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Jace's Justice (Highgate Shifters) by Sydney Presley


Title ~ Jace’s Justice (Highgate Shifters #1)

Author ~ Sydney Presley

Publisher ~ Totally Bound Publishing

Published ~ 4th December 2014

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance



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Finding yourself isn’t always easy—unless your true mate helps you along the way…
Jace has always felt as though he doesn’t belong, that he’s surplus to requirements, alone and destined to stay that way for the rest of his life. His love for Louie, his true mate, is solid and real, but Louie has never shown Jace that they’re mates, has never given any indication that he wants them to be together. Jace is convinced that fate has got things wrong in pairing them—until a stranger arrives on pack land, throwing everything into chaos.
Louie has lived his whole life keeping his distance from Jace—and his emotions. He loves the man with a passion, but knowing Jace might be taken away from him at any moment means Louie has kept his mouth shut. Jace was found on the side of the road as a cub by their alpha, Sergeant, and Louie has always known that one day Jace’s true family will come back to claim him. To save Jace having to make a painful decision—leave Louie or join his family—Louie remained in the shadows.
But life has a way of changing things, and with the stranger comes knowledge of some terrible things happening on another wolf compound. Things that the Highgate pack feel compelled to fix. The question is, will Jace and Louie mating also change things, or will they remain the same as they’ve always been, forever circling around their love and never admitting it through fear of being hurt?
Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Liza’s Review

Finding yourself isn't always easy. Unless your true mate helps you along the way.

It's not easy when wolf shifters know who their mate is, but their mate won't have anything to do with them and that is why Jace is having such a hard time. A cub found by the side of the road, and taken into the pack run by Sergeant, Jace has known that Louie has been his mate for years. But with Louie failing to acknowledge him, Jace feels isolated in his pack and wonders if he should move on.

But he didn't, and now I'm here, always feeling out of place, an extra.

Louie of course, isn't oblivious. He knows how rare true mates are, and he knows that Jace is his. But he had spent those same years worrying that Jace would eventually be claimed by another pack -his birth pack, so to keep himself from getting hurt, and from making Jace choose between him and a home pack, Louie kept his distance. But the author gives you the idea that Louie was hurting too.

Serves me right for keeping my feelings quiet. I deserve the loneliness - If I'd have gone all in and told him how I feel, there'd be no question of Jace leaving the compound. But I kept it to myself because I knew this day would come and Jace needed the freedom to leave if he wanted to. I did it for him.

The stranger to the compound brought news that Jace and Louie didn't want to hear. News about Jace's family and atrocities being committed against other wolf shifters. This is where the story got a bit hairy for me (excuse the pun) and I realized by the time I got to the end of the book that there would have to be a sequel because some storylines were left unfinished.

But the focus of this book was on Jace and Louie and how they could find a way to overcome their reservations about each other, their insecurities, and their mutual virgin status. The way that was written was so near perfect I laughed. The worries, the inner dialogue, the sheer "what to do". It was very realistic, and for me, the highlight of the book.

Sergeant and Dillon are perfect secondary characters. Having acted as Jace's parents since he was found, Sergeant has the calmness, despite all that happened, to see that every member of his pack was safe, while Dillon has a strength all of his own. He may not have been the mother figure Jace had dreamed of all his life, but he was very important. It just took Jace a while to realize it.

While I was so pleased for Jace and Louie, I really wanted to know what happened to Dillon on his expedition. Hopefully that will all be explained in book 2.

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