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Werecat: The Trilogy by Andrew J. Peters ~ Guest Post & Giveaway


Title ~ Werecat: The Trilogy

Author ~ Andrew J. Peters

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance

Publisher ~ Vagabondage Romance

Published ~ 14th November 2014



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The first three installments of the popular Werecat series together in one book!
Twenty-two-year-old Jacks is on a mission to drown his past in alcohol when he meets the handsome drifter Benoit on a lost weekend in Montréal. It's lust and possibly something more. Jacks never suspects that a drunken hook-up will plunge him into the hidden, violent world of feline shifters.
Benoit traps him in an arcane ritual to be joined as mates, from which Jacks emerges with fantastical abilities and a connection to Native traditions that were buried by his family. But his new existence pits his human instincts against his wild animal nature. When Jacks meets the young medical student Farzan, who wants to be with Jacks no matter what or who he is, Benoit's feline jealousy rages like an inferno.
Jacks must figure out how to survive with his dual nature and a boyfriend who will kill any threat to their relationship. When a secret society called The Glaring shows up with a plan to exterminate humankind, Jacks will have to work quickly to gain command of Benoit's magic before the world shatters into a war of man against beast.

Liza’s Review

Andrew J Peter introduces us to an exciting new take on shifters – in this book werecats – in his new trilogy. The book’s central character, a college student named Jacks, heads off for spring break one year to blow off some steam with some friends and falls into a horror story loosely disguised as a fling with the enigmatic Benoit. Unfortunately for Jacks, Benoit is hiding more than his true identity and when Jacks learns the truth about his lover’s attitude – especially towards humans – he turns to the only friend he has left. This is where readers meet the charming Farzan – very human, very caring and dedicated to his studies to be a doctor.

This is a fast paced book with more than a hint of violence in the pages. As I was reading it I could imagine it being played out as a movie and in movie form it would definitely lend itself to the action horror genre. In this take on shifters they are made, not born, and the process isn’t pretty. More action is added by The Glaring, a group who have an agenda that definitely includes Jacks’ death and then in book three we meet even more werecats when the laid back and charming Maarten makes himself known to Jacks.

One of the things I loved about this book was Bella, who appears to be an ordinary housecat. She gives the story an added depth and shows her loyalty to her Masters on more than one occasion. For a character with no dialogue as such, she is an essential part of the intricate story. Another key bonus point for me was the way the author was able to describe the setting of his scenes so well. With a few deft words he has been able to explain culture, physical places and the emotions of the characters, and he does it very well.

If you love action packed stories, more than a spot of violence, and a thread of a love story too, then you should definitely try this book. Broken up into three parts, the book is easy to follow and from the way the author left the end of the third part of the story, it is clear there is a sequel in the works. It will be interesting to see what the author does with his werecats next.

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A Word from Andrew J. Peters

Thanks so much to the Sinfully Sexy team for this opportunity to introduce my Werecat series to your visitors!

This is a really exciting time for me with the release of a special edition paperback Werecat: The Trilogy, which includes the first three installments of the series.

Rather than talking about the story, which you can read up on in the blurb and the review above, I thought I’d talk about gay men and cats and how I came to write about shifters.

I have to admit, there wasn’t a whole lot of contemplation that went into the story in its early stages. Most of the time, my inspiration comes from a deep desire to see more gay stories in books. We’re surrounded by heterosexual love stories and adventure stories and horror stories and on and on. When I sit down at the keyboard, I like to even the playing field a bit by taking one of those genres from a gay point-of-view.

For Werecat, I was in a gothic mood.

I could have picked werewolves or vampires or witches, but I suppose I was feeling equally miffed about the lack of feline shifters in the paranormal world. They don’t have a particularly venerable history in popular culture. There was the campy cult film Cat People in the 1980s. The other pop culture reference that comes to mind is the Thundercats cartoon.

Some of my friends laughed out loud when I told them I was writing a book about gay werecats. One of them said that was weird because cats are more associated with femininity. Another friend asked if the story was about gay men transforming into housecats and throwing shade at each other. When people hear “gay” and “cats,” I think their mind travels to the cartoon character Snagglepuss. More recently, there was the Showtime cartoon Queer Duck which featured the swishy character Oscar Wildecat whose voiceover sounded like Paul Lynde.

I realized I was up against a lot in selling a gay werecat story that was sexy, suspenseful and meant to be taken just a little seriously.

Some inroads presented themselves as I researched cat mysticism and mythology. Cats have played an important role in religious beliefs and practices around the globe since ancient times. Most people know that they were sacred to the Egyptians. You may not know that the Egyptians raised domestic cats in droves for sacrifice and had them mummified for idols, so it was not such a great place to be a cat.

There is also a rich tradition of big cat worship in the Amerindian world. The ancient Olmecs were the first people to worship a werecat god: the Werejaguar. Native American beliefs about feline spirits fascinated me. To an extent, shifter lore has its roots in animism, in which there are practices to summon animal spirits, merging man and beast.

I was also inspired by the Native Two Spirit tradition, which is based on the belief that some people are gifted with both male and female souls. I think there’s something to that regarding LGBT people. In a sense, we shift from “male” to “female” in the way we express ourselves and the roles we play in society. Werecat mythology came together for me as I considered that it made sense that gay people could possess a transformative ability.

You can judge for yourself how successful I was in portraying those things. Pick up The Trilogy or give the first book The Rearing a try. I’m pleased to offer an e-book copy of The Rearing. Just drop a comment below to enter.


Meet  Andrew J. Peters

andrewjpetersAndrew J. Peters is the author of the Werecat series and The Seventh Pleiade and its forthcoming follow-up Banished Sons of Poseidon. He grew up in Amherst, New York, studied psychology at Cornell University, and has spent most of his career as an advocate and a social worker for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. A lifelong writer, Andrew has written for The Good Men Project, GayYA, La Bloga and Layers of Thought among other media. He lives in New York City with his husband and their cat Chloë. For more about Andrew, visit: 




Andrew J. Peters is gifting an eBook of the first book in the trilogy The Rearing to one lucky reader. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.

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