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Unforgettable by Elizabeth Finn ~ Prelease Review

unforgettable elizabeth finn

Title: Unforgiven

Author: Elizabeth Finn

Genre: Adult Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Release Date: November 6 2014


4 stars

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The sequel and conclusion of Unforgiven.

In Unforgiven, Darren and Bailey proved forgiveness is possible even after a painful past, but absolution isn’t the end of their story. Trust has to be rebuilt, faith restored, and the strength of their bond tested.
They may have stopped battling each other, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. And life has a way of packing the biggest punch—the most painful…

When life throws a curve ball, the future they fought so hard for is at risk. And when Bailey’s resolve is weakened, Darren has to carry them both. She may be his world, but is he strong enough to shoulder the weight of that responsibility? Her trust in him is critical, but has forgiveness given her enough peace to put her every hope and dream in his hands?

A woman forgiven… A man redeemed… A love unforgettable…

Lisa’s Review

4 “To Forgive Is A Choice” Stars!

“It’s a leap of faith.”



Unforgettable by Elizabeth Finn is the continuation and conclusion of Darren Cole’s and Bailey Trent’s achingly wrenching tale which commenced with Unforgiven (book one). The first book in this duet was a book that truly moved me. It is a very real, passionate, gritty and raw portrayal about the power of forgiveness and moving on from one incident that changes your life irrevocably. However, moving forward is not always as easy as it seems. Life can be hard. It can be painful. Do Darren and Bailey have what it takes to go the distance?

“This wasn’t a sprint. This was an endurance race, and they had to make it to the finish line because he couldn’t survive anything short of that.”




“The unavoidable truth was they were at the beginning of this journey, and making it through intact wasn't a guarantee.”

Unforgiven may have ended happily; however, it was very evident that Darren and Bailey had a long road ahead of them if they were to make their relationship a healthy and lasting one. They both chose to forgive one another but that does not mean their transgressions from the past were forgotten and that complete trust in one another will come easily. Both harbor so much guilt regarding the past and their treatment of each other. Bailey needs to get over her guilt about the one mistake that changed all their lives irrevocably and Darren needs to let go of his guilt over his callous treatment of Bailey when she reentered his life. Darren is so fearful of hurting the woman he loves again. It seems like they still have much to atone for.

“My life, my universe, my everything, my unforgettable. You will always be my world. Trust that.”


“I crave your trust in me. It feeds my soul.”

This new journey that Darren and Bailey embark on is definitely wrought with challenges and given that this is an Elizabeth Finn novel, you get a hefty dose of painful angst. I knew that they both had their work cut out for them but what they end up going through was simply painful torment. Gah! I found myself wanting to get a hold of Ms. Finn simply to ask “Have they not gone through enough?????” What Darren and Bailey endure gutted me. Here is a couple that had already gone through so much and then suddenly life ends up giving them the proverbial finger once again. My heart bled for them. I wasn’t even sure if I could get through this book, let alone think about whether Darren and Bailey could ever get out from under this cloud of pain and despair that seemed to engulf them.

Unforgettable is an emotionally charged book about healing and learning to overcome. It is a book that definitely grabbed hold of my heart. I wasn’t prepared for such a raw and harsh read. Perhaps I was expecting more of a happier tone with sunsets and flower blossoms given all that our hero and heroine had already been through. Then again, I should have known better. This is, after all, a book written by the Queen of Angst and Torment. Kidding. Ok, maybe I am just a little bit serious. With this being said, my heart did heal and we get a beautiful and touching epilogue that managed to piece me back together. Darren and Bailey’s story will forever hold a place in my heart. A story that is simply….unforgettable.




“A woman forgiven… A man redeemed… A love unforgettable…”

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