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Welcome to Sinfully Sexy’s YouTube Channel ~ Mark Says Hello and Interviews the Review Crew ~ GIVEAWAY

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Mark says hello and gives a warm welcome to officially launch the Sinfully Sexy YouTube Channel. He interviews the review crew so you all get the chance to get to know the people behind the blog a little better.

We will also be giving away five Kindle eBooks to five lucky winners who may choose any book from any of our Hotpicks 2014 page.


Mark Says Hello…………



Mark Interviews the SSBR Review Crew

As I took the plunge and unleashed my face to the world to officially launch our YouTube channel for everyone to see, I couldn’t really leave the girls out as we are of course a team. We regularly interview the authors, so I have put some questions together and now it’s time to interview the SSBR Review Crew.

1) Mark: So girls what do you think of our YouTube Channel?

Macky:  I think it's great  AND we get to see your lovely, cheeky Marky face! How cool is that! *runs to get popcorn* ....are we showing Avatar, cos I love that film.....

Monique: I love our YouTube Channel Mark and I’m totally hyped about the launch… especially as we have some amazing authors over there already, who have very kindly and bravely taken the time to share their writing with us on a more personal level. It’s also another media outlet that enables the authors to get their voices and their interpretation of book out there… plus it’s kinda nice to put a face to a name, makes the authors more familiar and enables their personalities to shine rather than just the characters of their books. And if we’re watching Avatar Mark… you’re in charge of the popcorn, ‘cause you know Macky’s not good at sharing!

Lisa: What do I think about the YouTube Channel? Hmmmm??? I think it means that we are now playing with the big boys. It most definitely puts us on a different playing field and opens up so many new possibilities. I love the fact that with this channel we can bring authors to the forefront on a more personal level. It is simply great all around!

Lorie: I love it.  As a reader and fan, getting a glimpse of an author like this is the equivalent of seeing the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.

Becs:  I love it too. It’s a really great way to get up close and personal with the authors.  It’s so thrilling to hear them talk passionately about their work.  Brings the spoken word to life.

2) Mark: Do you like listening to the authors talking about themselves a little,  their books and reading an excerpt? Especially when considering you have just read and reviewed the book. What information would you find interesting?

Macky: I love listening to them read the excerpt. It's like having your own personal mini audiobook....just a shame they can't read us the whole book! It's always interesting too when you hear who has influenced them as writers. Truth be told I just love any information they're happy to give us. I fan girl all my favourite authors so it's sad but I'd get excited just knowing what they had for breakfast!

Monique: I agree with Macky, I’m a total fangirl, but what I also like, is that whether it is a favourite author or an author you’re not familiar with, what shines through the most on a video post is the passion they have for the stories they have so lovingly created. They know and love their characters better than anyone else, so who better to tell the world about them.

Lisa: If it is an author that I wholeheartedly love, I would absolutely love to listen to anything they may have to say. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hear an author read an excerpt from a beloved book? When it comes to the handful of authors that I fangirl over I can simply listen to them read the alphabet and I would be a happy camper!

Lorie:  I absolutely love hearing authors talk about themselves and their books.  Their books are like babies to them, and who doesn’t love talking about their kids, right????  I know I could talk non-stop about mine…. kids, that is, not books.  Hearing what inspired the book or just a particular scene turns reading it into an entirely different experience.  But, my favorite is when we get tidbits about an author themselves – especially the off the wall interesting facts.  Some of the interviews absolutely crack me up.

Becs:  It’s great hearing the author read an excerpt because you get to hear the exact nuances to the text that they intended.  Reading is very subjective and different people take different things from the narrative and it’s great to hear it the way the author intended. Most of all, I love to see the authors’ personalities shining through - I love hearing them just being themselves and some of them have really made me laugh out loud. In a good way!!

3) Mark: If you could ask an author one question for a video interview, what would it be?

Macky: Can you tap dance and have you ever yodelled? Oh ...and do you own a clown outfit?

Monique: Haha… that’s a little tame for you Macky!?! I thought you would have asked… Can you pole dance in a neon thong, singing ‘I’m too Sexy’?!? Ok.. stop laughing. *Serious face*

My question would be… Can you tell me what YOU love the most about your book? ...Mark if we are actually asking the authors these questions, can we leave the pole dancing and neon thong one in?

Mark: Absolutely Monique, I don't see why not - lol! I might have to show the pictures of you having a thong thrown in your face from the seriously sexy pole dancer at the party at the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet in Bristol this year, remember? HAHA......I mean he was seriously hot and yes I was also paying close attention to his ........ahem...... dancing of course - lol!!! oopps – secret’s out now Monique!

Lisa: I believe that when you write a book you are giving your reader a part of yourself that is deeply personal. If I could ask an author one question it would be what makes their book personal to them? I always love discovering the motivation/inspiration behind a favorite book.

Lorie:  Hmmmm…. That’s a tough one.  I’d probably ask if you took a road trip with one of your characters who would it be and would you let that person control the music selections?

Becs: I think I’m with Lisa there - I’m always very curious to know just how much of themselves has made it into the characters in the book.  I also like to ask them about the seriously hot, detailed and explicit sex scenes and watch them squirm!!

4) Mark: What do you think makes an interesting video?

Macky: Well I'd love it if the author did a tap dance, wearing a clowns outfit and yodelled while reading their excerpt. That would be interesting!

Monique: Can I decline to answer this question because I’m laughing too much… Macky’s answer, with pole dancing and neon thong, enough said… haha

Lisa: I’m with Macky and Monique on this one. I would definitely find a clown wearing a neon thong and tapping dancing while yodelling highly entertaining! LOL!

Lorie: I like when an author goes into a video totally unprepared.  Not knowing the questions beforehand is always fun, but it’s even better when the camera is turned on and the author just goes for it – no script, no questions, just HIM or HER!

But the tap dancing, clown outfit wearing (don’t forget the neon thong), yodel-reading question idea is FABULOUS too!

Becs: Yeah, tap dancing and clown outfits.  Although clowns freak me out.  A little.  For me, the more relaxed and more personable an author can be makes for a really interesting video - it’s so great to get a little insight to their personalities and sense of humour.

5) Mark: Now I’ve taken the plunge, would one of you guys possibly consider coming out of hiding for our readers and say a personal hello on video? Oooh, I bet you'll all love me now for that question - lol! Only imaginative excuses are accepted.

Macky: One answer to that Marky....can Hell freeze over because that's the time when I'll be doing it!!! that imaginative enough for you?

Monique: I’m working towards designer paper bags becoming a fashion accessory… that would work for me :D

Lisa: How about this, Mark. Since I am the resident Canuck (Canadian) on this team, how about if you come and visit me in Alberta, Canada in the dead of winter I would then appear on a video saying hello to our readers. Just remember, though, that on a typical and lovely winter's day the temperatures can reach a balmy -50C. ;)

Mark: bbbrrrr -50C that is like seriously cold Lisa. Brass monkey weather *clang* Macky, is that the temperature when Hell freezes over? If it is then we’ll both go visit Lisa and then you’ll have no excuse anymore - lol! Monique can bring the paper bags! You girls will go to any lengths to cover up a bad hairdo - lol!

Lorie: Absolutely.  Did I forget to tell everyone I spend my days as a motivational speaker???  I’m used to being in front of the camera not to mention a huge audience.  JUST KIDDING!  (I couldn’t help myself, my fellow SSBR crew members just bring it out in me – you guys are great.)  I’m with Macky, Monique, and Lisa, you’ll see me with icicles hanging from my nose when hell freeze over or when Mark visits Lisa.

Becs: Can’t hear you!!

6) Mark: Until Monique phoned me and explained the term vlogging to me, I had never heard of it until then. Have any of you guys ever heard of this term and can you write a funny sentence using it? e.g. I’m doing my vlogging best to make this vlogging video - lol! I just find it such a multi-purpose word, it’s great!! Maybe we could use it as a universally acceptable alternative to replace the “F” word.

Macky: Me neither Mark, when I heard the word vlogging I thought it was something else you might do in a dungeon, with a whip, wearing black leather...How vlogging stupid did I feel! OMVG! (Oh My Vlogging Gawd!) I was like "Vlog me!"

Monique: I’m just hip with the kids Mark, because apparently vlogging is ‘sick’ ...yeah!?! But I did laugh my vlogging socks off when I had the vlogging conversation with your vloggingly clueless  and BDSM innocent self… still laughing… hahahaha...

Lisa: I am not sure I am “cool” enough to even answer this question. How in the vlogging hell am I supposed to use the term “vlogging” in a sentence?????

Lorie:  What???? Vlogging isn’t a BDSM term?  Ohhhh, it’s flogging with an ‘F’ not vlogging.  How embarrassing.  I’m a BDSM reader, too.  Maybe we can get someone to vlog while flogging?

Becs:  I thought the very same thing the first time Monique said vlogging to me on the phone too.  I think it’s a sign that you read far too many BDSM novels when your first thought is flogging!! Hey Girls??

Mark: You guys are just too vlogging funny. I'm splitting my vlogging sides with laughter. Absolutely vlogging brilliant!

7) Mark: You are going to a desert island for one week and can only take one book with you. Which book would you take and why?

Macky: No fair Mark...couldn't possibly pick one so I'll have to take "Mr Jinks" my Kindle, which overnight has magically become a 'never needs to be charged ever again' one, so my days on the desert Island will be spent with ALL my favourite authors and their gorgeous, sexy men. **sigh**  

Monique: That one’s easy… I won’t take any, I’ll just make sure all my favourite authors are coming with me and they each get to bring a book of theirs with them…. Mmm… I like this idea, can they bring their characters with them too? Because some of those men stretched out half naked on a beach… I may not be needing the books after all! Maybe a deck chair?… Ooh and Macky’s popcorn, which I hope you have confiscated!

Lisa: This one is an easy one for me. I would gladly take any book by Kristen Ashley. I re-read all her books on a regular basis anyways.

Lorie: One book?  Awww, that’s not nice.  I’d take ANYTHING that’s written by Colleen Hoover.  It doesn’t matter what.

Becs:  Oooooh no fair!!!  How can I choose one?  I think you need a good vlogging for suggesting just one!  It would have to be a trilogy - perhaps Fifty Shades?  It’s an oldie now but still a fantastic and sexy read.

8) Mark: What do your family and friends think of your reading habits and blogging activities?

Macky: Hahaha..I converted my sister Karen to the world of m/m a year ago and she's as hooked as I am now, plus my mum and dad are in their eighties but they're really great. They know exactly what genre I read, in fact everyone does now, and they listen patiently to me when I get all excited about a book I've read. I rope my mum in sometimes when I'm writing a review and that elusive word or phrase just won't come, so sometimes she has to listen to me banging on about how hot a man on man love scene was or what made that kinky BDSM scene work for me. Bless 'em, it's a far cry from the days when I got excited about Enid Blyton! In those days 'Lashings of cream' meant a completely different thing! LOL.

Monique: Haha… another easy one, my kids and husband are quite happy telling their friends I read and review gay porn! I keep telling them it’s romance but they’re having none of it!

Lisa: Um….my two kids are too young to know what mommy reads for now. Phew! However, my husband has no qualms with the fact that I like my books sexy with a side dose of hot. After all, he reaps all the benefits. ;)

Lorie: What?  Do you actually think I’d tell my mother I read smut???  I’d never hear the end of it.  She was aghast when I mentioned a “friend” read FSoG – LOL.  My sister knows and loves the fact that I weed out the good ones for her.  My husband just shakes his head.  He doesn’t “get” the whole reading for pleasure concept.  I’ll say to him “OMG, I loved this book.  It was wonderful. Ugh, I can’t even tell you how good.”  His response “Yah… reading.  I just don’t get it”.  But, like Lisa said he reaps the benefits so it’s all good.

Becs: Like Lisa, my husband definitely reaps the benefits of me reading sexy novels!! Mostly, I think my family are very used to seeing me with my head in a book, I’ve always been this way and they’re pretty tolerant of the blogging although it does take a lot of my free time.

9) Mark: What makes a good review in your opinion?

Macky: Being able to convey to the person who's reading it, the emotion in your review about how that book made you feel. I think if you get that across it can help sell the book far better than just a blurb style review. Unfortunately sometimes that does tend to produce a novella length review *COUGH*'s called getting carried away! ;)

Monique: I agree with Macky, as a reader I tend to look for the emotion in a book and try to convey that in my reviews. When I’m reading reviews that’s what also sells a book to me, the emotional impact on the reader.

Lisa: I love reading reviews that not only give you an idea about what the book is about (without any spoilers of course) but also manage to convey how much the book impacted them or made them feel. I always try to express how much a book touched me on a personal level in my reviews. Sometimes that is not possible though. I sometimes (ok...more than sometimes) simply love reading smut for the sake of reading smut. ha ha

Lorie: Well, I don’t want a rundown of the entire book.  If the blurb is a bit vague or cryptic, a look into the general plot/story line is always good unless it’s one of those books best gone into blind.  But most of all I want to know WHY the reviewer loved a book.  Is it the writing, the characters, did it make you cry, did it make you want to throw your Kindle? That kind of stuff.  For me reading isn’t always about the story, it’s about how a book makes me feel.  But for the love of cute puppies, NO SPOILERS.  I do not want to know it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.  That’s for me, as a reader, to find out.

Becs:  I definitely try to convey just how the book made me feel without trying to give away very much about the plot.  I strongly believe that a reader shouldn’t know much more than the basic blurb supplied by the author when embarking on a new novel but, especially if I’m really passionate about a novel, I really want to get that across to our followers so it’s more about how I feel than plot details.

10) Mark: What message would like to leave our readers with?

Macky: Keep reading...stay happy! :D Thank you for your continued support of the guys rock!

Monique: Reading is our passion here at SSBR and we are always looking at new ways to share that with YOU our friends.  We have been truly blessed with the love and support you have shown us over the last couple of years and we can’t thank you enough. We wouldn’t be here without you ...and we couldn’t do it without you.

Lisa: I have not been with the SSBR team too long but since I have started writing reviews for SSBR I have loved the fact I have been embraced into this wonderful world of reading, reviewing and community. Your continued support of the SSBR blog is truly appreciated. So...thank you.

Lorie: It’s great to be able to share my love of reading with others that are just as passionate about it.  Since I’m the newest member of the team, I’d like to thank the blog followers for reading my mostly random thoughts and drivel and making SSBR the success that it is.

Read what YOU like and not what someone tells you that you should like.  Life’s too short to read bad books.  

And, thanks Mark!  This was absolute fun!!!

Becs:  I’d just like to say thank you so much to our followers.  Everything we do is for you - our reviews are for you, not for the authors and it is to you that we owe everything.  We’re nothing without you - you rock!!  And, of course, thanks to the amazing team at SSBR - we feel like a family.

Thank you guys, it was fantastic as ever talking to you and a delight to blog or should I say………. VLOG with you all! 

Becs X  Lisa X  Lorie X  Monique X  Macky X  Mark X




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