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Renounced (Southwestern Shifters Series #10) by Bailey Bradford


Title ~ Renounced (Southwestern Shifters Series #10)

Author ~ Bailey Bradford

Publisher ~ Totally Bound Publishing

Published ~ 9th January 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance



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Nothing is as simple as it seems—or as safe.
Dallas Smith just wanted a nap in the hammock but he ends up being abducted by a jaguar shifter named Tiago. They have a distinctly different take on several subjects, and Dallas is shocked to learn just what Tiago really is.
Tiago thinks the wolves in the rainforest are an invasive species that need to leave.
Meanwhile, there’s a threat to the rainforest that no one saw coming. Marcus Criswell has had more losses in the past year or so than he can deal with. He has to, though, because he’s the Alpha Anax of the North American packs. The only reason he’s in South America is because his guard was kidnapped, but now Keegan is safe.
There’s still the matter of the man who tried to abduct Keegan. He can’t go unpunished. Then another shifter goes missing—Dallas, gone from the hammock in a heartbeat.
And on top of that, Maarten is missing.
It just got hotter than hell in Brazil.

Liza’s Review

Dallas - cute short and bubbly, full of life and a wolf shifter. Tiago - jaguar totally infatuated with Dallas's scent and even more confused about his feelings of possessiveness and need about the smaller man. He didn't like wolves, didn't want them in his area of the rainforest because they upset the ecosystem, and taking the man - abducting him was a really silly thing to do. But he did it.

Marcus, the Alpha Anax and friend of Dallas' didn't even know that other shifters existed, but when Tiago took off with Dallas, he soon realized his mistake.

It was the height of ego to think that only wolf shifters would exist. And he would wonder what other kinds were out there - later, after he'd caught the jaguar and got Dallas back.

Unfortunately he didn't have time to go looking for Dallas because Maarten was missing as well, and he was a mated wolf, so finding him took precedence. In this world of shifters a mated pair will die if they are separated for too long.

Tiago made me laugh when he first spoke to Diego - he clearly needed some social skills.

"I am Tiago. You are Dallas. Now we can fuck."

Tiego doesn't believe in fated mates, or at least hadn't heard of it before, but apparently Dallas being a wolf, trumped all that, because yes, the two men were supposed to be mates. Dallas explains it best when he says

"Ah, dude. You're stuck with one of them and I'm stuck with someone who is a great big, bigot! Someone messed up. This can't be right."

The story alternates between what is happening with Tiego and Dallas, and Marcus's hunt for Maarten and the drug runner, Robert Butler. This storyline pertains to previous books and while you don't have to have read them to get the general gist, the details in the previous books are helpful in keeping track of who is who. There are a lot of different characters and POV's in this book but the author makes it easy for the reader to follow who is doing what to who.

I have always been a huge fan of Bailey Bradford and her different shifter books and this one is no exception. While the book does cover a myriad of characters, the delightful combination of Tiago and Dallas, especially with Tiago having no idea about mates, made for excellent reading.

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