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KLT23 by Missy Welsh

Missy Welsh

Title ~ KLT23

Author ~ Missy Welsh

Genre ~ M/M Romance, Science Fiction

Published ~ 6th October 2014



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KLT23 has been genetically engineered to be the perfect man and perfect soldier. He is a secret government agency’s ultimate success story with his strength, stamina, and intelligence. KLT23 has been exceeding expectations from the very beginning…until he developed an illness his doctors can’t identify, let alone cure. If they don’t do something soon, KLT23 will die.
Sergeant Horatio Muir only knows about KLT23 what he’s seen from his observation area and the few words they’ve exchanged when he brings the super soldier his meals. But that hasn’t stopped Muir from developing a soft spot for the innocent man he watches every day. That KLT23’s illness might kill him plagues Muir…until one of the doctors comes up with the theory that KLT23 needs to get laid to release the chemicals necessary to rebalance his system.
Fuck or die? Pass the lube.
(Word count: approx. 10,000)

Macky’s Review

"Fuck or die. Pass the lube."

Okay...How can you resist a hook like that!?! Especially when one of the main guys is a genetically engineered super soldier; the perfect man in every way except for a couple of things that the doctors, who created him, didn't factor into the equation.

Grown in an incubator KLT23 is the only one so far to survive the military experiment. As his name denotes, he's their twenty third attempt so when he starts to show signs of a weird, possibly fatal, illness that manifests itself in the form of an extremely high fever inducing temperature, vomiting and (unusual for him) violent mood swings; it's a race to find a cure. What does stick out like a sore thumb, scuse the pun, is that for two days he's had a painful erection that doesn't show any signs of deflating any time soon. Talk about a bad case of blue balls!! Realising that his hormones are badly out of whack, they come to the decision that if he's to survive, he desperately needs sexual release to cure him... and he needs it PDQ! The problem is he won't relieve himself and throws even more of a thrombie when they suggest female attention, so the only thing they can do is give him  the choice of a partner, but to the consternation of all the high ups, who are convinced they've produced the perfect heterosexual male specimen; the name he finally comes up with is... "Muir."

Sergeant Horatio Muir is gay, not something he shouts to the world considering his military career, but assigned to bring the super soldier his meals every day he's become quite attached to the normally sweet gentle giant, who he's named 'Kelty', a meld of the letters in his classification. They haven't communicated verbally much, as getting too friendly isn't encouraged but he's noticed that shy, innocent Kelty gets certain 'physical' reactions when he's around that make him wonder if perhaps the attraction he's been feeling is reciprocated, so when he hears Kelty ask for him, he's quite happy to out himself in the name of duty if it means he gets to be the one to 'cure' the gorgeous soldier and what follows is a really endearing short that as well as being sexy and steamy, is actually quite sweet and -in its own way-romantic.

Missy Welsh has re-released this with revisions and having read it the first time around I was wondering what exactly she could do to enhance it, as originally it was pretty much a snack size shortie that was hot, fun and sweet enough, with two really likeable characters, but essentially it was just a quickie steamy read. Basically more like an extended sex scene, so I just thought this one would have a couple of minor changes and an epilogue of sorts tacked on to flesh it out more...but what an unexpected surprise!

For what it was I really liked it first time around... but I actually loved  this version. Supporting cast are fleshed out and given more airtime, the build up to Kelty's 'illness' is extended so we get to see more interaction between him, his doctors, the military contingency and of course Muir...which in turn opens up both their characters and relationship. It feels like we're getting an actual story instead of just a snippet of smex, and the add on epilogue style extra at the end gives the story more of a sense of closure regarding their future together as an established couple. The sex scene is still hot, hot, hot and stays pretty close to the original, but now it has a more loving feel to it because this time round we see them building a relationship of sorts before they get to the sex, whereas in the first we're only told about it, and it does make a difference. So, on finishing, I really felt like I'd got to know Kelty and Muir much better than I did before and ended up loving them both as they're two very endearing guys.There's a fun twist in the tale that's featured in both versions but (again) in this, even that felt more satisfying because the build to their relationship had more of an emotional slant written into it which made everything feel warmer and more believable. Still a fairly quick read but definitely far more rewarding second time around. Very enjoyable and nicely changed up Missy! Me likee ... A lot!

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