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One In A Million by Jill Shalvis ~ New Review


Title: One in a Million (Lucky Harbour, #12)

Author: Jill Shalvis

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: AugOctober 15 2014


4 stars

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As the brains behind wedding site, Callie sees it all: from the ring to the dress, the smiles . . . to the tears. It's that last part that keeps her single and not looking. Getting left at the altar will do that to a girl. But when Callie returns to her old hometown, she finds that her sweet high school crush is sexier than ever. And he makes it hard to remember why she's sworn off love . . .

Tanner is a deep-sea diver with a wild, adrenaline-junkie past—and now his teenage son is back in his life. How can Tanner be a role model when he's still paying for his own mistakes? It's hard enough that gorgeous Callie has appeared in town like a beautiful dream, challenging his best-laid plans to keep his heart on lockdown. Though there's something about being around her again that makes him feel like he can be the man she—and his son—deserve. Little Lucky Harbor holds their past; can it hold a beautiful new future?

Lisa’s Review

4 “The End” Stars!

“….love wasn’t safe. You had to take the plunge and hope for the best.”




One in a Million is book twelve in Jill Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series. This book also is the last and final book of this much beloved series. I am a big fan of this author and reading her books always feels like coming home, particularly this series. I have always loved revisiting the quirky town of Lucky Harbor and the lovable and eccentric habitants. This author seems to follow a familiar formula with many of her books; however, it is a formula that works and keeps me engrossed with the story and her beautifully developed characters. Jill Shalvis writes fantastically hilarious and witty tales, swoony romances and hot and sexy times that leave you all hot and bothered. This book is no exception. Another heart-warming gem about learning to open up and let that someone special in, becoming vulnerable and learning to trust in love.

Callie Sharpe has returned to her hometown of Lucky Harbor to check in on her grandmother and ensure that she is not traipsing around town getting into mischief with a few screws loose. Callie just happens to be the granddaughter of Lucille. For those readers who have been with this series from the start, we have all gotten to know and love the feisty firecracker that is known as Lucille, the crazy old lady who makes it her mission to meddle in everyone’s business. Callie is the creator of an online wedding site called Despite harboring some deep bitterness over being left at the alter by a douche-bag ex, Callie is darn good at her job and therefore puts up with eccentric brides and the chaos that can sometimes surround her as a wedding planner. She may no longer believe in love, but Callie sure as heck is good at selling the illusion. The last thing Callie needs is to come face to face with her high school crush, reminding her of all the things that she used to believe in.

Tanner Riggs may have a wild past and an adrenaline junkie spirit, but he also believes he is paying for his past mistakes. Despite having an injured leg, he runs a boat chartering business, Lucky Harbor Charters, with his two best friends and is a deep-sea diver. Now that his teenage son is living in Lucky Harbor, Tanner is doing all he can to set a good example and somehow salvage their broken and uncomfortable relationship. Tanner has not had much luck in the love department and is set on never opening himself up enough to allow anyone in. However, when Callie comes back to town as beautiful as ever, Tanner has a hard time remembering that he needs to keep his heart locked up tight.

There is a definite connection that both Tanner and Callie are unable to ignore and it was fun watching them find their way into love, blunders and all. I loved Callie and did understand her hesitations when it came to relationships. I do wish that she turned the corner a little bit earlier in the story. Tanner had this strong and broody thing going for him, but damn if it was hard not to fall head over heels for the standoffish adrenaline junkie right along with Callie. Despite their hesitations to enter into the world of love, they both did not hesitate to fall into a friends with benefits relationship even though it was so much more than that right from the beginning. I adored watching these two find their way to each other in such a way that can only come from Jill Shalvis. For me, she is the queen of penning light-hearted, funny and sexy romances that have me swooning and laughing out loud. Tanner and Callie’s road to happiness was real and sweet and had me transported to my happy place, somewhere only a great romance novel can take me.

All in all, One in a Million is a wonderfully executed romance by an author who has yet to let me down. True to this author’s style, this book is not bogged down with unnecessary over-the-top angst and drama. That is definitely not how Jill Shalvis books work. What you get is a sweet, fun and light-hearted love story that will leave you happily sighing and seeking out a sexy man of your own from Lucky Harbor. This series will forever hold a special place in my heart. I still remember how it all started with Maddie and Jax’s story. Jill Shalvis has definitely set the standard, in my mind, for sweet and sexy contemporary romance books. No doubt I will be revisiting the town of Lucky Harbor every now and again when I feel the need to be nostalgic. So, thank you Jill Shalvis for this unforgettable series that I will always see as one of my favorites.


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Jill Shalvis author photo_longer lengthNew York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill's bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

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