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Release Day Review ~ Lone Wolf: A Bluewater Bay Novel by Aleksandr Voinov & L. A. Witt


Title ~ Lone Wolf: A Bluewater Bay Novel

Authors ~ Aleksandr Voinov & L. A. Witt

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 22nd December 2014

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance



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Hunter Easton is screwed. Fans, producers, and his agent are all chomping at the bit for the next book in his wildly popular Wolf’s Landing series, but he’s got epic writer’s block and is way behind deadline. Then he reads The World Tree, a fanfic novel by his online friend “Lone Wolf.” It isn’t just a great story—it’s exactly what the series needs.
Kevin Hussain is thrilled when “Wolf Hunter” wants to meet up after reading The World Tree. When Wolf Hunter turns out to be Hunter Easton himself, Kevin is starstruck. When Hunter tells him he wants to add The World Tree to Wolf’s Landing, Kevin is sure he’s being pranked. And when their online chemistry carries over—big time—into real life, Kevin is convinced it’s all too good to be true.
The problem is . . . it might be. The book deal, the sex, the money—everything is amazing. But fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Kevin is left wondering if Hunter really loves him, or just loves his book.

Liza’s Review

What an amazing story. We have Hunter – an established author, stuck on the eighth book of his highly popular series. Then we have Kevin – a fanfic writer who has taken Hunter's series and given Hunter ideas he truly wanted to follow originally but thanks to the needs of the public, hadn't done it. Through a fanfic site that Kevin is the administrator of, the two men talk and get together and from the first moment they knew that there was something special in their relationship.

There is a reason this was a long book. The two men have to get to know each other. Sure they can have sex, and it’s very hot sex at that, but both Hunter and Kevin were looking for something more. They had an age gap to overcome, not that Kevin was some little kid, but Hunter was conscious of being fortyish. Hunter was also someone who was used to having his own space and protecting it religiously. When Kevin is pretty much forced to spend time with Hunter, thanks to their book deal, Kevin tries to be respectful of Hunter’s need for space, and that causes the first in a long line of misunderstandings.

I loved how Kevin spends a lot of the first part of the book wondering how he got so lucky.

"Yeah. I mean, not in a bad way. Not at all. Just, um, kind of surreal, I guess? A week ago, you were a guy I knew online. Now we're in your bed talking about scars."

There is a lot of dialogue between the two men - Hunter sharing his experiences with the publishing world on the one hand, and Kevin sharing his zest for life. It's good - and when the two guys do get down to their bedroom antics, their scenes are hot.

The reality of the Wolf Con was where things really started to get gritty for the two men as a couple and I'm not sure that it could have been handled any other way. Both men had different needs and difficulty in expressing them, although they could talk about anything else. For a long part of the book I wanted to slap Hunter for being so standoffish, but I can see why it works because the man is older, and more used to being famous than Kevin could ever imagine.

"I'm afraid to ask for anything from you. I don't want to be clingy because I know you hate that. I don't want to encroach on your space...but I'm part of this too."

Another thing I loved was that every word in this story was important. The slow burn, the long conversations – all a crucial part of showing where the two men were coming from, and where they wanted to be. Sometimes when we get everything we ever dreamed of, it turns out it’s not what we wanted after all. Hunter and Kevin’s HEA was hard earned and I absolutely loved the journey.

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