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Wednesday 10th December ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world New Releases, Sales & Freebies

10th DecemberWe all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at SSBR will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays, on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News that have caught our eye in the M/M world.

It’s time to catch up with some of the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News which has caught our eye over the last couple of days.

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Wednesday 10th December


A King Undone by Cooper Davis

Release date ~ December 9th  2014

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Sometimes you have to risk everything, to follow your heart…

Noble Pleasures, Book 1

In a world where gentlemen openly court and marry fellow noblemen, the threat of scandal still lurks behind every velvet drape for kings and princes. Such has been the fate for King Arend Tollemach, forced to sacrifice his heart on the altar of regal duty.

Now that his wife is dead and his royal obligations are at an end, he’s ready to take an unthinkable risk. King Arend seeks a concubine from Temple Sapphor, a secretive, gated world where he will finally shed his virginity—as least as it pertains to making love to a man.

Julian never thought he’d spend ten years on the temple shelf, passed over again and again. Just when he despairs of ever finding placement in a nobleman’s bed, Arend walks into the temple. A lonely eyed, beautiful king who could easily steal his heart.

Arend discovers he has no problem opening his bed to the exquisite concubine. The problem lies in finding the key to his long-shuttered heart.

Warning: Contains a beautiful, virgin king desperate to bed another man, a concubine who fantasizes about being claimed and revered by a strong monarch, and a sea of scandal set against a sensual, palatial backdrop.


Broken Ink by Jack L. Pyke

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Stolen and Stained.
Carrying a tattoo on your skin no longer just comes with a risk of infection. Get the composition right, you have the latest mind-control drug on the market. It’s the sex-traders’ dream, or worst nightmare, depending on the concentrated dose of the ink—and just who’s wearing it.
For Kiyen, the ink means he’s able to strip raw the minds of the best and worst of society. He’s one of MI7’s top killers and never more driven to select and take down a target. For Falen, the ink has ensured he’s spent his early years as a willing sex slave and low-grade empath. Hiding out in a small town and trying to bury the needs running through his body, Fal’s hoping to stay under the radar of MI7 and their specialist killers. But the ink itself has a mind of its own, wanting to ignite the natural dynamics driving a Dom and sub, so when Kiyen is forced into Fal’s small world, prejudice battles a pure need to touch. Only problem is: Kiyen’s on the run, and in a world where thought can be the worst crime of all, Fal’s in for a fight for his sanity to find out just what it is that’s making a young killer run for his life. (M/M)

91pLf2dKiEL._SL1500_Dust of Snow by Indra Vaughn

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Length: 158 Pages


'T is the season. Greg's nights are silent and his bells don't jingle. This time last year his boyfriend broke up with him, and he's determined to get through these holidays with only minor bruising. So what if he lives with a cat and his best friend is his mother? Peace and quiet: that's life how he likes it. Nothing is going to blindside him this year, no sir. Especially not a rogue secret Santa.


Green The Whole Year Round by Rowan McAllister

Release Date: 10th December

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Couples counselor Ted Freeman is still reeling six months after his partner left him. He desperately hopes a week of peace and quiet at a quaint mountain cabin will be just what he needs to regain his personal and professional confidence.
Neil Kelly is a computer programmer who just got promoted to full time and is celebrating over Christmas by going on his first real grown-up vacation at the Cabins in the Pines Inn. When he runs into Ted, his longtime crush, Neil can't believe his luck, and he vows to do whatever it takes to make Ted see him as something other than the dork next door.
Neil wasn’t part of Ted's plan for the holidays, but he might turn out to be exactly what Ted needs.


My Mate Jack by Garrett Leigh

Release date: 10th December

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A Heated Beat Story
Will Barter’s been in love with his best mate Jack for as long as he can remember. They’ve shared everything: love, life, laughs, even Will’s first kiss. But Jack’s straight, and Will’s long-buried infatuation means nothing until their last summer together draws to a close.
Then one night, everything changes, but with Will bound for university in Leeds, and Jack for his dream DJ job in Ibiza, there’s no time to explore their blurred lines. Before long all that’s left are secrets, lies, and misunderstandings.
In the months that follow, anger and hurt overshadow fifteen years of friendship, and Will must dig deep to remember Jack is his mate… his best mate, and nothing matters more than that, right?



Ash and Echoes by August Li

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2nd Edition
Book One of the Blessed Epoch
For the past few years Yarroway L’Estrella has lived in exile, gathering arcane power. But that power came at a price, and he carries the scars to prove it. Now he must do his duty: his uncle, the king, needs him to escort Prince Garith to his wedding, a union that will create an alliance between the two strongest countries in the known world. But Yarrow isn’t the prince’s only guard. A whole company of knights is assigned to the mission, and Yarrow’s not sure he trusts their leader.
Knight Duncan Purefroy isn’t sure he trusts Yarrow either, but after a bizarre occurrence during their travels, they have no choice but to work together—especially since the incident also reveals a disturbing secret, one that might threaten the entire kingdom.
The precarious alliance is strained further when a third member joins the cause for reasons of his own—reasons that may not be in the best interests of the prince or the kingdom. With enemies at every turn, no one left to trust, and the dark power within Yarrow pulling dangerously away from his control, the fragile bond the three of them have built may be all that stands between them and destruction.
First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, June 2012


Keeping Cookies by Briana Lawrence

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Ty prepares for the holiday season by kicking out his cheating boyfriend and consoling himself with chocolate and cold Chinese food. Unfortunately, rent and bills force him to grab a pair of red-and-white tights and pretend to be in the holiday spirit as a mall elf. Thankfully, there’s a janitor who’s too handsome for the part of a mop pusher to help distract him.
Nikolas the Janitor sweeps Ty off his feet with his smile and generous spirit. Ty wishes he could fall in love as easily as a romantic comedy, but his ex still holds a piece of his heart. Ty wants to accept Nikolas as his new secret Santa, but he might be doomed to pine after his ex all Christmas long.


Late Bloomer by Bru Baker

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If not for his family and his Christmas tree farm, David Rochester would be a recluse. And Erik Shriver wouldn’t know a quiet moment if it smacked him in the face. But now David’s farm has brought them together. When Erik’s flurry of bad jokes and frenetic energy sets David off kilter, his family notices and begins conspiring. They push David and a very willing Erik together again and again until David stops denying his attraction. But an almost-hermit and a soon-to-be-former club boy each bring baggage into a relationship. They’ll have to take things slowly to find the middle ground between David's taciturn silence and Eric's boundless chatter.


Wild R Christmas (Wild R Farm Book 7) by Silvia Violet

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Every year Cole Wilder hosts a big Christmas dinner for all the employees of Wild R Farm, and every year he takes on too many responsibilities then ends up exhausted and even more cranky than usual. This year, Cole’s husband, Jonah, is determined things will be different. Not only is he having their bathroom renovated to add a little luxury to their lives, he’s got plans to whisk Cole away for a Christmas vacation. But getting Cole to agree to let their ebullient friend, Tristan, organize Christmas at the farm is easier said than done.
Tristan promises to take perfect care of the farm, but as soon as Cole and Jonah leave, chaos ensues—couples fighting, construction disasters, kitchen woes. The only thing keeping confessed Christmas-o-phile, Tristan, merry is his boyfriend, Wes. He knows exactly what Tristan needs so they can pull the whole Wild R Farm crew together for the happiest Christmas they’ve ever had.


The Irresistible Men Bundle by Senayda Pierre

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Length: 224 pages


From the Irresistible Series, two novellas in one bundle:
Yearning: (Marco's Novella)
From the moment I met Valentino DeLuca I yearned for a love I thought was unattainable.
Marco Soriano fell in love with his best friend.
I’ve lived with the constant ache in my chest. I really have no excuse why I let it fester. I don’t go into relationships seeing the white picket fence with 2.5 kids. I get in, have a good time, and move on. I yearn for something more with Valentino but I don’t allow it to consume me.
For years Marco watched his best friend have relationships with others longing for the day he’d get his chance.
Truth-be-told I was saving myself for the day Valentino finally noticed me as something more than just his closest friend.
But then she came along and changed everything. Marco wanted nothing to do with her and yet she was too tempting to resist. She threatened everything he cherished because Valentino was falling for her.
Remiss: (Never before released, Valentino's novella)
“I don’t deserve you but I’ll spend forever trying to prove it.”
Valentino DeLuca spent years trying to decipher his feelings for his best friend, Marco Soriano.
Valentino didn’t notice men. He wasn’t attracted to them. He loved women; specifically his Spanish beauty, Carina Lobos.
But all of that changed when Marco became his anomaly.
**Disclaimer for this series: Contains mature content including M/F/M action…



New Release only 99c/77p


Cold Press (A Palouse County Romance Book 1) by Lia Cooper

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Length: 54 pages


Despite what anyone says, Jordan Kane is not lonely. He’s not. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. At least, that’s what he tells himself. But it’s hard to hold onto his more hermit-like habits when Avery O’Sullivan blows back into town. The sweet--if hapless--writer is hardly prepared for Belleville’s harsh winters, and Jordan can’t help inviting the other man into his home for the holidays.
Two strangers find happiness between a dozen cups of coffee and writer’s block in this sweet M/M short romance. A Palouse County Romance #1 featuring stories big and small from Eastern Washington.
This is a novelette approximately 50 pages long. It contains minor language, some adult themes and a romantic relationship between two men.




In from the Cold by Cat Grant

FREE from Amazon->

Length: 91 pages


For all the Courtland fans clamoring for the next generation…
Cold and sick, Seth Thompson must fight through a snowstorm to get home. Seth’s unconventional upbringing taught him to always reach out to strangers in need, and Iranian engineering student Bilal al-Mansoori is no exception. Being trapped together leads to an unexpected mutual attraction—and a feverishly hot night under the covers.
But Bilal needs more than simply a rescue from the weather—he’s trapped under lifetime of cultural pressures. His strict Muslim father and fellow Iranian students have no clue about his inner torment. His attraction to Seth isn’t a welcome discovery—instead he’s trapped between the existence he’s always known and the prospect of living and loving openly for the first time in his life.
(Note: This story stands-alone—no need to have read the prior Courtland books.)






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December Giveaway

First MM read


  1. Cut & Run by Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban

  2. Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell

  3. Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon. Adrien and Jake still are my favourite couple :)

  4. "A Shadow of Wings" by Linda Gayle (I've clicked the add on FB). I don't count yaoi manga (scanlated into English) or translated yaoi novels. From all novels I've read I remember only one now --> "S" by Aida Saki (or "Esu").

  5. My first english mm read was The Vampire's Assistant by Stormy Glenn.

  6. Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice) and the subsequent novels in the Vampire Chronicles series. A more obvious first m/m (as the hero is a gay man) would then be Lord John and the Private Matter in the Lord John Grey series (Diana Gabaldon).

  7. Wolf Tales I by Kate Douglas. It has other pairings in it as well, but those two sexy guys got me hooked.

  8. A M/F author posted on her site that if we liked this book as I recall it was book 3 or 4 in her series she recommenced reading Lee Brazil. At the time it was free so I said what have I got to lose? Now I only read M/M books so thank you Lee Brazil for the great story!

  9. Josh Lanyon's Adrien English mystery series

  10. Bear Otter & The Kid by TJ Klune

  11. Does Maurice by EM Forster count? If not, I think is was Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane (still one of my top favs).

  12. Magic's Pawn (The Valdemar Last Herald Mage series) by Mercedes Lackey

  13. If you don't count all the music and hockey fanfic I read first, it was BETWEEN SINNERS AND SAINTS by Marie Sexton.

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

  14. Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series.

  15. From the Inside Out by Talya Andor and I still adore it!

  16. Not That Type of Guy by Sara York

  17. I'm not sure if it qualifies as M/M, but Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage series, which led to Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series. I don't remember the first M/M e-book, but probably Josh Lanyon or JL Langley in 2007 or thereabout. :-)

  18. I transitioned over from yaoi manga...but my first novel was Change of Heart by Mary Calmes.

  19. I believe it was The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander <3

  20. It's been so long....I think Anne Rice's Beauty series?

  21. I start reading mm romance a year ago and my first read was Blame Itt on the Mistletoe by Elis Easton

  22. The Peter & Charlie series by Gordon Merrick back in the 70's, when I was in high school. That was the first - and only - positive, loving example of a M/M relationship I ever read. I went many years without another fictional relationship that didn't end up as some sort of cautionary tale for curious young men. You know the kind I mean, where gay men are portrayed as promiscuous and/or tragic figures who inevitably pay for their sinful ways with lives filled with misery and despair. (Also during that period of my life, I read Isabel Miller's Patience and Sarah, which portrayed a similarly positive lesbian relationship. These books had a profound effect on me in high school.)

    After that, it wasn't until 2007's Rough Canvas, by Joey Hill, that I was drawn back into M/M romance. It's a different world now. Writers are allowed - encouraged! - to portray tender, loving relationships that have just as much romance, suspense, thrills, chills, and adventures as any het couple has ever had.

  23. My first experience with M/M sex was in what I thought was a strict m/f/m book. I loved it when the guys got together so I sought out other books with this dynamic and read a lot of Emma Holly books. Finally I found the m/m section on Ellora's Cave and Loose Id. I'm not sure which m/m book was my absolute first but Crossing Borders by ZAM and Heaven by Jet Mykles were among my first.

  24. A Red-Tainted Silence by Carolyn Gray

  25. I honestly can't remember the name, but it was one of Andrew Grey's, Love Means series, almost 5 years ago. It changed my life for the better and I've never looked back, nor do I miss reading the mainstream books.

  26. I honestly can't remember the name, but it was one of Andrew Grey's, Love Means series, almost 5 years ago. It changed my life for the better and I've never looked back, nor do I miss reading the mainstream books.

  27. My first read was "Brute" by Kim Fielding. Loved it and have been hooked on M/M romance ever since.