sorry ladies and gentlemen I’m having a few technical difficulties with my earpiece. Looks like Monique will be collecting this award on behalf of Charlie, Dex and Sloane.

Macky: *distraught* But I put my lippy on for a snog! Not to mention paid a fortune for these bloody stupid heels… *stomps feet* *Starts to tear up* I’m not playing anymore, going for a doughnut and a glass of bubbly *leaves stage wailing with disappointment*

*Mark hands Silver Award to Monique on behalf of Charlie*

Character Couple of the Year 2014


Monique on behalf of Charlie Cochet / Dex & Sloane

Monique: Thank you! Thank you! I love you all! Without you all I couldn’t have done this. You have all been so wonderful!




Mark: *looks apologetically at audience*

*Monique hands Mark envelope all of a fluster*

And finally our Sinfully Gold Award in this category goes to… *opens envelope*...

...the icons of M/M Romance and once again for the second year running… Ty and Zane from Cut and Run

Macky: *runs back on ...trips over her ‘fuck me’ heels...falls on Mark and squishes jam donut all over his spiffy suit! …*

Macky: Are they here? Are they Here?

Mark: Calm down Macky! *while trying to clean suit off* In case you haven’t noticed this is a M/M Award which means if anyone has a chance with these guys it’s going to be me! Who’s the gay one here? *reaches finger to earpiece* One minute I have just received a message that Ty and Zane have joined forces with Dex and Sloane and found both their girls supping champers in the green room with the after show strippers… Panic over.

*Mark hands Gold Award to Monique to accept on behalf of Ty and Zane*

*Macky stomps off stage in a sulk*

Character Couple of the Year 2014


Monique on behalf of Abigail Roux / Ty & Zane

Monique: Thank you! Thank you! I love you all! Without you all I couldn’t have done this. You have all been so wonderful!




Mark: I give up!

Now we come to the penultimate category…


Cover of the Year 2014

This category isn’t so much for the authors but more a dedication to the wonderful artists who create such fabulous covers…

*Macky hands Mark envelope covered in paint*

Mark: What’s this then?

Macky: It's an envelope covered in paint! DUH....

Mark: Erm... why?

Macky: Because it's an award for artists, silly.

Mark: Oh for goodness sake ....I REALLY give up!!! Why didn't I just go with the Muppets like I wanted in the first place? Oh I did!!!! Can we please get on with this now!

In third place with the Sinfully Bronze Award is…*opens envelope*...

The Boy with the Painful Tattoo by Josh Lanyon and Cover Artist L.C. Chase! This is a cover that certainly caught our eyes. It’s an absolute delight to welcome Mr Josh Lanyon on stage this evening to accept the award.

*Monique hands Bronze Award to Josh*

Cover of the Year 2014


Josh Lanyon

I can't thank L.C. Chase enough for creating such a visually striking and memorable cover. I have no doubt that one reason this book was such a huge commercial success is that fantastic cover. Besides being talented, L.C. is a complete professional (and a lovely person to work with). Her covers stand out from all the rest and they sell books. As an author, you can't ask for more.


Thank you Josh!

*Macky hands envelope to Mark covered in photos of hunky men*

Mark: OK, do I dare ask.

Macky: Well it's obvious, isn't it? Jackson Photografix ...PHOTO …grafix. Seriously Mark get with the programme... hot gorgeous guys! Are you sure you're gay????

Mark: Erm… OK, *ignores Macky* Quickly moving on…

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award is… *opens envelope*...

Stay (Blackcreek #2) by Riley Hart and Cover Artist Jackson Photografix. I would like to invite Riley once to the stage and say a few words on behalf of her cover artist. I know the girls were lusting over the men on this cover.

*Monique hands Silver Award to Riley*

Cover of the Year 2014


Riley Hart

The thanks for this one goes to two people: jackson photografix for taking such incredible images. He is so talented and I feel lucky to have his images on my books, and X-Potion Design. She is such a wonderful cover artist to work with, talented and hardworking. I’m so glad you guys love the cover as much as I do. Thanks!



Thank you Riley!

*Macky hands Mark envelope covered in tattoo designs*

Macky: *looks pointedly at Mark* Do I really have to explain this one?

Mark: *shakes head* And finally our Sinfully Gold Award in this category goes to… *opens envelope*...

Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander and Cover Artist Reese Dante. Kindle you’re up again, and I have say what a fabulous cover design by Reese Dante.

Monique? … Monique?... Don’t tell me she’s in the green room now too!

*Macky rushes back stage to find her*

*Mark hands envelope to Kindle*

Book Cover of the Year 2014


Kindle Alexander

This is all Reese Dante. You ever get a chance to work with her, you should take it and run. Did you know nothing about Mitch is real except the stomach. She created that guy because we couldn't find the mental image we all shared. His head does not go on that body. Those lips and nose and jaw are all her. The tattoos aren't on the original picture - she did that herself and you can’t tell. You just have no idea how blessed I feel to know her. Thank you for voting for this cover. She deserves every bit of the credit. Whether she’d Reese Dante or Jaime Reese, you need to get to know her.

Thank you Kindle!

Our final award category of the evening is for our favourite Read of 2014, this is a book read in 2014 but not published in 2014. Our readers nominated their all time favourite books and then voted with the following results.


Read of the Year 2014

*Mark alone on stage...no Macky or Monique! Coughs nervously and faces the audience*

*Sounds of "I'm too sexy For My Shirt" drift into the room...*

Mark: Well guys looks like the party's already started in the green room! At least for some. Let's get the final awards of the evening wrapped up so we can all let our hair down like Monique's messy mop and have some fun...before those reprobates drink all the bubbly!

*Mark retrieves winners envelopes from the podium*

In third place with the Sinfully Bronze Award is… *opens envelope*...

Back Up Boyfriend by River Jaymes! This is a fabulous book that really grabbed the attention of m/m readers when it hit the scene in 2013, come on up River, congratulations…

*Hands Bronze award to River James*

Read of the Year 2014


River Jaymes

Thanks, everybody! And to Sinfully, too! It’s an honor to be included on a list with such fabulous authors :)






Thank you River!

*Music gets louder with Macky shouting OFF, OFF, OFF in the background...*

Mark: *Laughs nervously* haha...sounds like someone is having a good time back there...Anyhoo. On with the awards.

In second place with the Sinfully Silver Award is… *opens envelope*...

The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander! Kindle has swept the boards this year in our Readers’ Choice Awards. So Kindle would you like to come up here and say a few last words.

*Mark hands Silver award to Kindle*

Read of the Year 2014


Kindle Alexander

Thank you for the love. Again it's surprising to be between these two authors, I love them both. The Current has a special place in my heart and I’m glad you like the story too. Thank You for voting and giving Trent and Gage a chance. Love you guys! I’m so lucky to be here. Thank you Sinfully! Since the first moment I met Monique, you guys have felt like home. You work so hard, but you’re magnificent. Please keep doing what you do - I appreciate you guys very much!

Aww...That's lovely of you to say. Thank you Kindle!

*Four male voices join the OFF, OFF, OFF…to a rip roaring version of "Eye Of The Tiger.

Mark: *in shock* *Cough* Means we won’t see hide nor hair of the girls now for sure! 

Now the moment has arrived that we have all been waiting for, our Sinfully Gold Award for Best Read of the Year…

The 2014 Sinfully Gold Award for Best Read Read of the Year goes to… *opens envelope*...  

Collide by Riley Hart!! Well done, Riley - YEAH!!! Would you please approach the stage to receive your Sinfully Gold Award…

*Mark hands Gold Award to a slightly bemused Riley*

Read of the Year 2014


Riley Hart

I would by lying if I didn’t say this book is a little special for me, and it feels a little extra special that people seemed to enjoy it. Noah and Cooper wanted their story told so badly, and I’m honored I got to be the one to tell it. I’m a huge fan of friends to lovers stories, and as you guys know, I’m the girl who wears my heart on my sleeve. I adore romance and writing their love story gave me so much joy. Collide was my first book release. I had no idea what to expect. I’m thankful every day that people took a chance not just on me, but on Noah and Cooper. Thank you so much! An extra special thank you to Sinfully Sexy. You guys run such a fantastic blog and are always so great to work with. I appreciate all you do!

Congratulations Riley and thank you for your kind words. That means a lot.

One last thing to announce and that is the winner of our iPad Mini 16GB winner… *opens last envelope*...

...and the winner is…

Veronica Rundell

Veronica your gift will be winging its way to you shortly. Have lots of fun with it.

So guys lets go and join the debauchery already happening in the Sinfully HQ Green Room. *Mark loosens his tie... grabs bottle of bubbly and exits stage left to join his two girls!*



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