Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday 19th November ~ Our look at what’s HOT in the M/M world New Releases, Sales & Freebies

Wednesday 19th November 2014

We all lead busy lives… and trying to keep up with all the new releases each day is a time consuming task, so to make our obsession with books and reading a little easier, we here at SSBR will be bringing you updates Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays, on the New Releases, Sales, Freebies and News that have caught our eye in the M/M world.

It’s been a great couple of days for new Releases! Catch up and have a look to see what caught our eye.

Keep up to date with our picks of what’s HOT and if you missed any New Releases you can have a recap –> HERE

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David’s Selfie by Daisy Harris

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Sometimes a guy’s best angle is below the belt.

When David, a single father, vows to get laid just once before the year ends, he doesn’t figure on losing his cell phone—and with it one very revealing picture. Lucky for him, his phone is found by a disarmingly handsome man who might be perfect for the kind of casual Christmas fling David is after.

Go-go dancer Craig never would have guessed that the guy with the cute cock shot would turn out to be a doctor. Or that he’d find himself lying about his night job and worrying David will find out the truth. To complicate matters, each of their hook-ups requires days of planning. Yet before he knows it, Craig has a new boyfriend, and possibly a whole new family.

David’s ready to dive head-first into something new, but if Craig’s going to commit, he’ll need to come clean about his job, his past, and—most of all—the naughty picture that drew him to David in the first place.

Warning: Contains a male exotic dancer and extremely intimate photography. May contain traces of Zumba, bad roommates, and sad childhoods. Call your doctor if after six hours you still can’t get the grin off your face.

71XkLEBdh L._SL1350_

Burnt Reflections by J. Roman

By from Amazon –>


For Scotty Riesen, hiding his sexuality in Ma's Trick, Louisiana hasn't been easy, given his secret relationship with his next-door neighbor, football star, and fellow closet case, Jean Lafitte. One night he decides that living in the closet is no way to go through life. He comes out, but he isn’t prepared for the backlash from his parents and friends.
Scotty takes a bus to New Orleans to make a new life for himself. Playing janitor and dancing boy at the gay bar Burnt Reflections is a lot better than living on the street, but he can’t forget Jean Lafitte no matter how many men throw themselves at him.
Despite everything, Jean Lafitte may yet prove just how far he’s willing to go to make a relationship with Scotty work. Traveling down to New Orleans to find Scotty is just the start of a courtship that won’t be stopped by anything less than a Louisiana hurricane.


Stars Fall by Louis J Harris

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Keegan Mansfield is a loner.
A bilateral amputee athlete.
With only one goal; to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games. Every move he makes is towards this dream, and even though there are forces trying to stop him, he moves forward because there's too much at stake. Although he has the determination and the will to succeed, there are ingredients missing from his life that he so desperately needs.
Truth, love and happiness.
When team mate Conrad Smith saves him from a violent incident, both embark on a journey of love that will lead to the truth about Keegan's past. But the happiness their love brings will last for only a moment, for, as much as Conrad believes in Keegan, and loves him, he also breaks Keegan's heart.
And, just as things seemed as bad as they could get, tragedy strikes. Will it bring them closer, as one, for neither can live without the other?
As time passes, Keegan learns an important lesson, that trust is not a game, trust is as real as day and night, as real as the wind. He learns, through tragedy, that Rio comes with a sacrifice.
He learns that true love thrives on togetherness.
And hope is all that he can lean on.


The Chase and The Catch by A.F. Henley

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After one of his fans committed suicide, John lost everything: lover, confidence, drive. When he is given a chance to get back on his feet, he is happy to take it—even if it's just writing an actor's biography. It might not be romance, or even fiction, but it's something, and there are worse people to work for than the charming, successful Parker Chase.
That doesn't mean working for Parker is easy, however. A staunch supporter of living for the moment, Parker goes against everything John believes in. He feels out of place in every moment of Parker's Hollywood life, stuck in a game of wits that at times seems almost contrived...

81qbO8J V9L._SL1500_

All I Desire is Steven by James L. Craig

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Steven is a run of the mill guy, living a simple life that tips over into boring. He sees no way out of his dreary existence until he meets James, who is beautiful, charming, and helps to bring vivid color to Steven's dull life. But everybody has secrets, and when James's secret comes out Steven wonders if he should have stuck with boring...

61XNg P7IRL._SL1350_

The Bones of You by Laura Stone

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Oliver Andrews is wholly focused on the final stages of his education at Cambridge University when a well meaning friend upends his world with a simple email attachment: a video from a U.S. morning show. The moment he watches the video of his one-time love Seth Larsen, now a Broadway star, Oliver must begin making a series of choices that could lead him back to love—or break his heart.
The Bones of You is full of laughter and tears, with a collection of irritable Hungarians, flirtatious Irishwomen and actors abusing Shakespeare coloring Oliver and Seth’s attempts at reconciliation.
"Stone's sensitive debut reunites two lovers who were separated by both distance and expectations. Oliver Andrews is slaving away on his M.A. in Cambridge, Mass. When he opens an email from a friend back home in Atchison, Kan., he finds a video that delivers an emotional gut-punch. It shows Seth Larsen, Ollie's first and only love, singing on a nationally broadcast morning TV show in New York. The pair had broken up five years before when Ollie, encouraged by his father, decided against following Seth to New York. Seth felt betrayed: he wanted a career on the stage, and the distance from Boston to New York was too long. But Ollie was determined to pursue his own dream of becoming a social psychologist, even if that meant giving up on love. With the support of their friend Moira, Seth and Ollie decide to take another stab at building a life together. Stone plays the relationship with restraint, letting it unfold slowly and organically.
--Publishers Weekly
Their beautiful love story will bring plenty of laughter, and even a few tears, as these men grab hold of their rare second chance. It was appreciated that neither man was willing to give up his dreams because that wouldn’t have felt true to the love they have shared since boarding school.
--Romantic Times Magazine


Bonds by Grant. T. Tomson

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The world as we know it, has changed. A global cataclysmic event has wiped out 95% of the population resulting in the total ruin of our infrastructures.
A group of six friends struggle for day to day survival until the eventful day they stumble across an ancient Pagan tome during one of their raids; but they are not the only ones with such a book.
Telepathy, telekinesis and the likes, once believed to be fictitious, are now a reality. Two other clans, larger in number, step forward in an attempt to annihilate our heroes for the ultimate quest of power. The fast paced, action packed events that follow cause Daeron, the leader of Kvartz, to put aside his love and adoration for Sky and focus on getting them through this saga.
Can Daeron do what needs to be done, to destroy his opponents, or will he instead sacrifice his life for theirs?


Fallen by Pia Veleno

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Man has free will, and guardian angels have an eternal place in the holy host.
When unexpected feelings interfere with Malchediel’s guidance of a mortal being, he must decide if his love for one man is true, or the work of the devil. Charged with the soul of handsome but suicidal Bran Weller, Malchediel faces a second challenge: Bran's steadfast belief that homosexuality is not wrong despite the Church’s view of his lifestyle.
In the course of his angelic duties, Mal is tempted to turn a blind eye to long-standing rules of guardianship as he falls in love with his charge. Torn between faith in God and belief that every man deserves love, Malchediel must find a way to balance heart and soul or risk a Fall to Hell.
Note: This book was previously released but has been substantially revised and re-edited in this version.


Unprison by Yamilla Abraham

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A scrawny Princeton freshman gets sent to prison where he becomes the property of a powerful yet compassionate inmate. For adults only.




Crypt City by William Kowalske

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The year is 1970. When U.S. Army Capt. Howard Starling is caught in the arms of another man, his commanding officer, Lt.-Col. Christopher Huygens, he's dismissed from the service in disgrace. With a background in intelligence, he tries in desperation to make a living as a private eye. His first client, Lorna Sutter, is a wealthy woman who wants to find a young girl with whom she grew up in an orphanage. As Howard investigates, not only does he discover that the orphanage was the epicenter of a series of horrific crimes, but his past as a Cold War intelligence officer is about to catch up to him in the form of a Soviet agent whom he had helped turn, and who has once again changed employers--this time, to a shadowy organization with a strange connection to his vanished lover. Nothing is as it seems, and the past is never dead, in this titillating thriller from best-selling novelist William Kowalski.


Thunder Snow by Owen Keehnen

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Thunder Snow is a gay love story set in academia during the 1980s. When Jim Franklin goes away to Windsor College, he is hoping to leave his former life, and lifestyle, behind. Jim has had enough of feeling like an outsider. By all practical purposes he is succeeding at Windsor, at least until his third year. Jim has joined a fraternity and is dating a nice sorority girl. Love blindsides him when Jim meets Glenn who has relocated to the town of Windsor from New York City. Glenn has come to town as the kept lover of wealthy Windsor resident Raymond Channing. Bored by the lack of stimulation in small town, Glenn soon enrolls in college at the university and meets Jim in a Romantic Literature class. When Jim asks for assistance with an assignment, Glenn agrees. Sparks soon ignite and passion ensues. Despite their respective situations, both men fall madly in love, but will it be enough to sustain them in the long run.


New Release: Currently only 99c/77p

91ivNZNsD L._SL1500_

Bad Boys Need Love Too: Nate by Christa Tomlinson

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Length: 122 Pages


We've all had our experiences with him. The Bad Boy. The one we admire from a distance, but never think of approaching. The one with the hard body, and perfect stubble, who's too handsome for his own good.
For me it was Nate McKinney. We met when I joined his gym. He expressed an interest in me, but I didn't believe it. What would a man like him want with a nerd like me? Nate had to do a little persuading to convince me his attraction was real. He showed me how deep and hot his passion ran for me. Sometimes he was gentle. Sometimes he was rough. And I enjoyed it all.
But can I trust what he says? All signs indicate he's using me for what I can do for his company. I can't fall for a man like that. I can resist him. Right?


Bad Boys Need Love Too: Max by Christa Tomlinson

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Length: 113 pages


We've all had our experiences with him. The Bad Boy. The one we know better than to get involved with. The strong, quiet type with a voice as smooth and cool as chocolate whiskey ice cream.
For me it was Max Stovall. We met, when at forty-two years old, I decided to get my first tattoo. He didn't say much, but he didn't have to. I was immediately attracted to him. I knew he was attracted to me too, even though he played it cool and pretended otherwise.
Getting close to him won't be easy. He's in the closet and determined to stay there. Do I walk away, or show him life is better out here, with me?


Knights to Remember: Book1 by Nicole Colville

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Length: 54 pages


Sebastian Knight is an ordinary nineteen year old who struggles to juggle his hated bartending job and his University studies as well as fitting in time for partying and family.
When he walks out on his job and finds his car has been clamped with a boot, fate steps in and offers him a chance to change his life.
The amazing opportunity for him to earn some easy money is thrown into his lap by one hot George Clooney type at the bar one night, and he jumps at the chance to become a male escort. But the very man who set him on this journey is the one who keeps calling him up and forcing Sebastian to feel for him when all he wants is to enjoy his newfound freedom and money.
Join Sebastian and his nights to remember. A new ten book short story series from Nicole Colville.


One for your TBR ~ Pre-Order link


Safe in his Arms by Renae Kaye

Release Date ~ 28th November

Pre-Order from Amazon –>


In the late-night quiet of the caravan park shower room, Lon Taylor washes away the filth of the Western Australian mines. He’s not looking for anyone, but when Casey offers, Lon doesn’t turn him down.
Welcoming the young man in his big, hairy arms, Lon provides a safety to Casey that he has never known, and Casey wants to stay forever. Still reeling from the breakup of his family years ago, Lon’s not sure he’s ready for the responsibility of the comfort and security Casey craves.
But perhaps Lon can risk opening his heart again and hoping for a brighter future. Casey has some pretty big skeletons in his past to deal with. And Lon wonders what Casey will do when he finds out how badly Lon failed at protecting the ones he loved eight years ago.


Cover Reveals

Arctic Absolution by Lynn Kelling


Release Date ~ December 16, 2014.

Novel: Arctic Absolution

Author: Lynn Kelling

Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, BDSM, M/M Romance

Length: Novel (83,000 words)

Cover Design by: Siol na Tine

Original Art by: Jeannie Bell

Pre-Order here –>


In the frozen expanses of remote Alaska, Dixon Rowe is a good man and a good cop who keeps finding himself in bed with the enemy. After he picks up a young ex-con named Jaye Larson for stealing food, Dixon gets seduced by the possibility of helping someone truly in need. Though he tells himself he’s assisting young Jaye out of the goodness of his heart, not because of how sexy Jaye is under all of the tattoos and defiance, the temptations of sin entangle them as their hostile environment threatens. Both of their pasts are filled with malicious ghosts that haunt every step, and while Jaye’s demons are less tangible that Dixon’s, they are all powerful enough to put both of their lives in danger. (M/M)

Broken Ink by Jack L. Pyke


Release Date: December 9, 2014

Novel: Broken Ink

Author: Jack L. Pyke

Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing

Genre: Dark Paranormal Erotic romance with BDSM

Length: Novel (112, 000 words)

Pre-Order here –>


Stolen and Stained.

Carrying a tattoo on your skin no longer just comes with a risk of infection. Get the composition right, you have the latest mind-control drug on the market. It’s the sex-traders’ dream, or worst nightmare, depending on the concentrated dose of the ink—and just who’s wearing it.
For Kiyen, the ink means he’s able to strip raw the minds of the best and worst of society. He’s one of MI7’s top killers and never more driven to select and take down a target. For Falen, the ink has ensured he’s spent his early years as a willing sex slave and low-grade empath. Hiding out in a small town and trying to bury the needs running through his body, Fal’s hoping to stay under the radar of MI7 and their specialist killers. But the ink itself has a mind of its own, wanting to ignite the natural dynamics driving a Dom and sub, so when Kiyen is forced into Fal’s small world, prejudice battles a pure need to touch. Only problem is: Kiyen’s on the run, and in a world where thought can be the worst crime of all, Fal’s in for a fight for his sanity to find out just what it is that’s making a young killer run for his life. (M/M)






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  1. has anyone from SSBR or fellow SSBR blog readers read Stars Fall by Louis J Harris? The summary sounds good, but it's a $10 book! I rarely spend that much on books written by my favorite authors, let alone an author I haven't heard of... so I'm looking for some feedback..

    I'm trying to work out if it's worth it (and also trying to work out why the book costs $9.99... at the time of posting this comment.)

    1. Scribd has it. Sign up and first months free. If your worried about authors getting paid I have it on good authority from several authors that the still get paid just differently and that Scribd is legit. I love Scribd!!! Happy reading.

  2. Thanks Jessica, I didn't even think of Scribd.

    1. Hey Sandra, I don't normally include the more expensive books in the post or any that I don't think of as 'value for money', including the... 10 - 20 pages for $2.99! I know only too well how our book addiction eats into the bank balance. But the blurb reads as a really interesting book, and ...thank you Jessica, Scribd is an excellent option if you are an avid reader. Would love to know what it's like if you get round to reading it ;) <3 x