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Monday 8th December ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world New Releases, Sales & Freebies & News.

8th DecemberWe all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at SSBR will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays, on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News that have caught our eye in the M/M world.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It’s time to catch up with some of the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News which has caught our eye today, and those you may have missed over the weekend. With lots of sales and freebies for you to catch up with!

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51kogmSERmL._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-46,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Cold Feet by  Jay Northcote

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Our Review –>


Best friends snowed in together. When the heat rises, will they get cold feet?
Getting snowed in at a remote cottage in Wales with someone he’d fancied for ages isn’t exactly how Sam expected to spend Christmas. His feelings for Ryan are pointless. Ryan’s straight—or so he thought.
Until now, Ryan’s kept his feelings for Sam buried. Why ruin a friendship over what might only be gay experimentation? Playing it cool seems safer, until a cold snap makes sharing body heat vital. In their Welsh safe haven, anything seems possible.
As Ryan’s reserve melts away, Sam wants more than stolen kisses under the mistletoe. But a sudden thaw means making decisions. They could face the New Year together—unless one of them gets cold feet.


Smashed into Pieces (Clear Water Creek Chronicles #2) by Scarlet Blackwell

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Book #1 ~ Into The Light ~


Sheriff Brandon Schofield is smitten by the new arrival in Clear Water Creek, Finn Austen. But Finn is living in the house by the lake where a murder took place, and his story is no less unhappy than the previous occupant's. Finn is on the run from a violent past and he trusts no one.
Brandon is desperate to break down his defences and win Finn's love and trust, but time is running out, and perhaps he can only protect Finn for so long.


Grenzen (Love in Germany Book #1) by Chris McHart

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What do you do if the Dom you love is half a world away?
When work requires Ryan to leave behind warm and sunny Arizona for cold and snowy Germany, he decides to visit the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market where he meets sexy Julian.
But Julian isn't an average guy, he's a Dom. And he wants Ryan to be his sub.
That's something Ryan has dreamt of, but never admitted to anyone, not even himself. With Julian it suddenly becomes possible.
But what happens once Ryan has to go home, especially since he's developing feelings for Julian?
There isn't a future for a relationship if you're half a world apart...


Fighting Instinct (L'Ange Book 2) by Mary Calmes

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L'Ange: Book Two
Only a privileged few know L’Ange’s head of security Arman de Soto is a shifter, and even fewer know he’s been systematically killing off a pack of werewolves. The reason for this vengeance is a secret Arman trusts with no one, quite the opposite of his obvious longtime pursuit of the château’s overseer, Linus Hobbes. Despite Arman’s reputation as a loner, the only thing he needs to complete his life is Linus. Predator and prey just don’t mix—but Arman won’t give him up.
Linus has lived alone for more than seven years, sheltered at L’Ange under an assumed name and hiding secrets of his own, including his terrifying attraction to the most dangerous man he’s ever met. Arman knows Linus should be afraid of the predator stalking him, but Linus is still drawn to him like a moth to a flame, no matter how much he tries to deny his instincts. It’s not until Linus’s past and Arman’s crusade exposes their secrets and opens L’Ange to attack that Arman realizes waiting any longer is a risk he just can’t take. So he’ll have to take his quest to the source of the threat in a gamble to protect L’Ange, Linus, and any future they might have together.


Player vs Player by Amelia C. Gormley

Release Date ~ 8th December 2014

Buy Link ~


Pushing for change can be dangerous when change starts pushing back.
Video game writer Niles River loves the work he does at Third Wave Studios: creating games with mass appeal that feature women, people of color, and LGBTQ characters. To make his job even better, his best friend is his boss, and his twin brother works beside him. And they mostly agree that being on the forefront of social change is worth dealing with trollish vitriol—Niles is more worried about his clingy ex and their closeted intern’s crush on his brother than he is about internet harassment.
But now the bodies on the ground are no longer virtual, and someone’s started hand-delivering threats to Niles’s door. The vendetta against Third Wave has escalated, and to make matters worse, the investigating detective is an old flame who left Niles heartbroken for a life in the closet.
No change happens without pain, but can Niles justify continuing on with Third Wave when the cost is the blood of others? If he does, the last scene he writes may be his own death.
Word count: 74,600;; page countL: 282


The Last Guy Breathing (The Guy Series) by Skylar M. Cates

Release Date: 8th December

Pre-Order from Amazon –>


A Work in The Guy Series
Henry Clueley doesn’t want to be in Glamour, not after moving far away to overcome a difficult, if privileged, childhood. He’s no longer that pudgy kid desperate to escape his hometown, but it still holds painful memories. When his recently widowed mother needs him, however, “dependable Henry” does the right thing—even if it means leaving the IRS to take a boring corporate position. Things don't stay boring for long. Soon Henry helps the local sheriff’s department unravel a crime. Posing as half of a fake couple seems like a fun idea... until Henry learns he already knows the deputy playing his other half.
Deputy Locke may be new to the Glamour Sheriff’s Department, but he’s fought his way up in the world and is determined to make a good impression. He keeps his private life quiet, even from his beloved younger brother. Locke knows better than most the need to protect what’s his.
Henry resents the arrogant, gorgeous cop, and Locke thinks Henry is sheltered and spoiled. Their secret and steamy encounter only adds to the animosity. As they join forces, Henry thinks a relationship with Locke would be catastrophic, but the white-hot passion between them makes it hard to resist.


Comfort and Joy Holiday Anthology

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Four heartwarming holiday stories.
Rest and Be Thankful
Things haven’t been going well for Cam McMorrow since he moved to Inverbechie. His business is failing, his cottage is falling apart and following his very public argument with café owner Rob Armstrong, he’s become a social outcast.
Cam needs to get away from his troubles and when his sister buys him a ticket to the biggest Hogmanay party in Glasgow, he can’t leave Inverbechie quick enough. But when events conspire to strand him in the middle of nowhere in a snowstorm, not only is he liable to miss the party, he’ll also have to ask his nemesis, Rob, for help.
It’s Christmas at Edinburgh’s magnificent Barlinney Hotel, and chief housekeeper Cosmo Grant is in charge of the festivities. He’s already got his hands full when handsome Ren Vaudrey checks in.
It soon turns out that Ren is an undercover cop. Cosmo wants to help him, but unless he can do it within the Barlinney’s walls, Cosmo is stuck. A victim of crippling agoraphobia, he’s been a prisoner in this gilded cage for over a year. Cosmo gathers all his courage to do the right thing by Ren and Sam—and as a glittering Christmas Eve descends on the city, finds himself confronting his very darkest fears.
Waiting for Winter
Luke always thought he and Winter were the perfect couple—until the day Winter announced he was taking a new job and they were uprooting and headed for Germany. No discussion. No debate. For the first time in his life, Winter miscalculated. Badly. Now Luke is trying his best to move on with his life, but Winter is back in town and he’s set on digging their relationship out of the deep freeze.
Baby, it’s Cold
Talk about Kitchen Nightmares! TV Chef Rocky and Foodie blogger Jesse have been pals forever, so it should have been the most natural thing in the world to move their relationship to the next level. Instead, it turned out to be a disaster. But Christmas is the season of love, and someone's cooking up a sweet surprise...


Whispers by E.S. Skipper

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Theo was everything Hoani wanted in a husband - his best friend, lover and a great papa for Hoani's son Dion.
Only, Theo died, leaving an ache in Hoani's heart and a gap that could never be filled. And that was just the way Hoani wanted it
Except Theo wasn't done yet.
So when Hoani starts to hear his husband's voice, encouraging him to move on, Hoani doesn't want to listen. As if anyone could replace his Theo...
But Theo proves as stubborn as Hoani, and he isn't going to let this go.
Not when Hoani's future happiness is at stake.
Maybe Hoani needs to start listening to those quiet whispers...


New Release only 99c/77p


Out for the Holidays by Susan Mac Nicol

Buy from Amazon –>

Length: 42 pages


Being in love is tough enough at eighteen, but being in love and outed to your dad is a disaster that will take more than a little holiday magic to fix.


Knights to Remember: Book #2 by Nicole Colville

Buy from Amazon –>

Book #1 also 99c/77p~

Length: 55 pages


Sebastian begins his exciting new job with Secret Pleasures Male Escort Agency. The first month is hard, and he’s had less sex than before he joined. It wasn’t what he was expecting, but he’s enjoying it.
A new world is opening up to him, one which has new friends, new clients and new sexual desires he has never experienced before. His one night with Robert still clings to his memory, but Sebastian knows they will never meet again. Or so he thinks.
Join Sebastian and his nights to remember. A new ten book short story series from Nicole Colville.


Limited time only

91ihtFAOpFL._SL1500_There will be Phlogiston: (A Prosperity Story) by Alexis Hall

Buy from Amazon for 99c/77p–>

Limited time only –>

Length: 262 pages


An instructive story in which vice receives its just reward.
Inspired by true and scandalous tales of the Gaslight aristocracy, we present the most moral and improving tale of Lady Rosamond Wolfram.
Weep, reader, for the plight of our heroine as she descends into piteous ruin in the clutches of the notorious Phlogiston Baron, Anstruther Jones. Witness the horrors of feminine rebellion when this headstrong young lady defies her father, breaks an advantageous engagement, and slips into depravity with a social inferior. Before the last page is turned, you will have seen our heroine molested by carnival folk, snubbed at a dance, and drawn into a sinful ménage a trois by an unrepentant sodomite, the wicked and licentious Lord Mercury.
Reader, take heed. No aspect of our unfortunate heroine’s life, adventures, or conduct is at all admirable, desirable, exciting, thrilling, glamorous, or filled with heady passion and gay romance.
Word count: 40,000; page count: 308


Amazon Freebie

61 OQLD2b L._SL1050_

Straight Boy by Alessandra Hazard

FREE from Amazon –>

Length: 48 pages


Young, blond and handsome, Sage attracts unwanted attention in prison. When his cellmate offers him protection, Sage accepts the offer, even though he doesn't trust the guy. Little does he know how much it will change his life.
When he's released from prison, Sage finds himself needing and wanting things he shouldn't want. Sage is straight. He is. He has a girlfriend. What happened in prison stayed in prison--or so Sage tells himself.
Until he meets his former cellmate again. Xavier. The guy he hates and craves.
This short novelette contains graphic language and explicit M/M sex. For mature audiences. ~12, 500 words.


More Than Friends #1 by Aria Grace

FREE from Amazon –>

Length: 91 Pages


Tired of moping around after the breakup of his long term girlfriend, Ryan knew he needed a hookup to get him out of his funk. When he met Drea, he hoped she might be the one. But when he felt more chemistry with her gay cousin Zach, Ryan was more confused than he had ever been in his life. He wasn't gay but he wanted to be with Zach. How could it possibly work?
**Contains explicit descriptions of erotic gay moments**

91bhiaqfACL._SL1500_The Gift (1Night Stand) by V.S. Morgan

FREE from Amazon –>

Length: 34 pages


At 22, rancher Wyatt Malone sacrificed almost everything, including the Dom he served and loved, to raise his younger brothers. Now, with the ranch running well, his grown up siblings surprise him with a trip to a Caribbean paradise and a date from Madame Evangeline's 1Night Stand. Taking his courage in hand, he fills out an application that bares his soul for a single night of surrender to a nearly forgotten passion.
Rafael is a Dom without a sub. His desires exceed the available men in the dungeon he frequents and memories of rejected love keep him aloof. Can the submission of a Montana cowboy free him or will the date be nothing more than another meaningless scene?


Current Amazon 99c/77p Sales


Three of Swords (Precog in Peril Book 1) by Theo Fenraven

Buy from Amazon –>

Length: 117 pages


An old houseboat, a hot young guy, a couple of murders, and more mysterious keys than you can shake a stick at: this is what awaits Gray Vecello after his grandfather, Graham, is killed picking up high blood pressure pills.
A letter Graham left behind sends Gray and his unexpected ally, Cooper Key, on a journey downriver in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding an unknown treasure. On the way, they encounter both friends and enemies, one of whom will target Gray and Cooper for death. One thing working in Gray’s favor: he has the sight, just as Graham had, but will it be enough to save them both?
First book of the Precog in Peril series.


I Don’t: A Christmas Wish by Kari Greg

Buy from Amazon –>


At least he isn’t pregnant.
Seth Murphy campaigned for Maryland’s Question Six, wildly celebrating the Election Day victory for marriage equality. Divorce attorney and live-in boyfriend Owen, however, believes just as passionately that the gay community should focus on a plurality of equal rights protections instead of allocating so many resources and man-hours to one hot button issue.
Owen won’t marry Seth.
Relationship deteriorating, the couple visits the Murphy farm outside Brunswick for Christmas. Seth’s family never considered that Seth and Owen wouldn’t be first in line for a marriage license as soon as same-sex marriage passed. When they find out there won’t be a wedding, their season of miracles is invaded by pornographic gingerbread cookies, frowning church ladies, and a determined father with a tactical assault shotgun.
Neither Seth, Owen, nor their love may survive the family holiday circus to say, “I don’t.”


Double Alchemy by Susan Mac Nicol

Buy from Amazon –>

Length: 335 pages


Powerful yet tormented modern warlock Quinn Fairmont must initiate the silver-eyed Cade Mairston into the world of witchfinders, Withinners, and what can happen when two men fall truly, madly, deeply in love.
In modern London there lurks a warlock, Quinn Fairmont. Dangerous, powerful, tortured, sharing his body with the soul of an ancient Welsh sorcerer, Quinn is never alone—and never wholly himself. He fights against all those who would exploit his kind. He takes pleasure where he can find it.
In the forest of Hampstead Heath, Quinn’s hometown, Cade Mairston appears to him like a waking dream. Lithe, lean and silver-eyed, he evokes feelings in Quinn unlike any other: lust with true affection, immediate and shocking. Cade is clearly more than he seems. And yet, if a man of the world, Cade is innocent. He knows nothing of warlocks, witchfinders or Withinners. He knows nothing of what he is, what he might be, or what he might feel. For him, the story is just beginning. Magyck, peril and passion await. More awaits in book two…


Rescued (Southwestern Shifters #1) by Bailey Bradford

Buy from Amazon –>

Length: 180 Pages


Book one in the Southwestern Shifters Series.
When Gabriel Staley rescues a magnificent black wolf, he has no idea that destiny has just turned up the heat and brought him his mate, sexy shapeshifter Mika Blackwell.
Gabriel Staley was used to being an outcast in the small town of Shasta, Texas. More concerned with rescuing stray dogs from a cruel death at the hands of the local Sheriff, Gabe focuses on making a difference and standing up for what he believes is right. Mika Blackwell, a shape shifter who was banned from his pack, is new to the outcast status, and not adjusting very well.
When Gabe heads out to rescue an injured wolf, he has no idea that his life is about to be eternally altered. As Mika watches the man approach him, he feels the universe tilt and realises that, while he may have lost his pack, he's just found what every shifter longs for - his destined mate.
Together, Gabriel and Mika must find their way and fight for their love—from confronting Mika's former pack leader to stopping someone who tries to kill Gabe's best friend, Todd. When Todd's attacker comes after Gabe, Mika is determined to protect his mate at all costs.


Available for Pre-Order from Amazon

April 7th

Carry the Ocean (The Roosevelt Book 1) by Heidi Cullinan

Release date; 7th April 2014

Pre-Order from Amazon –>


Normal is just a setting on the dryer.

The Roosevelt, Book 1

High school graduate Jeremey Samson is looking forward to burying his head under the covers and sleeping until it’s time to leave for college. Then a tornado named Emmet Washington enters his life. The double major in math and computer science is handsome, forward, wicked smart, interested in dating Jeremey—and he’s autistic.

But Jeremey doesn’t judge him for that. He’s too busy judging himself, as are his parents, who don’t believe in things like clinical depression. When his untreated illness reaches a critical breaking point, Emmet is the white knight who rescues him and brings him along as a roommate to The Roosevelt, a quirky new assisted living facility nearby.

As Jeremey finds his feet at The Roosevelt, Emmet slowly begins to believe he can be loved for the man he is behind the autism. But before he can trust enough to fall head over heels, he must trust his own conviction that friendship is a healing force, and love can overcome any obstacle.

Warning: Contains characters obsessed with trains and counting, positive representations of autism and mental illness, a very dark moment, and Elwood Blues.


Forbidden Fiction FREE Books and 25% Discount


Each day we will have one of our fantastic M/M BDSM themed ebooks available FREE!To get the book, follow the link to our sales site, add the book to your cart & then use the code provided at checkout. If you use that code on the day of that giveaway (12:01 am to Midnight PST), you will be able to download the ebook FREE in any of the three usual formats (mobi, epub, pdf). In addition, for the month of December, we have most of our novel and anthology ebooks are 25% off.

Starts today with the amazing Don’t by Jack L Pyke


Don’t (Don’t #1 by Jack L. Pyke)


“Don’t… open me.” Three simple words that tease Jack, taking him places from his dark past. For Jack, BDSM is a way to resist his worst impulses. Yet, the stranger calling himself The Unknown seeks to use that to seduce him. As Jack slips further down into the abyss, two men hold the power to save him. Will it be Gray, the Master who knows Jack’s every secret? Or Jan, the first man to give Jack a reason to hope? With deadly ghosts coming out to play, Jack may lose everything, even his life. (M/M)

On the 1st Day my Lover gave to me: Three-way reverse psychology!
CODE: 12days1-dont

Forbidden Fiction –>



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