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The Pit (Little Red and the Big Bad #6) by Kris Ripper ~ Guest Post, Review & Giveaway


Dirty Girl Macky (myself) and my buddy reading mate: Filthy Floozy Mo, are really excited to welcome Kris Ripper to the Sinfully Smutmonster’s Reading Club. Kris has been keeping us totally engrossed with her 12 part series chronicling the down and dirty adventures of Little Red and the Big Bad for six weeks…We are hooked!!! We’ve hit the halfway mark of these nuggets of naughtiness, so Kris is here to tell us a bit more about what makes her tick as a writer and is generously gifting the first in the series to the next would be member of the SSRC…Come and join the fun…All smut lovers are welcome!


Guest Post ~ A word from Kris

Hello! Thanks so much to SSBR for hosting me (and Red and Bad)!

Macky asked me to stop in and chat about what makes me tick as a writer, so I'll try not to yammer on too much.

There are things I see, or hear, or experience, that make me want to write. It's a craving, an itch I have to scratch, a fix I need, right now. This goes way back; before I had a Smith Corona word processor, the only way to get my fix was to sit in my bedroom and play with my imaginary friends. (Writing fiction is the adult version of playing with my imaginary friends.)

One of the earliest moments in fiction that inspired me to drop my book and write a story was in The Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough. I don't even know how to describe that book. A romantic tragedy, emphasis on the tragedy, add a little creepy to the romance? It's in my top five favorite books ever and I still have no idea what to call it.

The Thorn Birds is a bit about obsession, a bit about love, a bit about real people living their lives against a backdrop of repression and deprivation, with moments of Technicolor. It's probably one of the first books I read where I understood that when the thing you've been waiting all book to happen finally does, that might not necessarily be a good thing, or lead to happy endings. Then again, I was twelve, so I'm crazy biased, because this thing took over my life and for a short time I no longer went to Juan Crespi Junior High School, miserable and self-loathing, but traveled along through life in Australia, and Rome, and England. With characters who were, to be fair, largely miserable and self-loathing!

There's a scene in this book in which Father Ralph (AKA Richard Chamberlain, for those of you playing along on screen) confesses his sins to his good friend Cardinal Vittorio, and this scene is from Vittorio's perspective, watching Ralph, trying to unravel the mysteries of his tortured friend. I can't tell you exactly why that scene compels me so much, except that it has to do with the tension between what is said and what is never said, and the strings of power connecting people to one another.

There is also a brief hat tip, in Vittorio's mind, to the idea Ralph might be gay (which he tests and discards), and let me just thank every writer everywhere who ever even mentioned queerness in a random, mainstream book. Because those moments were lifelines to little queer kids like me, searching for ourselves on the page.

For a slightly more accessible (and family friendly) example of what makes me tick, please recall The Lion King. You read me right. (Ahem. Spoiler alert for The Lion King.) Remember that scene at the end, where Simba and Scar face each other down in front of the pride? And Simba's all like, "Dude, I'm taking over! I'm the rightful king!" And Scar's like, "Oh yeah? Then tell your mother how your father died, punk!" (That's how it went, right?)

That's the moment, right there. A pause. A beat. You know Simba wins. Of course he does. It's Disney, and for kids, and he's the underdog, and also, he really is the rightful king. But there's a moment in which Scar plays on a young person's fear of his deepest secret being revealed, and the whole thing stops for half a breath until Simba steps into his own and tells his truth. (And, naturally, wins his happy ending.)

I love that scene. If that movie's playing in a department store on a bank of television screens, I will stop to watch that scene. Much like Ralph and Vittorio, it's a scene about the things we don't say and their power over us. One of my favorite things about writing Little Red and the Big Bad is how little they say to one another at first. Both of them are so damn convinced they know what they're doing and no words need to be said, so they don't.

As we see in The Pit, you can't leave everything unspoken forever. Sometimes the things we don't say come back to get us in the ass.


The Pit (Little Red and the Big Bad) by Kris Ripper Book #6

81bhwDPrNGL._SL1500_Title ~ The Pit (Little Red and the Big Bad #6)

Author ~ Kris Ripper

Published ~ 26th November 2014

Genre ~ M/M Romance, Erotic, Contemporary, BDSM




Red knows he screwed up. Obviously, he shouldn’t have freaked out and ignored Bad all week, even if it’s not like Bad went out of his way to make sure he was all right. Still. It feels like a screw-up, so it probably is. Then Bad corners him after work for a minor…clarification--leaving Red breathless, throbbing, and hopeful all at once. Series Description: Big Bad Charles Campion just wants to have a few minutes of fun with the little twink he usually only ogles over closed-circuit video. A single hour to take what he wants, that’s it. One time only. College junior Red Redman wants something real, but he’s willing to settle for hot, kinky sex with a guy who can bring him to his knees with a word. He swears he’s not in too deep, but every new thing Bad does just makes the not-realness of this thing hurt more.Little Red and the Big Bad is a serialized erotic romance, told in twelve installments of 3000-6000 words. A new episode will be available each Thursday, and the box set will be out in January. The Pit is 4100 words long.

Macky’s Review

Last week, after reading installment # 5 (The Alley) of Bad and Red's sexy escapades, our Sinfully Smutmonster's club late night buddy read, left us feeling a wee bit mad at Bad, and on pins and biting our nails because our favourite twink, little Red, was left feeling confused and discombobulated after his big bad officer pushed him a bit too far in one of their usual uber porny of course we've been counting down the days to getting our smutty, grabby hands on episode #6 The Pit; dying to find out if ...or how... the two of them would be able to reconcile what happened between them previously.

Would Red still be avoiding Bad? Would Bad realise that he'd pushed Red too far? Would they communicate orally ...using words? Would there be naughty, XXX make up sex? Would it be as Durrrty as ever? Would there be the usual jizz bath for Red? So many questions.....

Do they get answered? Oh yes they certainly do and we ABSOLUTELY loved this episode. There's a bit more supporting character action too, as Reds mate Polly (we like Polly!) also gets some more airtime when she gives Red a few things to ponder after they discuss his confused and conflicted feelings around Bad. And that's just it, feelings are creeping in now and the feel of the whole series is beginning to change. What started as just a porntasmagorical sex fest is now fast becoming a really interesting, attention grabbing relationship that's definitely heading more in the direction of romance. Explicit, X-rated romance...but...still romance! At the moment they're on the cusp of becoming more 'involved', because they're at that stage when they're trying to convince themselves (and we're saying "Yeah right!! ") that it's just working as casual sex and horny hook ups; well Bad is, Red has really fallen for his gruff, no frills man but he's happy to take Bad anyway he can get him.Bless! And with only another six to go we're starting to get really excited by the prospects of how it's all going to change.

One thing that sort of surprised us; although we have got quite emotionally invested in Bad and Red, was how touching certain parts of this were. Seen again from Reds POV, there was one particular moment that came just after they'd hashed out their frustrations from last week—yes sex was involved, but not so much on the squelchy side this time — that actually had both us filling up because there's just something about Red that totally pulls at our heartstrings We ended this feeling more settled about certain aspects of Bad's behaviour, wanting to hug Red even more than usual and really excited about what’s to come. To keep us so immersed each week with such short, bite-size nuggets, of what on the surface looks like pure smut, is testament to Kris Rippers excellent writing skills. It's exactly half way through now and Kris has us completely gripped by the fascinating dynamics and relationship growing between these two addictive characters. So on to part #7 and....


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Little Red and the Big Bad: Serial

LRBB-boxAREBig Bad Charles Campion just wants to have a few minutes of fun with the little twink he usually only ogles over closed-circuit video. A single hour to take what he wants, that’s it. One time only.

College junior Red Redman wants something real, but he’s willing to settle for hot, kinky sex with a guy who can bring him to his knees with a word. He swears he’s not in too deep, but every new thing Bad does just makes the not-realness of this thing hurt more.

Little Red and the Big Bad is a serialized story, told in twelve installments. A new episode will be available each Thursday from October 26, 2014 until January 8, 2015, only on Amazon. The episodes vary in length from 3000 words to 6000 words, and for the budget-conscious who don’t mind missing out on the serial experience, the box set will be out in mid-January! (The box set will be available at all vendors.)

This is an experiment, and it’s been a lot of fun to write serial stories, so I’m open to doing it again if folks enjoy the experience.

Reading Order

Book #1
The Mail Room

Book #2
The Bar

Book #3
Camera Three

Book #4
Room 111

Book #5
The Alley

Book #6
The Pit

Book #7
The Orange Grove

Book #8
One Dance
Due for Release ~ 11th December 2014

Book #9
The Wannabe
Due for Release ~ 18th December 2014

Book #10
The House
Due for Release ~ 25th December 2015

Book #11
The Run
Due for Release ~ 1st January 2015

Book #12
Due for Release ~ 8th January


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  1. How did I not know this series before now?


    1. Oh you'll love Red and Bad Trix. Very naughty!! Lol...but moreish!

      Macky. ;)

  2. I've heard about the series but i have yet to red it.
    leighannecrisp at yahoo dot com

    1. It's great Melissa, smutty but there's a story there too and it's getting very addictive! ;)

      Macky. :)

  3. I've been reading along for every installment of the stories you've reviewed for this serial and I've liked what I've heard so far. I have them on my wishlist and I would love a chance to win a copy of the first installment.Thanks so much for the reviews they've been very fun to read :)

    1. Thanks HB, honestly, Monique and myself are hooked! Its our weekly guilty pleasure...well not so guilty really, hahaha.

      Macky. ;)